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Hello everyone! I believe this will be my fourth year taking part in this group and I've been looking forward to this all year. I can't wait to get started! After a few rough years, this year I was given the opportunity to experience some truly amazing things and I can't wait to share some of that joy with others. With that in mind, I'm looking forward to going a little overboard and granting as many wishes as I can.

As for myself, I'm a 27 year old woman who is still trying to work out the meaning of life but I feel like I'm getting a little closer everyday. I'm a little sarcastic, a lot hippie, and completely determined to live life to the fullest. If anyone could find it in their heart to grant a few of my wishes, I would be deeply grateful.

1. Christmas ornaments for my tree. These are pretty much the only things that I still collect and I love getting them as gifts. It's probably crazy, but they seem more special when they have a story behind them.

2. Mix CD'S. Music is one of my great passions in life and it always thrills me when someone introduces me to something new.

3.Jewelry. I'm a complete fanatic when it comes to jewelry, but it doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive. I'm a sucker for anything handmade, unique or vintage and I love things that are out of the ordinary.

4.Bookmarks. I love pretty bookmarks and they are one of the things in life that I always need but can never find. Since I'm usually reading around five books at a time, I can never have enough bookmarks.

5.Christmas cards. I love giving and receiving them. I've never thrown a card away in my life and now I use them to decorate the doorways in my house.

6.Warm and/or fuzzy socks. My feet are always freezing and warm socks would be a life saver for me this winter.

7.Anything from my AMAZON WISHLIST. Used is perfectly fine and, if you have a copy of something that you're looking to get rid of, I'd be happy to take it off your hands.

8.A scarf. I've always wanted a handmade, knitted scarf but I can't knit to save my life and I don't know anyone that can, either.

9.Dog toys. I just rescued a shih tzu/basset hound mix and he is quickly turning into the love of my life. At less than a year old he has already been abused and abandoned from two different homes but, in spite of all that, I've never seen a dog with a sweeter or more loving personality. He does, however, have a massive toy fetish and he's starting to go through them faster than I can buy them.

10.Surprise me. I've gotten more than a few surprises this year and I would love to get a few more. I love things that are handmade or out of the ordinary but I would love any little thing that you'd like to share.

I can be contacted at auralily2000 at yahoo.com. Thank you in advance and happy holidays to you all!
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I would definitely be interested! Can you e-mail me at auralily2000 at yahoo.com so that we can exchange addresses?
I'll send you a card and a mix CD. :) Emailing for an address. :)
I'll send you a card and a bookmark (:
Please e-mail me at itsadrixx@gmail.com with your name, address, and with what I've promised to send you.
If you like, I can send you digital copies of Dark Was the Night, Ocean Eyes and In the Reigns. Drop me an email!

I'd love to send you a card. Can you drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Card" in the Subject and your address in the body? I may also have an ornament for you.
I'd love to send you a holiday card and maybe a little something else. Please send me an email at mssymplicite at gmail dot com with your address, and if you could put "Holiday Wishes" in the subject, that'd help twig my memory. I won't be sending mine until around December 1st (I refuse to get into holiday mode before then).

Best wishes!
Thank you! I completely understand waiting until until Decemeber to get started. Sometimes I think I'm just too impatient for my own good : )

Do you havea list?
i want to fufill a wish of yours can you please email a link to your wishlist and your address to janeknox01@hotmail.com

Thanks so much! I've already e-mailed and your package should be going out soon : )
Thank you so much for the Christmas music! It's definitely going to get a lot of play time in the coming weeks : )
I would love to send you a card! Please email worstxintentions at gmail dot com with the subject "holiday wishes - card" and your address.
I'd love to send you a mix CD or two and a knit scarf (not done by me, but a friend) :]

Please e-mail me: this-is-my-e-mail-address AT hotmail DOT com
Subject line: Holiday Wishes 09 - auralily - Mix CDs + knit scarf
and be sure to include a link to this list in your message.

Thank you so much! Is there an e-mail address that I can use to send you my address?

Also, do you have a list that you can link me to?
drop me a pm with your addy and ill get you a holiday card and hopefully a book mark or two as well. :)
Got your package yesterday! Thanks so much...the bears are sooo cute! I haven't sent yours out yet....I need to know what colors you like. I still need to get you some fuzzy socks!
I'm so happy you liked the bears! I'm thrilled that they'll have a happy new home : )

As for what colors I like, I tend toward black, purple, red, or blue. Once again, thank you so much for granting one of my wishes!