Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hey all you groovy holiday kitten kats! My name is Amy but most call me SIN, it's short for SINicallyTwisted. ;0) I'm a 33 year old artist here in the New England area. I attend many comic book conventions from Boston to New York and every 2 years to Pittsburgh. LOL! Yeah, that means I'm a comic book geek! ;0p

Unfortunately though, I was laid off this year, so that kinda sucks. Blahhhh.

This is my 2nd year of doing Holiday Wish Lists, thanks to my rockin' awesome friend fieryredhead whom introduced me to it. I fell in love with the idea and try to help out the best I can every year. ;0)

Let see here, what wishes can I think of?

1. More LJ Friends! - I love meeting people! Whether it be online or at shows. hehehe! ;0)

2. Prince Matchabelli Cotton Candy Body Spray - I LOVE this body spray and use it all the time, even at shows, which has pretty much become one of a few of my 'signatures' (the other is bright red hair!) but I use so much of it that it's becoming increasingly harder and harder for me to locate it.

3. Anything with the word SIN on it - Since everyone calls me SIN a lot, I've grown a fondness to anything that has the word SIN on it. T-shirts, mugs, stationary, you name it! Whether it's store bought or handmade, I love it!

4. Sewing Patterns - Asides from working on artwork and going to shows I also love to sew during the weekends and recently got back into it. I think I just love being hands on creative! ;0p

5. Sewing Tutorials or Tips - Since I'm so rusty at sewing (late teens/early 20's was the last time I played around with a sewing machine) I would love to learn more accurate terms and How To's on the subject. Some of it has come back to me but I've forgotten a lot. ;0(

6. Fabric - This is a given isn't it! hehehe but yeah I would love any fabric, even fat quarters! ;0)

7. JoAnn Gift Cards - Another given huh, but JoAnn's does have some art supplies as well.

8. Jem & The Holograms - Anything related to Jem & The Holograms! I'm a HUGE Jem fan! Even cosplayed as Halloween Jem back in 2006. ;0)

9. The Little Mermaid - Anything related to The Little Mermaid! I love The Little Mermaid! Both Disney's version and the original Hans version. Big mermaid fan!

10. Surprise Me! ;0)

So there you have it, my 2009 Holiday Wish List. Hope to meet lots of uber cool new people and may all of your holiday wishes come true!!!

*kisses & hugs!!!*

Amy Fletcher
71 Bernier St. #5
Lowell, MA 01852

My email is sinicallytwisted@yahoo.com
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OMG Jem! I love seeing that it isn't forgotten! Such a fun show to watch as a kid. I see we're about the same age. Did you think Barbie and the Rockers was a bad imitation, too? Just didn't have the same style and *giggle* Pizazz. ;)

I have a lot of fabric sitting around. Anything in particular you're thinking of? Certain colors? Certain textures? Becauses when I say "a lot", I mean boxes upon boxes upon bins upon more boxes. XD
LOL! Yes! I was so angry when I first saw Barbie and The Rockers come on TV. I yelled at the TV and everything! I'm so NOT a fan of the Rockers at all! You just can't beat Jem! She's TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!!! hehehe ;0p

OoOoOo Squeeeeeee!!! I love all kinds of fabric! Definitely not picky at all when it comes to fabric. *HUGE HUGS*
Hi! I am fulfilling new lj friend's wishes! I've added you as a friend and hope you will add me back! *hugs*
I have fabric. Cotton ok? I have made a few quilts so I have a lot of quarters and pieces. I mostly do crazy quilting. My two best works are my Halloween quilt (complete with glow in the dark thread quilting) and my Kitty Cat Kimono jacket.

The best sewing tip I have is to recommend the book that taught me to sew. I bought it at Joann's Fabrics. http://www.amazon.com/Simplicity-Simply-Best-Sewing-Book/dp/073942100X I had just rudimentary skills (ie: buttons, patches, etc.) but this book helped me to read/ cut out patterns, put a garment together, and more. If you can find it used, even better. :D I still reference mine when working with a new material or technique.

Will drop some fabric in a cereal box and mail it out this weekend.

I'm not picky, I love all kinds of fabric. ;0)

Oh my gosh I would love to see your quilt and jacket! Yay for Kitties! ;0) I will definitely check out the book you suggested!

Thank you so much! *HUGS*

OoOo please tell me that oubliette is in your name cause you're a Labyrinth fan! *swoon*
Be on the look out for a Honeycomb box. It will contain fabric. :D

Halloween Quilt: http://tinyurl.com/yzkqlmx
Kitty Cat Kimono Coat: (front) http://tinyurl.com/yksmd8g (back) http://tinyurl.com/yknjkn2
The coat was easier as it was just chop off some fabric and sew it to the jacket somewhere. Ha! :D

ACK! "please tell me that oubliette is in your name cause you're a Labyrinth fan!" YOU FOUND OUT!? Who told you!? Really! (Don't have a "Labyrinth" icon so here is one of Brian Froud's "Pressed Fairy" book.)

Squeeeee! Thank you! *Tackles & HUGS* I'll be eagerly awaiting for it to arrive!

Love the Quilt and Coat! ;0D

*dances* YAY! A fellow Labyrinth fan!! I only have this one icon but I did find some cool ones over in fanpop.com
Thanks for the praise. :)

You'll probably kill me for this but there is a manga out that is the second part of "The Labyrinth". Well, sort of. It's difficult to describe. It's called "Return to Jim Henson's The Labyrinth" (or something like that) and is published by TokyoPop. It's about Toby taking his place as the Goblin King and Jareth going to reality to find Sarah. Yeah, I have the first two or three issues. You can find it at Border's Books. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Return_to_Labyrinth

Oh, and I have the soundtrack. Really.

Yes, I am THAT big of a geek. ;)
OMG! That's too funny! I actually have those books! hehehe! Yuppers, Proud owner of the soundtrack too! LOL!

I'm also working on a Labyrinth piece, I totally need up put up an updated pic of it on my LJ soon since I've done more to it then what you see here! Eep! ;0p

Would it be ok to add you?
HA! You have 'em, too! Love it! :D I wish they'd hurry up! I wanna know what happens! ARGH!

Love the Labyrinth art! You're amazing! I can't draw like that at all. I'm a cartoonist through and through. :S

An add!? ME?! Oh, dear! *Blushes* I'd LOVE that! :D Will add back, of course! :D Please be aware that I am 1) a total geek, 2) arts and crafts are my world and 3) I'm really, really weird. Well, in a good way weird, not the OMG! Stalker! kind of way weird. All you have to do is look at my huge collection of icons and you'll see. Muppets, cartoons, cats, RHPS, various animals, Wizard of Oz, blah blah blah; it all equals weird. *Bows* Thank you. :D
Duh! I forgot to mention, I mailed out a box of Honeycomb to you. It has fabric stuffed in it. :) Enjoy! :D
Hi. I have a couple of Little Mermaid bits and pieces you can have! I'll get them packaged up and sent as soon as I can. ♥