my wishlist

Heey everyone, happy holidays! So, my name is Gabriella, I'm 18, from Spain. (It states South America in my tags though because, in case anyone decides to send me a package of sorts, it is to be sent to my cousin's address since my mom doesn't like me to give out my own address.) Anyways, the things I've asked for are things I'm uncapable of finding/affording around here. I've recently moved in with my siblings to go to college and all my money is being employed in paying rent/tuition, so it would be really lovely if someone could give me anything from this list, and I would be forever grateful. ♥

1. Moleskine. The drawing kind with no lines, the big sized one. I've been begging for one since who knows how long but I can never find it and, when I do, it's unaffordable. It would be a great gift and, I promise, put to good use.

2. Drawing Prints. I can spend most of my days browsing through Etsy, DeviantArt and Flickr and falling in love with girly drawing prints which I know I'll never get because again, I can't afford to spend my little money on art, though my new apartment (which I share with two of my brothers so we can all pay for it) lacks decor, especially my room and I would LOVE some art to put up in my walls. Example: I Like Your Bow.

3. Stickers. I collect them, have been collecting them for years. They are pretty much unexpensive, even for mailing and it would be AWESOME to have stickers from other places in the world. Plus, it would be well taken care of and looking pretty forever if it's up to me.

4. Scrapbook/Stationary Things. They cost so much around here, it's insane (at least the ones I've found). I know lots of people from this community live in the US and since it's pretty much the country of scrapbooking, all these things aren't really expensive there. I would be ever so grateful if you could send me girly, glittery (haha) stationary and scrapbooking stuff.

5. Wonka Nerds. Or foreign candy in general (just not chocolate because it melts). It would be very much aprecciated, especially since it's not just for me, it's also for my baby boy. He's four and he's discovering the worlds of flavour so I'm trying to get him candies with unexpectable ones and those are generally not easy to find eveywhere. Just don't send those insect lollipops because, although I'm quite adventurous, I don't think even I would try that.

6. Girly Things in General. Decor, websites, lingerie (ROFL), twinkling lights, whatever. I have no money and a room to decorate from scrap that currently has a bed and an old table for my computer. Anything that can inspire me to do so or even help will be much loved.

My e-mail address is if anyone can send me ANYTHING at all from this list it would be amazing. I wouldn't wish for it if it wasn't going to be put to good use. Thank you in advance!
I've got an extra moleskine just like the one you've described. Send me an email at mshuwarger [at] gmail [dot] com with your address and what I've promised :)
I'm very happy to send you some candy from the USA and probably also some stickers. Please email me with your address... and remind me what I promised to give you. I'm sorry since I know it is sort of annoying to ask someone to do that, but it is the only way I can keep track.
Hi Gabriella! I've emailed you twice for your mailing address & I haven't heard from you.. Could you send me an email, but pls include your lj username & use the subject holiday wishes.. My email is neonrose5 at

Do terribly sorry for that, I had sent you a reply but gmail has been pretty weird lately. Sent it again, can you check if it got there now?
Gabriella! I just received your package today! I can not tell you how happy it made me. I'm sending yours out next week :}