A few wishes for a student paramedic...

Hi there! I was introduced to this by a friend of mine (hopefully I'm doing this right) who's been doing this for a few years now, and I thought I'd join in the fun. I've already seen a few wishes that I can grant, and my goal is to grant 10, as I will be asking for 10. Not sure what they all are yet, but here goes (we'll see how far I get!)

1) EMS books, eBooks, resources, paraphernalia, t-shirts (small/med), crests, pins, art, whatever. I'm a HUGE nerd for anything to do with medicine and pre-hospital EMS care.

2) Donations to #CoEMS (www.chroniclesofems.com) - It's an effort to start a new documentary series about EMS Services all over the world! While this may or may not be interesting to you, it's SUPER important to start the sharing of ideas and peer evaluation like this. They've currently got a Paramedic from the UK (Mark - http://www.999medic.com) working with San Francisco's Fire Dept (EMS), and the SFFD Paramedic (Justin - http://www.happymedic.com) will be heading over to the UK for a week to do the same observing & evaluating and then putting their heads together to see what EMS is doing right, and where there might be solutions in eachother's ways of doing things.

3) Dance photographs and/or art to decorate my walls. I was (am?) an avid dance photographer for years, before I came back to school for Paramedics, and in the past 5 months, I haven't taken a single dance photo. Kind of depressing, actually. Either way, let me live vicariously through your art. :-) If you don't want to pay for shipping, let me know, you can just email me a jpeg and I'll print the photo off at my local print shop.

4) Episodes of the TV Show "Paramedics!", "Third Watch", or anything else paramedic related. Any format is fine, and if you want, I'll share my dropbox (dropbox.com) with you if you feel like sending them directly.

5) Anything for a new car owner! :-) I just finally finished putting aside the money for a little Ford Focus 2006 ZX5 SES. Service Manuals (even in PDF form), anything :-)

Materialistic things (this IS a wishlist after-all):

6) Flip HD Video Camera ... I will be giving away my little 5.0mp point and shoot to someone else on holiday_wishes, so I need something small to take around with me and film stuff to share with the world. (I like sharing my experiences with others. You'll always see me with a video camera or some way of capturing the world.)

7) Littmann 3200 Stethoscope. I'd start going on about how awesome this stethoscope is, but really I like the idea most of being able to record things that I hear and share them with other students, and maybe eventually students of mine...

8) I could really use another power adapter for my MacBook Pro 13" (Model A1330 60w). The knock-off ones haven't been released yet on DealExtreme, and I was hoping someone at a Mac Store might know a way of getting a beaten up (or unsellable) one I can bring to school with me instead of having to drag my one from home in all the time...

Back to non-materialism for the last two…

9 & 10) … this one (these ones) is/are the most important to me. This would be easiest served if you worked for an airline or had inside access to something. I would like to fly down (or arrange to have her flown up) and go see someone very special to me in Norfolk, VA. I don't get a terrible amount of time off, so arranging this might be awkward. The catch is, I have to fly out of Toronto Pearson (YYZ) or Ottawa (YOW), to Norfolk (ORF),

(I was going to put another one in for 9, but I realized 10 was such a big one, really, it's almost like two wishes.)

Reply below to get a hold of me :-)
I can email you a dance photo---do you mind if it is from a wedding?

What made you decide to go back to school for EMS? I'm thinking about getting my EMS-B because I think it will help me out in my long term goal (I'm going back for my BSN right now).
i dont have anything i could currently send you, but if you would like another ems buddy on lj, feel free to add. i dont actively work in ems, but ive had my first responder since 2001, and i have a lot of ems buddies on my lj.

i do have some lj ems star icons, if you would like some of those, drop me a pm with your email and i can get you a couple.