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Hello! I've never posted here before, but here we go.

I'm Tess, 22, Iowan. This past year has been a rough one on my family, and myself. These past few weeks have been rather deteriorating, so I'm just putting all of this out there in the world.

Here's my life from my LJ. Obviously there's not a lot of tangible things out there, but just some good thoughts would be nice too.

1. A good way to deal with my emotional issues.
I've been really off kilter this year, and just want some good thoughts with that.
2. My family to settle down with my grandmother issues
Same for good thoughts. There's a lot of background to that, but yes.
3. House of the Dead for the Wii
Sometimes you just want to kill zombies...
4. New knees for my dad
More of good thoughts that his surgeries will go well. He's been unable to take time off for this for years.
5. A massage
I cannot afford one at all :\
6. Christmas Cards
I like pretty mail, ha.
7. Less pressure
Doesn't everyone? Just good thoughts.
8. A fancy coffee or two
Because some fancy drinks while killing zombies would be nice
9. Dangly earrings
Pretty self explanatory
10. Some certainty in life
Same, really.

My contact is thatchickenlady@gmail.com

Happy Holidays everyone :)
I could use a better way to deal with my emotional issues, too. I know that taking a step back from everything can help: letting things go instead of keeping a hold on whatever is bothering you. I hope you are able to overcome whatever it is that is holding you back. I hope things with your family get better, and that your dad's surgery goes well. Certainty would be nice, I know. I feel like I'm out in left field sometimes, with no idea where I'm going. Hang in there, I like to believe everything happens for a reason. You will be in my prayers. <3
Well, I'll send good thoughts your way. As for dealing with emotional issues, sometimes just talking to people can help. If you can find a random kind-hearted and non-judgmental stranger online (I'll volunteer!) or something to talk to, that can be even better sometimes, because you don't have to worry at all of word getting around or people hearing that you're talking about them.
I'd like to send you a holiday card.
Please e-mail me at itsadrixx@gmail.com with your address, name, and what I'm sending. [it's hard to stay organized =/]
When my ex and I were separating, I found that writing in a journal, as well as just talking with my minister really helped me to get things into perspective. Having someone just to bounce ideas off of really does help. I will definitely send you some good thoughts, though, because we all need good thoughts!

If you're interested in a holiday card, please drop me an email at mssymplicite at gmail dot com and I'll fire one your way. I won't be doing mine until around December 1st, so if you can wait until then, then I will gladly put a little something-something in the mail for you.

Best wishes!
i want to fufill a wish of yours can you please email a link to your wishlist and your address to janeknox01@hotmail.com

I find meditation VERY helpful, as well as taking some time (even 20 minutes) just for me each day. Take a walk, write in a journal, whatever. Just take things one at a time, and worry about what you can control and try to let go of what you can't.

I lit a candle for you tonight, sending good energy :)
drop me a pm with your addy and ill get a card in the mail.

less stress/pressure/dealing with emotions: get a pet if you are able to, in particular a dog. why? because animals help with emotional stress by listening. they will always love you and will always give you attention. they wait for you to come home and as long as you give them love and attention, they will be faithful. also, by getting a dog, it gives you a reason to get out of the house, and therefore getting out of the environment causing you stress. i wish i could get a dog, but i cant with the hours that i work and i live in an apartment. if you ever want someone to talk to, feel free to pm or add me on here. im a good listener. *huggs*