That time of the year

Hi folks, I'm Janna, 47, single with two cats, and with the exception of the summer months, I've been unemployed since 2008. I enjoyed participating on this list last year, finding ways to economically grant wishes whenever I could. I hope to do more of the same this year, but will need to be even more creative given the dust accumulating in my checking account.

If you leave a comment on this entry, please leave a link to yours; perhaps I can reciprocate. You'll find my address beneath the cut at the end of my list. And thanks!

1) Fred Meyer gift cards. They'll help me feed the kitties and keep me in shoes and rice while I try to find my next job.

2) Chanukah holiday cards and items: I love sending and receiving holiday cards. What I really love is receiving holiday cards and items appropriate to the fact that I'm Jewish. No question that I appreciate any cards I receive, but I celebrate Chanukah, so Chanukah cards and related stuff makes me extra happy.

3) Donations to Seattle Animal Shelter or Best Friends Animal Society. These folks need all the help they can get.

4) An extension of my Flickr pro account for 2010.

5) Coca-Cola bottle caps. If you drink Coca-Cola but don't register your codes at, send me your bottle caps and I'll use the codes. (Or just send me the codes via LJ.)

6) Disney trading pins: I collect and trade Disney pins, but without discretionary income, my hobby's been pretty significantly curtailed. Got a pin cluttering up your jewelry box? Send it to me!

7) Anything from my Amazon wishlist.

8) Gift cards for

9) Handmade bookmarks. I read voraciously, and always more than one book at a time. If you've make bookmarks, I'd love to put one to good use.

10) Perform random acts of kindness. Times are so tough, and everyone could benefit from a kindness they didn't expect.

Hre's my address:
Janna Silverstein
34 W> Etruria Street #8
Seattle, WA 98119

Have a wonderful holiday season, folks, and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.
Hopefully going shopping tomorrow, so I'll grab a single bottle of Coke (or two) and send you the codes through LJ! :-)
I have 6 bottle caps for you! We don't use them, so I will PM you the codes. ^__^
Thanks so much! I'll go take a look at your wish list and see if I can help out! Have a wonderful holiday season!
I made a small donation just now to the Seattle Animal Shelter. I fullheartedly support this wonderful place. I found my precious Miah there, who unfortunately I don't get to see anymore due to my divorce last year and me moving back to Canada. I miss him terribly.

I was honored and extremely glad I was able to grant this one for you. :)
Re: #3
Thank you so much. I appreciate your helping them out. I'll take a look at your list and see if I can make your season bright, too!
Hi there, I made some lovely crocheted bookmarks for a fundraiser this year and I've been itching to make more. I would love to send you one!
drop me a pm with your addy and ill drop you a holiday card. ill try finding a chanukah one too. also put in there that you are looking for bookmarks and ill see what i can do about finding you a couple.
Do they have to be handmade? I have lots of bookmarks lying around I would be happy to send you, but none of them are handmade.