First Holiday Wishes

This seems like such a nice idea. I wanted to give it a try. Hopefully I'll be able to find something I can give on here!

I'm a senior in high school. I live in the southern end of the US. My family's kind of stretched tight for money at the moment what with life and college expenses and trying to get me a car. So, Christmas will most likely not be very big. This is just for fun, not expecting anything. There's no real order of want to this; it's just a list.

1. harry potter fic. i've really been craving harry potter fic as of lately, mostly ones involving blaise, draco, cho, pansy, or the next!gen cast. epics are pretty sweet. so are ones with heavy romance (het, slash, femmeslash, poly, i like it all), but still has a lot of plot outside that.

2. when jeff comes home. it's a book by catherine atkins that i read in my school library and really, really loved. it's not a brilliantly written book or anything, but it has the kind of things in it i like reading. the story is about a boy who's kidnapped for about three years and then released when he's "too old", but the story is really about the aftermath and how he copes with normal life and being around his family again, which is the part i'm really interested in.

3. clothes. to be more specific-- i love those sorts of dresses you wear with tights, that are interesting colours or textures, short or long-sleeved. i like all kinds of shoes, interesting flats and boots and sandals, old or new. same with accessories and shorts and basically anything else. i'm basically craving for anything. i wear a x-small/small in clothes (or 0/1 in pants and that stuff) and 6/6.5 in shoes.

4. coffee mug. i love really big coffee mugs. i'm such a coffee-addict, i have to drink it every morning and i like having tankard-size mugs so i don't have to keep refilling it in the morning.

5. clips. okay, i love making vids, but i am just terrible at finding clips. so any pointers for where to download clips (for glee, the vampire diaries, and harry potter mostly) preferably in .wmv as my video program won't let me use most .avi clips for reasons i do not understand.

6. laptop. this one is my outrageous wish. i've been looking for a laptop between 14" and 15" $400 and under (my spending cap) and have had no luck. i need one for when i start college in the fall, so here's to hoping i find one.

7. song recs. i'm always looking for new music. i like pretty much any genre, and love finding new and obscure song/artists i haven't heard of before.

8. romantic stories. they can be fanfic, original stories, personal accounts, books, whatever. i just love reading fluffy, romantic stories with romantic endings.

9. wigs. i cosplay, and one of the hardest parts for me is finding a good wig i can afford. any and all wigs of decent quality would be appreciated.

10. dog things for my mom. my family has two medium-sized mutts. my mom wants them to have cute little matching collars, like one that says princess for the girl and something cute and macho-sounding for the boy.

thank you to anyone who responds. if anyone needs my mailing address you can just pm me or email me at and to everyone, happy holidays. i hope everyone gets something, and has a happy christmas!

if anyone needs my mailing address you can just pm me or email me at
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Do you like Queer as Folk at all? I write a ton of fluffy fics for that fandom. I wouldn't say they are great, but I just write things I feel smoopy with!
Song Rec
I love the Ballas Hough Band (now just Ballas Hough, I believe). While I like all of the songs on their CD, my favorite is a song called Longing For. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
6. laptop. this one is my outrageous wish. i've been looking for a laptop between 14" and 15" $400 and under (my spending cap) and have had no luck. i need one for when i start college in the fall, so here's to hoping i find one.

I wish I could send you one! But I can link you to a site where you can find a laptop in the size you want for under $400.

You might want to consider a refurbished one--my family has purchased refurbished computers from them before, and they are a terrific company.

Here is a link to a refurbished 14.1" HP Compaq notebook for $319, and I'm sure you can find others if you poke around the site.

Also, if you're willing to go a little smaller, I can highly recommend the Acer 10.1" netbook. I bought one (refurbished, actually!) from Tiger Direct for $309 earlier this year, and it's wonderful.

Happy holidays!
So upon you saying that you cosplay, I pulled open your profile (because so do I, and apparently that's how I roll) and we have the same birthday. Also, you seem like a snazzy person in general. Would you mind if I friended you? >.>

Wigs, you say? Oh girl.

...XD by that I mean I have a few wigs I keep meaning to get rid of somehow, for various reasons. Interested in either a short light purple, short blonde, or shoulder-length curly blonde? I can probably either find or take pictures, if you are.
cool. i'm always happy to make new friends :).

and if you had any pictures I'd love to see the short blonde and curly blonde.
First of all I'm sorry I took so freaking long to respond. D: I had a really busy/stressful bunch of weeks. Secondly, the short one was not as short as I remembered, and the curly one is actually wavy.

Here's the shorter one, which I think was worn maybe once.

Here's the second one, which I hadn't actually taken out of the packaging until now. (It was for a costume I ended up dropping last minute) The bangs look really WTF unstyled, but they're pretty long and natural looking and seem like they could be styled in like 45 different ways. Also the entire wig is pretty thick.
i like the shorter one, i fyou wouldn't mind parting with it lol :). it's actually kind of better that it's longer. easier to style that way :D.
Nawh it's totally fine, I definitely can't think of anything I would use it for, and I've had it hanging around for a while.

Emailed for your address :D
drop me a pm with your email and ill send you a link to a wonderful harry potter fan fic that will keep you reading for a long time.

happy holidays!