Hi, my name is Lindsey and I'm 18 years old. This is my first year participating and my first time actually on here. My roommate told me about it and then created this account. I'm a freshman at Florida State and go to just about every home game involving football, basketball, and eventually baseball.

1. Purple is my favorite color so anything purple is wonderful. Blue is good too. :)

2. My favorite animals are dolpins and dogs, specifically malteses. :)

3. I LOVE anything related to Florida State. :)

4. I love chocolate and candy: reeses, kit kats, snickers, starbursts...pretty much anything. :)

5. I LOVE Jesus! I'm a Christian and anything related to Jesus makes me happy. :)

6. The beach is probably one of my favorite places to be, so beach-related stuff excites me as well. :)

7. Tampa Bay Rays are my favorite MLB team. Evan Longoria(#3) and BJ Upton(#2) are my favorite players. :)

My address is:
Lindsey Pickern
Florida State University
PO Box 60342
Tallahassee, FL 32313
I think I could send you something :) Could you e-mail me with your contact information at leende at gmail dot com ?

Edit the post with your PO address at the bottom. People have no way of sending you things, silly.

PS- HI. ;)