My Holiday Wishes are for Chaos

My name is Kaycee. This is my first time posting here so hopefully I've done it right. I'm 20 years old and I live in Tennessee. But this wishlist is for my son, not me. His name is Chaos, he's two years old. In a way, I guess this is my wishlist too cos I can't afford to get him anything myself and I want him to be able to tell him its Christmas this year and see him happy about it. He wears size 2-3t and is allergic to lavender.

1. Drawings/Posters - To hang on his bedroom walls and bring colour into his life. This can be anything from a drawing of his name of a dinosaur to an educational poster with abc's and stuff on it.

2. Books - Any kind of children's book.

3. Shoes - He just grew out of his size 6t shoes. He has a pair of snow boots that fit but I think he needs a pair of sneakers because the snow boots are really hot and the weather in TN is weird so somedays its too warm for boots but I don't have any other shoes to put him in.

4. Wax/Gel - Anything that dries fast with heavy hold to spike his mohawk up.

5. Little toys - he loves everything, even a $1 toy from the dollar store will make him squeal with delight. Try to stay away from matchbox cars and blocks as thats mostly what he has. Don't worry about gender standards.

6. Anything animal related - He loves 'doggies' but we don't have one so any toy 'doggie' related would be pretty rad. His other favorites are snakes, bunnies, spiders, turtles, fish and kitties.

7. Washable markers - something safe to draw on himself and on paper. He loves to draw on himself because daddy has a lot of tattoos and so he wants tattoos too.

8. A Giftcard - for goodwill or any used/cheap toy/clothing store near nashville. Please not walmart. Our family is *strongly* opposed to it.

9. Anything handmade that you think a two year old would enjoy and not break easily.

10. Surprises! ^_^

If you would like to have the address, please email me at Happy Holidays <3
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I'm going to try and see about putting a package together for your little boy, although it might take a little time (though I will get it out in time for Christmas). I'll e-mail you for your address.
I have a stuffed dog that I could send you. If you could send your address and a reminder of what I promised to auralily2000 at I would appreciate it, since that helps me keep track.
Hi! I have two boys so I'm positive I can find something suitable for Chaos! :)

Could you please email me your address at with the subject 'Holiday Wishes - Boy Toys/Books (2yo)' Thanks! :D
Holiday Wishes!!
I saw rthat you wrote down washable markers cuz Dad has Tats.. what about temp tats? If not, I'd still like to sen something..

I'd like your address.. Send me an email, but pls include your lj username & use the subject holiday wishes.. My email is neonrose5 at
I would be willing to make your little one something to hang on his wall. What are some of his favorite colors and what are some of his interests?

If you could eMail me ( this information as well as your address and be sure to put Holiday Wishes and your username in the subject line.