The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Hello everyone! I was part of this group last year and I am glad to see it back. I hope to grant a few wishes this year again and maybe get a few granted myself.;)

My husband has been unemployed since August of last year. He had a heart attack last year right before he shortly got let go from his job of 7 years. He is still trying to get a job...his unemployment will run out in March of 2010. Of course one of my wishes and its a very important one is that he will get a job soon. When his unemployment ends we will be screwed. We can not survive on just my income. There are just no jobs here in Michigan. Its scary and I hope he can find something very soon. Please send good wishes and karma his way..his name is Chris btw....and if anyone knows of any kind of work or has any leads please let me know.

My other wishes would be things that I would love to receive from others. I don't have alot of extra cash these days...especially with the hubby not working and bringing in what he use to. So here goes my wants and likes.

2.BPAL-imps, bottles...any kind. I sadly only own about 12 imps myself and I adore their stuff.
3.Perfume-I love smelly stuff. Anything you don't like...can't wear...allergic to..whatever.
4.Candles and candle holders-I collect these...scented candles are the best.
5.Teddy Bears-I collect these as well.
6.Blythe Doll-I know this one is a long shot but I collect dolls and I have always wanted one but just can't afford to get one.
7.Cupcakes-anything cupcakes...knickknacks...ornaments....plushies...I love cupcakes.
8.Tokidoki-Another long shot but I love Tokidoki stuff...especially tshirts and purses.
9.Rings and Jewelry-I love silver gemstone jewelry. Rings are my favorite. I can never have enough cool big gaudy sparkly funky rings as well.
10.Halloween stuff-Halloween is my favorite holiday!

My email is If you can help and grant any of my wishes this year feel free to email me or comment on here.

I hope everyone gets at least one wish granted this year and I wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas!!
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I'd be happy to help out with a few things. My dad was laid off back in November of last year, and It hasn't been that easy. We manage though. I am definatly sending good vibes your way.

send an email to with your address and a link to your wishlist.
I collect teddy bears too. I could share a part of my collection with you.

Send an email to with your address.
I can send you some Tokidoki Cactus Pups. My email is faerydragonet AT
How would you feel about combining #5 and #10? I have a set of halloween bears that someone gave that I would be happy to pass along. Just send your address and a reminder of what I promised to auralily2000 at
best wishes on the job front....
keep an eye on my Lj i post a "job hunting, hiring" post every now and then.... where people can post the "needd a job" or "hiring" info

i can send you BPAl and a holiday card
can you send your address (and what i said i would send you) to kirsten at fabricdragon dot com.
pls put holiday wishes in the subject line