I'm so glad it's that time of year...

Hello Holiday Wishes :D
My name is Lily, and I’m an 18-year-old girl living in San Francisco, California. It’s my second year participating, and last year I made friends with some people who I remain in contact with today!

My life has been a bit topsy-turvy, but I am so happy to report that everything is going well right now. I’ve had mental illness since I was 13, and left school two years ago to check into a Psych ward, but am back on the horse and applying to great colleges and living the life of a typical teenager! It feels great to say that.

Because I’m so happy to be doing well, sharing any kind of happiness with other people is what I’m most going for right now. I’ve already got a Word Document filled with names and addresses of wishes I plan on granting. I am putting up my wishlist, just in case anyone has anything lying around, but know that most of all, I love granting wishes myself. Which brings me to Number One...

1. The link to your wishlist
As rambled about in the above paragraphs (I tend to do that), along with my Wellbutrin and Prozac, my depression has most been helped by reaching out to others! Please post a link to your list, or e-mail me with the wishes you’d most like granted. I will do my absolute best to grant at least one.

2. A mix CD for YOU
Yes, I’m serious. I’m a huge music buff – my favorite artists are Beirut, The Mountain Goats, Empire of the Sun, Fleet Foxes, Shout Out Louds, and so many more. I love making mixes (with custom album artwork) for people, and so if you would like one, either post here or e-mail me with three of your favorite songs, and three of your favorite all-time artists. This way, I can make your CD customized to your particular taste!

3. A peek at my blog
Telescopic Lightwaves is a blog I write with my cousin and her friend. We each get two days of the week to write about whatever we want to, and sometimes we'll post "challenges" for eachother. It's just something I do for fun ;) Feel free to bookmark or "follow" on tumblr.

And now for the tangible goodies (though these aren't as important, I'm serious)

4. Polaroid Paraphernalia
I am an avid Polaroid-er! I have a LandCamera 210 (sadly broken), a OneStep 600, a Spectra, and an SX-70 Sonar. If you have a broken Polaroid, expired film, a random manual, a faded Polaroid picture from the 70’s, or anything of that sort, send it my way! I am a bit obsessed with all things Polaroid, and so I can guarantee you that if it’s been gathering dust in your attic, I will appreciate it all the more.

5.Graphic Novels
My favorite artists are Adrian Tomine, Craig Thompson, and Jessica Abel. So, when I say graphic novels, I do not mean anime or comic books ;) Nothing against those, I just cannot afford to get obsessed with any types of series! I love graphic novels where the story could have been written without the images – the author is a good enough writer for this – but with the illustrations, it’s made all the better. If you have a book, or even a recommendation, please e-mail me!

6. Black and White Postcards
I have a little portion of my wall devoted to the postcards that are simply one elegant black-and-white image. If you write a message on it, I'll love it more :D

7. Anything Paris-related
When I find something that makes me consistently happy (Christmas, my cats), I pretty much pounce on it. One of these things happens to be the beautiful city of Paris. Paris-related stuff includes films about Paris (though I'll warn you, I have seen many!!), books, pictures, souvenirs, magazine articles, and anything else at all. I've been twice, and it's still my favorite city. If you lived there, and have recommendations of your favorite hidden gems, those are great as well.

8. Nail Polish in Ridiculous Colors
I recently asked a manicurist to paint my fingernails rainbow, and I'm pleased to say that she obliged. Yes, it was embarrassing to have to bring her five different bottles, but she seemed to find it funny. Anyways, since then, I've been really into extreme colors (think L.A. Girl Flare Nailpolish-type stuff). My boyfriend and I have this weird thing where he "reviews" my nail polish colors, and I've recently gotten high marks for the silver-glitter nails, or the bright turquoise ones. Gently used is totally fine.

9. Vintage Dresses or Tops
I've become comfortable enough with my body (thank god!) so that I have embraced dresses. I'm a tall girl, around 5'8-5'9, with a pretty average, slightly pear-shaped build. A medium or a large should be fine. Anything knee-length or shorter, empire waist, flowy, anything! This is more of a big wish, so I don't expect anything extravagant ;)

10. (Help With) A Tattoo Design
Seeing as I am now 18, I've been dying to get a tattoo. I love literary quotes (Salinger and Bukowski are some of my favorites) or silhouettes of birds, like this one. If you are a good artist, feel like playing around on some scrap paper, or have seen some pretty tattoos featuring bird silhouettes or cages, short quotes, anything simple, I'd love your input.

Again, I have to reitterate, my #1 wish is the most important: I WANT TO GRANT YOURS! Hop onto my wishes word document, send me an e-mail, leave a comment, anything! I can't wait to hear from you, and I wish you the best holiday season you can possibly have.

My e-mail address (to get my mailing address) is makingdaisychains@gmail.com

(And my last wish, the secret #11, is for you to give my e-mail address to any teenagers you know that are struggling with mental illness - Bipolar, Depression, Eating Disorders, Self-Injury, Borderline Personality Disorder, anything - so that if they need to, they can contact me for some understanding and support.)

Happy Holidays, everyone :)
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I just got back from Paris
I think I have a city map and probably a metro ticket or two if you want them? PM me your address :)
your secret wish makes me happy and i wish that someone had done that for me when i was in high school. i really didn't come to terms with whatever it is that's wrong with me (they're still not sure what i have going on) until a couple of years ago and i regret not forcing someone to take me more seriously until then.

my list is here: http://community.livejournal.com/holiday_wishes/1469758.html if you want to look!
Would love to send you some tea! If you HAD to choose, what would you say is your favorite kind?
I might send you a handmade gift as well ;)
I personally suffer from bi-polar disorder. I've found that mailing postcards and granting wishes helps the best. I didn't do this community last year, but did the year before that.

I had a mental breakdown so severe last year that I don't have 1/2 of my possessions anymore: I broke them all by throwing them around my room.

And to believe that my fiancee is still with me after that is magical. He helps a lot, too.

Well! I read that blog- it was freaking awesome. All the pictures and whatnot. I loved it. I'll favorite it under "Awesome Sites."

And the link to my post:

I'll hunt around for a black and white postcard. :]
They're still not sure what it is I have, but I certainly have experienced "breakdowns", so I can sympathize. Congratufuckinglations on being 18 and engaged! That's amazing. I'm 18, have a rocky relationship with a boyfriend (TECHNICALLY of three weeks but if I'll be honest, it's been over a year) and so engagement feels unfathomable right now!
Could you e-mail me your address? I'd like to send you some stuff :)
We should be LJ friends as I also have mental illness. I have been struggling with depression/bipolar/borderline personality disorder since the age of 14. I'm always looking for new LJ friends!

I will keep my eye out for some awesome nailpolish for you. :)

My wish list is here.

As for a mix CD, hmmm... three of my favorite songs are:
"Dance of the Manatee" - Fair to Midland
"H." - Tool
"All I Want for Christmas is You" - Mariah Carey

Three of my favorite artists are:
Fair to Midland
Tree 63

My email is cassie[dot]mergo[at]gmail[dot]com. Send me an email and I'll give you my address. You really are too sweet!
I would love to offer help in any way I can. Shoot me an e-mail with your story if you'd like. makingdaisychains@gmail.com
Another SF girl, that's awesome, since that's where I live too.

For number 8- I have green nail polish, I only used it once, but I can probably find some other colors

I love your blog and your secret wish I totally wish someone had done that for me when I was a teen, since I was suffering with depression, eating disorders and cutting, I'm better now since therapy, but I totally wish I had someone to talk to during those years.

My wishlist is here
http://community.livejournal.com/holiday_wishes/1475560.html (I think the one I want most is semi expensive, since it's number 1- well not really expensive it's under 20 dollars on amazon, but I really want to collect all the seasons, but I'll be happy with anything on my list)

How do you feel about receiving digital versions of the seasons? I can hook you up with some links, but if you want the PHYSICAL versions I totally understand :)
As for the rest of your list, I think I've got a few things I can send (and it will be cheap since you are so near to me!) Could you PM me your address?
Hello there! :)

I've bookmarked your blog - I love it. It's the kind of blog that would really make my day to read. ^ ^
I would love to have your mailing address so that I can send you a pretty b/w postcard! I think I'll scribble one of my fave poems on the back of it, I think you'd like it (it's in Swedish, but I'll write down the translation) Could you send your mailing address to seven.sinsualities@gmail.com ? ♥

Here's my wishlist:
Hearing your story made me happy too x3 I'm glad to know you're doing well!

I can send you a b&w postcard for sure! And I am a big fan of brightly colored nailpolish too (I painted my nails rainbow as well ;D), and since I have a lot of them, sometimes I buy doubles... I'll check and see if there's any you might like :)

My wishlist is here: http://community.livejournal.com/holiday_wishes/1467249.html

I'll email you right now :)
Ironically, I asked for a Mix CD, so your wishes complement mine nicely. Here's my list.

I'll also check out your blog for sure. :)
Your blog is amazing. I'm going to bookmark it so I can check it out again from time to time.

Your secret wish is a very sweet, beautiful thing. It's wonderful that you're willing to help others. I have a young man in my care who suffers from major depression and who has tried to commit suicide a number of times in his life, so I can see how difficult it is to go through it, even if I can't know since I've never experienced it myself. So thank you for having such a beautiful, open heart. The world needs more people who care like that.


Good luck with your future. I'm sure it will be a bright one.