Clothing, Costumes, and other things starting with C

This is my ... third? year participating. i look forward to granting several wishes this year!

In no particular order:

1. Pretty Holiday cards, i plan to string them together and make some garlands to decorate my house. (i meant to keep them from last year.. but that didnt happen.. sigh)

2. fountain pens. any. i love love love fountain pens. My favorite hard to find cheap ones are Parker brand "Vector" but i promise to love any fountain pen i get.

3. Any Tiendaholics clothing, yes. any, they are one size fits most and if the color is too awful for me it just became sleepwear or i can dye it... or a Gift Certificate to Tiendaholics.

4. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes. I like roses and florals, and incense notes.... but i will try anything once. (i am particularly fond of the Yule "Red Roses" and "Peacock Queen" ) Obviously anything that is Neil Gaimen inspired is wonderful. if i get one and it doesn't work on me, i will re gift it. (i like to start other people's habits).

5. Rosaries. yea, i know its odd. i make them and even sell the bead and silver ones, but its still a habit of mine. And if you would like to learn to make knotted ones you can make, pray, and give away (free) go to RosaryArmy..... giving ome to ANYONE is a treat for me, just let me know!

6. Holiday Ornaments. One of these years i will have a tree! maybe even this year! in the meantime i can put them up around the house. paper ornaments are dandy.

7. Sari or Kimono. both of these fall into the category of "collectible clothing". I actually do wear both (the sari as is, and the Kimono usually as a coat/jacket...... not at the same time.) i promise you that if you send me one in wearable condition i will NOT cut it up, i only cut up the ones where they have holes or stains that don't come out!

8. Donations. Donate to a good cause and tell me about it! i especially like Charities that help people to help themselves.. Heifer International is one of my favorites, as are Doctors without Borders, Smile Train, etc.

9. Clothing for my husband. Given how hard he is to fit, that pretty much means a gift certificate to Casual Male Big and Tall but if you have good clothes in 3-5x feel free to get in touch and see if they might fit him!

10. Pet items. i have 8 cats and a dog. obviously we just dont like animals here... lol. Cat toys, brushes, or my big dream, a scratch and play tower.... or chew toys suitable for a German Shedder Shepherd Dog would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Kirsten Houseknecht
1932 E. Cambria st
Philadelphia , PA 19134
I can help with at least one of these. I am also interested in a rosary. I am in the process of joining the Catholic Church and do not have one yet
can you do me and my poor scatered brain cells a favor?
if you havent already. send me an email with "rosary" in the subject line.... and your address, and fav/not fav colors!
kirsten at fabricdragon dot com

been having trouble logging in to the mail server so you may have already done so....
Can you do me a favor and email me at with your address and remind me that I am promising you to send a holiday card and probably some fountain pens (if I possibly can)? In addition I donate to the Heifer project every year just so you know :)

Alsoooo I am pretty sure it was YOU who sent me a guitar last year. I have tried and tried to find you to thank you but for some reason i thought your username was fabricedragon and couldn't. So... thank you, very belatedly. I got it restrung and am slowly but surely progressing in learning how to play! (Also if I am talking to the wrong person right now I'm sorry... I have changed my username since last year I think so if I don't look familiar that's why).
SQUEE! my guitar person!
yup, that was me.. had to hunt all over to find a box for it, finally asked at a music store and they got one they had already cut apart and i taped it back together... lol

glad to hear about heifer. i love that charity, they do so much.

and i will email you.... my memory doesnt work so well either
i want to fufill a wish of yours can you please email a link to your wishlist and your address to

Thank you for commenting on my wishlist, and I'll definitely send you a card! I also give monthly to Diabetes UK, and Riding Lights Theatre Company, who are a Christian Theatre Company who take theatre with a spiritual heart to prisons, churches and schools ^_^
drop me a pm with your addy and ill pop a holiday card into the mail for you :)
Donations made
A Soldier friend of mine posted on his FB that the schools where he was depoyed to needed everything supply wise. So, for my christmas donation I ordered pencils, those little erasers that go on top, the little box sharpeners, and a splattering of color pencils in case they had some artists.
The 'school care box' shipped out today. :)
(oops .. I forgot to say earlier that I like amber and candy scents :D )

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Re: Donations made
Wanted to give you an update, got your package, yea! Thank you!
And the donation package to my solider friend made it the day before christmas! There are a lot of really happy kids with school supplies now. :D
Re: Donations made
if anything else was supposed to be sent, it will be mailed once the Xmas excitement dies down a bit... i once again over estimated how fast i can knit, and am behind again..
Re: Donations made
Oh no! We are good! I love what you sent. :) From the bottom of my heart, thank you soooo much!!! :)