I'm not good with subject lines..

So I'll just wish everyone Happy Holidays.

I'm Elizabeth. I'm a single mom raising my 13 year old son. My daughter just recently moved in with us so instead of just two mouths to feed, I now have three. I am disabled and unable to work and in today's economy it's a struggle just to get by check to check. I thank God for this community. This is my second year on holiday_wishes. I love how it brings people together. I love how it brightens up the holidays for those of us who are less fortunate, and brings smiles to faces when goodies are found in mailboxes instead of constant annoying bills.

So without further ado.. here is my holiday wish list.

1. Toiletries/Paper products: I'm forever running out of toilet paper and paper towels. I know this is a weird request, but it is a necessity for my household. Any kind will do. I'm certainly not picky when it comes to that stuff.

2. Candy and/or sweets from the UK!: Tired of the same ole boring candy from the states? I AM!!! My UK'an friends are always posting about the sweet things they bake or buy and I've always been curious to share in their tasty delights. I love chocolate, white chocolate, anything made with peanut butter. ANYTHING!!!! ANYTHING!!!! ANYTHING!!!! Just nothing with nuts please!

3. Christmas cards!!: Who doesn't love to receive Christmas cards? I know I do. My wall last year was lined with them.

4. Postcards from wherever you are: It doesn't matter if you're in Texas or in Australia. I love postcards. Send me pictures of your town, or your favorite place in the world.

5. My Amazon Wishlist http://amzn.com/w/1AMK16WCJ85IY

6. General Foods International French Vanilla Coffee DECAF: I can't find that here anymore and it's my favorite kind of coffee EVER!!! I would be absolutely THRILLED if I could get some more.

7. Refrigerator Magnets: I collect magnets with names of states and towns on them, but I would especially love it if I could get some magnets from foreign countries.

8. Cat toys: My cat loves them!!! He's happy with just about anything really. He chases this little tiny green pompom ball all over the house. It's hilarious. He likes anything with a string too. He's so easily entertained.

9. Double A batteries: My son is constantly asking me for double A batteries. We have a charger but the rechargeable ones are really so expensive. My son would adore having more batteries for his hand held games.

10. Donate to Cancer Research: This would make me very happy. Hold Fund Raisers. Join a Relay for Life cancer walk near you. Let's help wipe out this devastating disease. I lost my father and my sister to colon and pancreatic cancer and I miss them terribly. I am a part of Relay for Life walks in my town.
Please let me know if you donate so that I may rejoice with you!

Elizabeth Pyfrom
42 Heather Court
Greenfield Massachusetts, USA

DON'T hold me to it, because I'm NOT sure if our Shur-fine store carries it, and I'm NOT 100% sure when I'll be 'going to the city' for groceries, but if Modern Market has it in decaf, I'll grab a tin and ship it on 12/3, with tracking. LOL
You made me smile when I saw your comment email come through. I had forgotten it was you that sent me here last year! Thank you Becky. You are amazing!!!!
I'd love to do more than just send you a card, but I'm a bit tight for money. No job. My parents support me right now and have been gracious enough to buy me stamps and cards. :]

So I hope you like the card I send you. :]
I can send you a card and maybe a postcard, and possibly a foreign item!

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I'm one of the leaders for my sorority Relay team at school - our goal this year is $2500. :)

Keep an eye on your mailbox for a card.
I am so happy to hear that. Good luck with your team! We came in 8th in last year's relay.

I shall do that. Thank you so much!!
I want to send you a card, but would you care for a postcard of Boston as well? That's where I'm from but you're from MA so I don't know if you'd care for it. Haha. Let me know!
E-mail your address with the subject "Postcard" to faeriequeen06 (at) yahoo, and I'll get one in the mail to you! :D
I will try to find ya that coffee...I just bought the Dark Mayan Chocolate the other day and love it! Can prolly send a cat toy too..I have 2 cats and they love strings and pompoms! Thanks for granting one of mine!
Oh awesome! Thank you so much.

You're welcome.

I can't find your post. :( Can you link me? I forgot what I granted to you. Sorry. I've commented to so many already!
i want to fufill a wish of yours can you please email a link to your wishlist and your address to janeknox01@hotmail.com

My dad had lung cancer and he passed away in 2007. I would love to donate money to cancer research but unfortunately, I don't have that much.

I could send you a postcard from the Philippines though. :)
My dad died 12 years ago from bladder cancer.My sister, 5 years ago from colon cancer. I know your pain and I'm sorry for your loss.

I would love a postcard from the Philippines. Thank you so much and have a safe and happy holiday season!!