T'was the Night Before Xmas

Everyone was stirred crazy, even the mouse. Hello! I'm Nancy. 36, single mother, living in California. I've been with the comm, since it was conceived. I'm OG hardcore. J/K! I hope you have a great holidays this year. Let's move on to my list of wishes, shall we.

1. Amazon Wishlist - anything on my wishlist will make me happy.

2. Tokidoki handbags - I've always dreamed of having one and never could find it. If you have one and you don't want it anymore, I'll give it a good home.

3. MAC or HIP makeups - I love me some MAC or HIP makeups, if you have unused ones sitting around. I'll be happy to have them.

4. Xmas Ornaments - I love Xmas ornaments. I collect them, too. I'm finally getting to getting my own tree this year. I would love to decorate my tree with any ornaments you can spare, especially handmade.

5. Silk Ties - I collect silk ties, or ties made of any kind of natural fibers. I also turn them into ascots and cravats. I am not picky. If it's loud, I'd probably love it and wear it with my steampunk outfit, or make a bustle out of it.

7. Gift Cards - I'd love to have gift cards to Jo-Ann, Michael's, or Home Depot.

8.Truly Victorian or Laughing Moon patterns, especially Truly Victorian 365, Truly Victorian 368, Laughing Moon #101, and Laughing Moon #103. But, any of the patterns are great love, too. If you have any Truly Victorian or Laughing Moon patterns lying around I will love to have it.

9.Seeds from this list for my Sulcata tortoises, Claymore and Zweihander.

10. Handmade Scarves - I love handmade scarves. I'm not picky about the color. as long as it's around 5-6 feet long. The louder the better. If it's bright and gaudy, fuzzy and slubby, I'll even wear it with my steampunk outfits.

To contact me for my address, please email me at faerydragonet@yahoo.com and put Holiday Wishes 2009 in the header. Well, off I go to fulfill wishes.
Ooooh, I see iceplants are on your tortoise-edible plant list. I have oodles of the things growing in my front yard. They don't have seeds, but I can send you cuttings if you'd like. They should root and start growing from cuttings easily. Let me know if those would work for you.
Yes, it would. My torts are great succulent lovers, since they originated from the great desert of Africa.
9) I don't know about where you live in CA but a lot of those plants grow wild or in alleys. Perhaps you could check out a book about local plants and learn to forage for yourself.

It's easy, that's what I do for my bunnies.
Unfortunately, atm I'm in the heart of a city for miles and there is nowhere to forage. If I was at home in Central Coast, I would be able to forage to my heart's content.
Aha! I have TV and LM patterns I would gladly send you, but sadly it won't be until after the holidays (as friends have borrowed them). *pout*
Would that still be ok?

And scarves I can send, for sure. :)

That you named your tortoises large swords is too awesome for words. :D
I'm okay with sending the pattern after the holiday, as it is for a project for next year.
I'm always in need of scarves even in the middle of summer, even though it's Southern California.
I named them after large swords because they are going to be large tortoises.
i can do a scarf, but not until after Xmas.. is that still ok? remind me it should be very victorian or steampunk, i can do steamy....
i can do an ornament
can you email me what i said i coudl send, and your address. to kirsten at fabricdragon dot com
pls put holiday wishes in the subject line or spam filter goes nom nom nom