Rockin' 'round the Christmas Tree...

My holiday wish for this year.

So this year started off ok, but come Match 13th it became horrible. My mother died on the 13th after battling breast cancer. It was a huge shock to me because I thought she would pull through. I knew many people that had it, and they all pulled through. However my mom wasn’t lucky enough.

I am 31 and currently living in Florida where I cannot find a job for the life of me. Money is hella tight. Let’s just say my Thanksgiving will consist of ramen noodles or Mac and cheese. Most likely the noodles because I can buy some for ten cents. Not looking forward to Thanksgiving at all. Honestly I have not been this depressed since high school.

I am hoping things turn around slightly before Christmas gets here, but I won’t get my hopes up. Due to my current financial situation, the only wishes I will be able to grant are fanart ones. Sorry. It also be easier for me if it’s a fandom we have in common. My current fandom’s are: NCIS, NCIS LA, JAG, Bones (I am new to this one), Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Twilight, One Tree Hill (seasons 1-6 season 7 has been horrible so far.) Gossip Girl, Glee, Make it or Break It. I’d be willing to make art with actors from the following shows as well.

So on to my list.

1. Bones DVDs – As I said above I am new to this fandom and I have been having a hard time catching up. Hulu doesn’t have old episodes, surf the channel has been an epic fail; as have torrents. So I am looking for burned copies, or places where I can watch seasons 1-4 online for free. Or if anyone has them on DVD and would be willing to burn me some copies I would love that as well. Youtube, as failed me as well.
2. Fanfics - I would love some good fanfic with the following pairs. Harm/Mac (JAG) Bud/Harriet (JAG) The Admiral/OC of your choice (JAG) Tony/Ziva(NCIS) Gibbs/Jen (NCIS) McGee/Abby (NCIS) Ducky/Hetty (more of a friendship fic possible romance (NCIS/NCIS LA)) Dean and Sam (Supernatural) PLEASE NO SLASH! Bella/Edward (Twilight) Angela/Wendall (Bones) Bones/Booth (Bones) Puck/Rachel (Glee)
3. A grey knitted scarf about 5 or 6 feet long. I know I love in Florida, but if my current job situation doesn’t not change, I will have to move to TN and it gets cold there.
4. Glacier Candy This would be a request from you UK people. I love the fruit ones, and the mint ones. However we do not have them here in the states. So a bag of these would be awesome like whoa.
5. Donate - Donate to the Susan G Komen org.
6. Think of the adults - At the holidays people are always saying oh the poor children. Well this year think of the 18+ crowd. They are people too and they deserve a Christmas just as much as the children do. If not more, mostly because they are usually the ones everyone forgets about. Give a card to an elderly neighbor, make someone some cookies. Visit a nursing home and just spend time with them. Or find an organization which helps adults during the holidays and donate to them. Like I said adults should have happy holidays as well.
7. A job! Nuff said. I just, I seriously need something to get my self out of this hole I am in
8. Walmart or Target gift cards. Walmart would be better because I could use them at a supercenter for food. Any amount would help. A small amount would take some of the burden off, and allow one more meal then we could afford.
9. Borders gift cards. I’d love to be able to read some of the Vampire Diaries books or just one. If you have some used copies you would like to get off your hands, that would be cool. I currently have one of the books The Awakening and The Struggle
10. Surprise Me! Holiday cards, postcards, something random, crazy socks, whatever. Just surprise me.
If you would like my address e-mail me at

Thanks for reading my list and Happy Holidays!
i try to do number 6 as often as i can. especially the ones working behind registers ;). i used to work retail but only at christmas/the holidays, and trust me some people get truly horrible and forget that their cashiers are people too who have as much worth as they do, regardless of how bad their shopping day has been.
I'd love to get you the second season of Bones, that one has to be my favorite so far despite one of the characters from the first season no longer being in it whose voice I loved haha Or if you'd prefer to start from the beginning, I can get you the first season. I just want to share the Bones love really. Let me know which you'd prefer and your address and I'll be sure to send one or the other your way :)

Also, for #2, they're by no ways new but I have three Bones/Booth one-shots I've written here if you're interested. There's also an Angela/Zach one but you can skip over that one :) Hopefully I'll get back to writing fanfic in December after NaNoWriMo and I can write you a new Bones/Booth ficlet

EDIT: Forgot to say you could send me your address in either a PM here on LJ or e-mail :)

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I'd like to grant one of your wishes. Email me your address: glumbumble at gmail dot com
I'm so sorry about your mom. My sister just had her PET scan and got a clean bill of health. She lives her life in 6-month increments these days after battling triple-negative breast cancer a little over a year ago now. It's definitely close to home for me with my crazy family history.

I'd love to send you a card. Drop me an email at webmaster(at) with your LJ name and address and I'll add you to my list.

Have a beautiful holiday season.
if your looking for a friend who has dealt with the lost of a parent from cancer, feel free to pm me or add me to your lj. i lost my father 4 years ago, after a 13 month battle with lung cancer and he also battle prostrate. i hope your doing alright. it took me a good year+ to get back on my feet after my dad died.

take it easy.