Tis the season!

A Quick Blurb About Me: girl-shaped and 27 years old. I’ve been doing holiday wishes since it started and never cease to be amazed and touched by the many kind people that participate. I have a goal every time of trying to grant at least 100 wishes, so here’s to aiming for another year! Here are my 10 wishes this time...

1. Holiday Mail
My biggest and most important wish - cards, postcards, notes, letters – anything really! I don’t have any blood-related family so I don’t get much mail in general aside from bills. I always use the cards to decorate my apartment as I get them so it really makes the place feel festive and happy.

2. LJ Friends
Because I’d like to have an active friends list again. A lot of the people I’ve known online for the last 7+ years have kind of drifted away. Check out my profile for details – if we have some things in common, please friend away!

3. Labyrinth (1986 film) related stuff.
I Labyrinth. I really, really love Labyrinth – it’s the theme for my bedroom and I cosplay as Jareth at least twice a year, so Labyrinth related stuff is awesome; old newspaper clippings, any of the books/comics/photobooks, a drawing you’ve made yourself of Jareth or the goblins (I actually can’t stand Sarah), something that’s a barn owl – I just can’t get enough Labyrinth stuff really.

4. Celtic Design Jewelry
New or used, triskelions, triquetra, Celtic cross - I’m not picky, I just love these designs and adore having any jewelry that reflect those beautiful works of art.

5. Things from Ireland
Honestly if someone could get me a chunk of Irish sod I’d squee for a few months like a lunatic. I want one for my altar space sooooooo much. Seriously, no joke. Or, you know, I’d be happy with postcards, pictures, tourist-y kistch, etc. too. I’m especially fond of Co. Galway and Connemara (Kylemore Abbey is so pretty!).

6. Things from Ukraine
Especially from Kiev. I love religious icon artwork, Orthodox crosses, pictures, egg ornaments, postcards, and anything of the Monastery of the Caves is extra awesome. Things in the Old Slavic language too are extra awesome.

7. Nag Champa Scented Things
Specifically Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa - I love this scent! Incense, soap, perfume oil, or those nifty little balm pots – they stopped selling them locally and this makes me very sad. I’ve heard there are also Nag Champa candles – I’d love to have some if they exist!

8. Artwork
I have some fandom and cross-fandom characters and pairings I’m dying to have drawings of, but I can’t draw worth beans. Almost all of it of it’s Labyrinth or Vampire Chronicles related, so if you’re an artist that doesn’t mind drawing slash pairings and is interested in granting this wish, I can get you details and some reference pictures. If slash pairings are you're think I'm still always interested in drawings of single characters by themselves too.

9. Queer Stuff
Rainbow colored buttons, stickers, an old pride flag maybe you don’t want anymore – anything really! GLBT book recommendations are welcome too.

10. Star Ornaments
Any five-pointed or seven-pointed star ornaments. I hang them up on my wall in place of having no photos to put up.

Morgaine Angelowe
988 Pacific Rim Lane #104
Bellingham, WA 98226
United States

Private message me here via LJ if needed.
I just may have the motherload of Labyrinth related stuff for you; I'm going to go home tonight & see if I can find my stash. I am a Laby fan myself (I've made the Ballroom outfits for myself & others quite a few times) & once was gifted with a huge envelope of Laby clippings & pics. Will try and find what I did with the envelope as I'd love it to go to another fan rather than just sitting in storage as it currently is.

Yeah, Sarah sure is annoying but she sure does dress nice in her dreams... & Jareth is HAWT. ;)

EDITED TO ADD: Ignore the prices please on my site; I forgot they were on there (I tried to list prices once long ago and that was an epic fail) & missed removing them from that page I see now. More pics on my 'Costumes for others' page too. Sorry about that!

Edited at 2009-11-16 08:47 pm (UTC)
Ok, so I just looked throught the envelope. It's really more David Bowie stuff than it is Labyrinth. Still fun to look through; let me know if you are interested!!
I'll add you, and if you see in my profile that you might want to add me back, please feel free to do so.
You've been added! Sorry it took me a while to comment, I work two jobs and have been crazy busy the last few days.
see icon

i can send a couple holiday cards no problem!
i MAY be able to send an ornament..... and i will dig around and see if i have a spare Labyrinth something....
if you dont hear from me, feel free to nudge me, i have a HORRID memory
I love that icon, I've had it in my user pics now for a while! So very Jareth.

Could you link me up to your wishlist please?
I added you. We're both writers, and I am active and we seem to have some other things in common!
We actually have quite a few things in common judging by your profile - I am so insanely jealous of your Bowie autograph guitar now. *envy*

So, I am going to go ahead and friend you. I am fairly active: reading every day and posting every couple days or so.
Thanks for the add! I'm also pretty active with posting (when work doesn't eat my soul) and even if I don't post I do read my FriendsList every day.
Hi! I am fulfilling new lj friend's wishes! I've added you as a friend and hope you will add me back! *hugs*
i love labyrinth too! i don't have anything to donate physically, but my best friend found me this wallpaper (ohhhhh, how i love to look at jareth when i turn on the computer, haha), he knew i'd love it. mayyyybe you'll like it too :)

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I can send you a card is that okay?

Hey I remember you, I sent you a card last year. I remember you because I love your first name it's beautiful.
That would be very awesome! Can you link me up your wishlist please?

I believe I remember you from last year as well - you're in Hawaii, yes?