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Seasons greetings! ♥ This is my first year participating and I couldn't be happier with this community! It simply brings everything that I love about the holiday spirit together in one warm, fuzzy bundle of joy!

Anyway, hi! I'm a freshman college student who is studying Political Science and Sociology and I recently moved back to my home country, Costa Rica. Things have been rather difficult for me, trying to adapt and whatnot, but everyday I get is a blessing nonentheless. It's the holidays that make me remember everything that I love about staying close to your family, friends, and keeping a warm open heart to everyone you meet. I had previously posted the same meme on my own account but I'd figure I would do a new one and share with you all! Please, please link me to your list if you decide to help me out and I'll most definitely do my best to help you out too!

1. A series of Shigure/Akito short drabbles from the anime Fruits Basket. This is my favorite pairing as of now and it's been kinda hard to find good stuff out there. You can work with whatever prompt comes to your head or I could go ahead and suggest some!
2. An extension for my paid account for next year. Mine is due on February and I simply just don't have the money right now to pay for one. The one I have this year was graciously bought by another friend as a birthday gift and I don't want her to do the same thing for me again.
3. Fruits Basket manga. I'm planning on buying the whole series, but it's kind of expensive to keep spending fourteen bucks every time I buy two volumes from Amazon. It's a popular series so if anyone has any volumes (preferably after vol. 8) that they're willing to give away, I'm willing to give them a home! :D (Or you could sell them to me, for a reasonable price, that is. ♥)
4. An inspirational book. The year I've spent adapting here has been filled with ups and downs and a good little short read with tons of pick-me-ups would be just what I need. I would prefer if it had to do with never giving up, keeping positive, and all that jazz.
5. A pretty new LJ layout to start out the year!
6. A writing tutor that will stick with me through thick and thin. I...used to write a lot and then stuff got in the way that made me extremely unconfident of whatever I write. I just need someone who is open minded, kind, and very very patient. I normally just write fanfiction too so original stuff is something I don't worry about.
7. Scrapbook materials. I used to make a lot of these in high school and I intend to get back to it over vacation. Any random stickers, sheets, lacy stuff, frames, or whatever would be useful! I love being crafty!
8. A positive message. We're living in hard times and it's really easy to get cynical and want to give up. But I think otherwise. I think that if you keep that positive attitude, if you choose to work hard at being happy and loving those around you even when times are bad, then you will only get rewarded in the future. You'll also do the world a heck of a favor. I'm pretty sure we all need that: hope.
9. Any crafty talent you may want to share with me, whether it be a drawing or something knitted! I love it when people do little homemade gifts.
10. How do you boost your immune system? This year I've been getting sick like none other and I'm afraid it has something to do with my defense mechanisms. I'm under a lot of stress because of school, and I kinda don't always eat my veggies so if anyone has any homemade tips to keep that body strong (especially now that it's getting much much colder) I would appreciate it!

To get in touch, you can comment here, on my journal, or PM me~! You can also reach me at aaguilarumana @ msn.com.
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10. Take Vitamin C. 1000 mg is best. I've been taking it for about 1 1/2 years now and my colds last a day, if that. I might get a stuffy/runny nose and that's it. I can't remember the last time I had a sick-for-a-week-I-need-Dayquil-and/or-Nyquil type of cold.
Vitamin C and a good multivitamin. Also try to make sure you get a reasonable amount of sleep.

Having said that, here is my patented oh-shit-I-have-an-incoming-flu-I-must-beat-it-away recipe.

Take one pair of very warm pajamas and a sweater or two, a book you really enjoyed that you've read before, a small bottle of whisky, two oranges, two lemons, a litre of water and all the blankets you own.

Slice the fruit and place it in a saucepan. Pour the whisky over the top and start heating it. You don't want it to boil but it needs to be warm.

Meanwhile, put on the clothes and arrange all the blankets on a sofa with a convenient space to place a mug. Put the book somewhere in the folds and the water nearby.

By now your fruity whisky should be hot enough. Pour it into the sort of mug you can wrap your hands around. Eat the fruit, then take your mug to your blanket-nest. Drink the whisky while it's hot and read the book.

Eventually you will fall asleep and sweat out the germs. You'll feel a bit hungover when you wake, so drink the water slowly and gently. But the flu should be gone.

Only for emergencies, this is not a cure for a little sniffle. This is the Big Guns.
Well, that's definitely worth trying! XD I'll go ahead and save the idea for emergencies-only. It sounds fun!
10- if you know what herbs you are and are not allowed to take or can talk to your doctor about it (because they are suppliments) i live by the yogi tea cold weather lines. i use the breathe deep one almost obsessively this time of year. it's the only thing that keeps my lungs open, even when my inhaler doesn't work. and lots of tea (with honey, honey's even better) in general helps to move stuff out of your lungs and keeps you hydrated- even just regular lipton.

barring that, my one old wives tale/trick that does seem to work for me is if i can tell i'm getting sick i mix hot water with as much lemon and as much honey as i can stand. honey's good for your immune system again and the lemon's a vitamin c jolt. i can't take anything for colds (i'm not supposed to anyway) so that's what i end up doing a lot of time.
I can write a couple for you for #1 if you like. ^_^

Anything you'd love/hate? Don't wanna write something you'll hate...
Wow, really?! :D That's great!

When it comes to pairings like Shigure/Akito, I feel an immense sexual tension between them, so if you don't mind writing kinkier stuff that would be great! I prefer well-written poetic porn rather than pure smut. As a general rule, I don't really like stuff like: incest or yaoi. Violence is okay, especially considering it's Shigure and Akito, as long as it's moderated. XD Also, I like descriptive stuff, usually told from the female perspective or describing the female. I just love pretty phrases! To me, women in canon are much more interesting than men.

Now, when it comes to prompts, I would love something dealing with Akito as she's growing up, considering she dealt with, ahem, womanly functions even if she was hiding her gender. It sounds awful but I love watching Shigure being cruel to Akito and having her react to it. At the same time, stuff that's post-canon, with Akito discovering her feminity even in little innocent things like trying on dresses would be lovely! I'm still getting used to this pairing, so really, I'm open to whatever comes to mind!

I..I hope that wasn't a lot. DX

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Haha Awesome! I'll see what I can come up with.

And no worries it wasn't a lot, I just wanna make sure I can write something that you'll like. ^_^
I agree with most up there about the Vitamin C. I'd also advise a Vitamin B complex because it tends to boost your energy.
I also used to get sick a lot, and this has improved my immune system:

♥ Eating Vitamin C everyday. Those tablets that dissolves in water.
♥ Eating at least one fruit everyday, because if you don't eat the real thing the body won't know what to do with the "fake" Vitamin C. (They're not fake, just not that natural. ;D)
♥ Exercise. It doesn't have to be much, once or twice a week will make your body happy!
♥ Sleep. I can't stress this enough. I'm horrible at taking the time to do it myself, but the body needs eight or nine hours of sleep a night, or the immune system weakens a bit.
♥ Drink water. It sort of "flushes away" unnecessary things and cleanses. Your body needs more than you think. :)

I hope I didn't sound too preachy, it's pretty early over here! XD

Anyway, Happy Holidays! ♥
Re: #10
Your icon...is like the prettiest thing ever. I love it.

I already bought the vitamin C, and exercise for a class in school, so I should be set for at least two of them! XD

I need sleeeeeep. That I'll make sure to put in my priorities on vacation.

THANK YOU! ♥ Happy Holidays!
I think that if you keep that positive attitude, if you choose to work hard at being happy and loving those around you even when times are bad, then you will only get rewarded in the future.

Amen! Things were going really badly for me and one day I just decided to stop thinking so negatively. Things have been great since. Well, not great, but I'm getting through everything with a smile on my face as opposed to laying in bed and crying.

Hope you are well!
Thank you!

It's true though, I mean, why cry over things you can fix...and on the other side, why cry over things you can't if you just can't? XD It's sort of funny if you think about it. A good positive attitude is what we all need to be better people!

♥ Happy Holidays!
10. Echinicea (sp?) anything. Pills like "Cold-FX"" really do work wonders! Also, anything with garlic works wonders as well. :)
So, if I many ask, what fandoms do you write in?
Anything in particular, or just whatever tickles the writing bone that day?

Oh, and by the way, you do not JUST write fanfiction. One doesn't JUST write anything, except Hallmark greeting cards. You create fanfiction. It is just as valid as anything else of the written word. You like it, you write it.

4. I'm gonna go overboard and recommend more than one in several categories

1. anything by Richard and Kris Carlson. If I had to choose one, I'd say "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's all small stuff" by Richard Carlson. I fell in love with this series when i found this book on the family shoe rack back in high school after seeing it millions of times.

2. I also reccommend anything by Deepak Chopra and I really can't choose one here, I've liked everything he's written and he has books for just about everything.

1. Bestseller: Secrets of Successful Writing by Celia Brayfield

2. 101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelists: Insider Secrets from Top Writer by Andrew McAleer and Bill Pronzini

These two are pretty good and fairly easy readers. When it comes to writing tips and inspiration. Though they're focused on fiction, they can apply to anywhere.

3. The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood
This is a different more active sort of inspiration -- it's a book that i use when i need to get myself to think about writing and actually act on it.

4... there's one more that goes in the same category as 1 & 2, but i don't remember the title. I'll email or PM you it when i go back to the library at the end of the week.