Christmas Wish List Time

Let's see, this is my third or fourth year doing this. It's been quite a year for me. I got married, got out of the Navy, moved to Kentucky to be with my Army husband, had our wedding, moved to Germany and got a dog. Usually doing the Holiday Wishes list is one of the big highlights of my year (big THANK YOU to the mods for organizing this every year), but this year was just amazing and I'm ready to spread some of that amazingness around. I've gone through the lists that are posted already and have something like three pages of wishes I am going to grant (yea for surprising people!). Here's my list for this year:

1. Christmas Cards, Magazines, Something in my mailbox! - Who doesn't love getting mail!!! Besides, I hate having to drive all the way to base to check mail, only to find out that there is nothing there or only bills

2. iTunes gift cards - My husband and I got iphones this year, but since I'm not working at the moment I don't like to spend his money on things I don't need, like apps or music for my phone

3. Wal-Mart brand Crystal light mix - We're kinda weird and prefer the Walmart knock off stuff to the actual Crystal brand, but there aren't any Walmarts here. The only flavor that we don't really like is the peach one. We do like the peach tea, just not straight peach.

4. Stuffage on my list - Doesn't need to be new, just if you happen to have something laying around your house and you don't want it anymore, especially the games or cookbooks!

5. Vistors/Shoppers at my website - To try helping a little with the money situation around the house, I started selling mark. make up and stuff. I actually have a big sale that will be going on next week. You don't have to actually buy anything if there isn't anything you are interested in, but please take a look.

6. Kitcheny Stuff - Especially if it's in purple. Yep, purple. I have a bunch of wine/grape themed stuffage for my kitchen so I painted one of the walls purple. Now I'm trying to find canisters and stuff like that in purple to go with it, so far no such luck.

7. Wii, XBox 360 or Game Cube games - Personally, I like games like Civilization Revolution and Final Fantasy X (I don't have any FF games anymore). My husband likes Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. Oh, and we love the Mario Party games (we have the fourth one).

8. Coffee Mug or Travel Mug to call my own - My husband has a bunch of coffee mugs, but I don't have any that are *mine*. Sure we have the boring ones that come with dish sets, but those aren't any fun. A pink travel mug would be awesome, especially the mornings I have to drive him to work, regular coffee mugs would be great too. Bonus points for something about
a princess on it :-P

9. Fiestaware Dishes - Longshot, I know, but this is a wishlist, right? I've loved Fiestaware for years and actually got a set of the evergreen as a wedding present. Can you say love? I really like the evergreen, peacock and colbalt. I'd love you forever if I got some dishes or servingware!!!

10. Surprise me - Surprises are always fun. As long as they are nice surprises.

Since I like surprises, I'll put my address so it's a surprise if I get anything at all! Not too worried about anyone trying to stalk me, you'd have to get to Germany, then past the guys with guns, then try to find the address (it took me awhile to find it on my own), which turns out to be the post office, not my house anyways! (Can you tell someone had her coffee this morning?)
Anyways, here's my address:

Sarah Phillips
CMR 411 Box 1634
APO, AE 09112

and my email is fairywings1983 at aol dot com
I will send a card!

Where are you in Germany? My boyfriend was an Army brat and over there in the late 80s.
This is a wonderful turn of events. I love Mark products, but my old rep recently quit selling, and I hate buying direct from the website (I feel like I should be helping someone other than the corporate bigwigs out). Sadly, I'll be too broke to buy anything from the big sale, but I'm hoping to be able to get some things in December. I'll be starting a job in January, and a replenished make-up supply would be a good thing.
I've never tried doing a sale like this before, so if this paypal thing works out I'm going to do quite a few more sales like this. Probably one for the new year ;)
Yay! I'm looking forward to it. My mother sold Avon for quite a few years, and I got into some of the Mark products pretty early in their run (when they were still mostly being sold by traditional Avon reps), I've had a few people that I've bought from over the years, but the last person just quit.
i want to fufill a wish of yours can you please email a link to your wishlist and your address to

Okay, we have pretty much the same name (I'm Sara Phillips!), so I will definitely be finding something for your wish list!

I'm pretty sure that I have one of the books from your Amazon wishlist at home (I'll have to double-check) and I'll definitely send you a card!
I'll definitely have something on its merry way to you. :) What kinds of dogs do you have? I have something unabashedly princessey for one of them if you have a female small-ish dog. :)
Thanks! Unfortunately our dog isn't female or small. We have a nearly 60 pound golden lab puppy. Don't think my husband would appreciate me dressing him up like a girl puppy, cute as it would be.
drop me a pm with your addy and ill add you to my card list. also, im putting together a recipe list for those that are looking for recipes. i know that its not kitchen stuff, but its kinda kitchen related.

put your email in the pm if your interested in that as well.