My Wishlist

My name is Sara and I'm a 26-year-old librarian from Ohio. This is my first year doing holiday_wishes and I'm really excited about it! I didn't even know the community/idea existed until one of my friends posted a link to her list.

1. A 30+ gig iPod (bigger would be better, as I have TONS of music, but I don't want to be too greedy :D). Used is fine, as long as it works okay and is in good condition.

2. An iPod FM transmitter. So that I can play said iPod in the car.

3. Tights. I'm 5'6 and about 110 pounds. I wear mostly black and brown in the winter, but I'm not adverse to expanding my tights collection to include more colors!

4. Books. Here's a link to my GoodReads account to give you an idea of what I like to read. I'm a librarian, so I don't typically buy a lot of books, but it's always fun to own books. Used is certainly okay in this instance! Feel free to pass me on your favorite book.

5. A holiday themed LJ layout. I like blues/whites/silvers more than the tradional red/greens. I also like simple.

6. Funky necklaces. My most recent necklace purchace was a bronze peacock. I also have a necklace consisting of buttons and clock gears. I like to wear unique things around my neck.

7. Trailer Park Boys on DVD. Any season is fine, as I've just been checking them out from the library. Burned is okay, but my DVD player CANNOT play avi files. It has to be a straight copy, not a burned data disc.

8. Snowmen. I collect snowmen. Snowman ornaments, stand-alone decorations, placemats... You name it, and I'll probably want it! Handmade, store-bought, whatever. I love them all.

9. New LJ friends! :D Check out my profile, and if you think we would be good LJ friends, please feel free to add me!

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Duh, of course! The current layout I'm using is designed by her, but it's been so long since I changed that I wasn't even thinking... Thanks for the reminder!
I'd love to friend you. You seem really cool. And I'll see what I can do about a layout, if you like the style of mine?
I friended you!

I like your layout. I've always wanted one with a header. If you could do something you could do a snowman theme, that'd be super awesome! Maybe a slightly wider area for my entries to go (I post a lot of paragraphs and I like for them to have a lot of space because I'm weird). If I'm being too picky, just beat me upside the head, okay? Haha.
I can certainly do #9. :) I'm a librarian-in-training in Indiana, and we seem to have a couple of interests in common. Sound okay?
Excellent! I always love adding more library people to my friends list! I hope my latest entry doesn't scare you off; I just made an epic post about the latest idiot patrons I had to deal with...

*ahem* Sorry, but I'm a huge snowman fanatic as well. I even got presents from Frosty instead of Santa on Christmas when I was little (I actually still get a gift from him every year XD).

I'll look around and see what I can do for you as far as snowmen, it might be difficult for me to part with any of my own - and difficult to look at snowmen stuff without buying - but I'll come up with something!

And I'm going to friend you as well :)
Yay another snowman fan! And your icon reminds me that I have a stuffed "The Snowman" at my parents' house somewhere! Must get for my apartment this year.

Okay, that is AWESOME! I wish my parents had been that inventive. Haha.

Do you want to exchange snowman things? We could either send things from our personal collections or buy something new for each other. Let me know what you think!

I'm definitely friending you, too!
I can so do #9. Newly minted librarian, now looking for work in this rather elusive field. I do update, perhaps not as frequently as I should, but I will comment on occasion.

Yay, librarian!

Seriously, this job market is a disaster. I don't know what's going to happen if the economy doesn't pick up.

My library is planning to cut operating hours to 32 per week starting in January, which I am NOT looking forward to. Sigh.
Aww, I love the teeny tiny snowman! I'll actually have a yard this year, so maybe I'll make my own snowman. Yours definitely made me smile.

I love the word anachronism, too (obviously...). I'm definitely adding you!
im always looking for new lj friends, feel free to add

happy holidays :)
I would love to be friends with you. I am actually planning on going back to school to get my Masters in Library science. :) And also, if you don't mind, I am going to friend you on goodreads. I love that silly website.