Happy holidays to all!

Hi! My name is Ragna, and I'm so excited that posting is open ehre. I'm not expecting much for Christmas from family and my LJ friends, so I hope some of you can grant my wishes. I actually put them in order of what I want the most first (I want the movie passes the most because my son, who is in foster care, loves going to movies on our visits and I never have enough money to pay for 2 - 3 adults and 1 kid without having to save up for weeks beforehand...this is why I hate my job).

1 - Passes to AMC theaters (and it has to be AMC because that's the only one close to the visitation center we start off at).

2 - Any of the Baby Gravy Fairy merchandise from the Kingdom of Loathing store. I really want the T-shirt and the plastic figurine more than the sticker (which would go to my mother).

3 - Anything off my comics/DCAU/anime/manga Amazon wishlist (found here). I don't mind used items as long as they're in Very Good or Like New condition.

4 - A year paid time and a year of more userpics time for afteriwake (it runs out in February and with the little amount of money I make each week I can't afford to renew them).

5 - Gift cards to Starbucks, Jack in the Box or Wal Mart.

6 - Clothes. I wear a size 15/16 pant and XL for my tops. I would kill for more bootleg jeans, long sleeved T-shirts and white or black shirts for work especially. I'll take gently used clothing or new clothing, it doesn't matter to me.

7 - Postcards. I collect postcards and am always hoping to expand my collection. If they're personalized it's even better.

8 - Books and comics for my seven year old son. He loves single story, non chaptered books. Anything that has to do with Spongebob Squarepants, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Spiderman, Go Diego Go! and Transformers is perfect for him. His big thing right now are the comic book compilations that Marvel puts out of their Marvel Adventures: Spiderman series. I think he has volumes 4 and 9 right now. He also loves the Batman: The Brave and the Bold comic book series and has the Kid Eternity issue that was given away at Comic Con in San Diego this year.

9 - Fanfic. My fandoms, favorite characters and pairings are all up on my profile. I'm especially wanting fluffy Flack/Angell (CSI: NY) and Wayne/Grace (The Mentalist) fic. But I'll take anything as long as it's not NC-17, angsty or slash.

10 - Icons and other assorted LJ graphics. I love sidebar animations (please make them 150x85), userinfo graphics (575 px across) and LJ sets (headers at 760px across, FO banners at 400px across and icons) and moodthemes (I currently want one for NCIS: Los Angeles and Firefly/Serenity). And if you really want to make me happy, Jossverse banners for my team at whedonland (I'm on Team Firefly, and I want Ragna on the banners).

PM me here on Livejournal if you need my mailing address
Who/what would you like on your banner? I can give it a whirl! I'm Team Buffy, btw ;)

Let's see...I would really like one of River and Simon, one of Zoe and Wash, one of Kaylee in the engine room and one of Victor and Sierra. I just need them all to be 400px across or smaller (I'm redoing my profile and the boxes I'm going to put them in are 400px.
I'd love to do a postcard for you! CAn you send me your address to saku-rose (AT) hotmail (DOT) com with a note of what I promised.

Also I can do a fanfic for either of these two series if you would like- CSI, NCIS.
It's been so long since I read good Greg fic (just gen) or McGee/Abby (and it doesn't even have to be shippy) that if you could write either of those I'd be really grateful. And I'll e-mail you my address right now.
Awesome! I'll see what I can come up with! What do you hate in stories (so I don't write something you hate)
No angst, please. I don't mind if it's serious, just not angsty. And no mentions of slash for either series. Other than that, I'm really easy to please.
I'd love to send you a postcard. Shoot me an email at kclem89@gmail.com with Holiday Wishes as the subject, please. I'm having you email me as opposed to me PMing you for organizational purposes, haha. :)
I can grant 9. I've taken a look at your fandom list, and I follow pretty much every one listed, so I'd be able to write fic for any of them.

What sort of fic would make you most happy?
I can definitely write you a Flack/Angell fluff fic, and if I've got time I might even try for a Bones/Criminal Minds crossover.
I might be able to send books, but I don't know if I can afford postage for that, so no promises, mkay?

What kind of icons are you looking for? I do some, and I'd be happy to do some for you custom =] (Ignore the top six or seven random images, Photobucket won't let me move them for some reason).

Also, I didn't read the comments so maybe someone better equipped than I has already taken it on, but if you'll explain the "And if you really want to make me happy, Jossverse banners for my team at [info]whedonland (I'm on Team Firefly, and I want Ragna on the banners)." I can do graphics. I just have no idea what that means! =]

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I love animated icons, but right now what I'm looking for are good The Mentalist icons more than anything else. I have a few I plan on keeping, but I want different ones of some scenes. If you make animated icons, there's one scene in particular I want iconned.

Basically, it's for Joss Whedon shows (Buffy, Angel, Firefly and the movie "Serenity", Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog) where team members compete in contests and games. We each get banners to show what team we're on. I have some for each of the other shows, but what I really want is a Doctor Horrible banner (of Billy), at about 400px across.
drop me a pm with your addy and ill get you a postcard or two :)