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Hi! My name is Stacey, but I hate it, and I like it when people make up random nicknames for me. I'm an 18-year-old architecture student. I like chairs, nice handwriting, softy/pretty/shiny things, my younger big sister (she is five years younger but she always takes care of me), and I am learning to like hugs.

1. Yarn. I knit - a lot. I like sock yarn with subtle color changes (such as Dream in Color Smooshy or MadelineTosh Tosh Sock), puffy handspun singles (stuff like this or this or this), and really soft things. I don't like silk or acrylic that's shiny. I like basically all colors! P.S. I'm on Ravelry as skudge, so if any fellow knitters would like to friend me on there, please feel free!

2. Everyday inspirations. Photographs or descriptions of everyday occurrences, people, places, objects, events. Tell me (or show me) something small yet meaningful.

3. Lists. Any funny or interesting or pretty lists. Maybe a "Things I'd Like to Do Someday Before I Die," and include all the simple, small goals like "write a postcard" or "make someone Cheer Up pancakes." Or maybe a list in the same vein as Keri Smith's 100 Ideas. Or just any list you feel like sharing, really.

4. Words. Tell me your favorite word! A word that you LOVE because of its definition, because it means something special to you, or just because it sounds pretty. I like collecting interesting words, and I want to know what kind of words other people like.

5. A Waldorf doll. I know I'm too old for dolls like this, but I REALLY want one. Preferably a jointed one, but I'd be so happy to get one without joints too. I really like the ones that Tumbleberry Toys makes. And I would want a doll somewhere between 12 and 16 inches tall.

6. Camera. A Polaroid camera, or a Lomography camera, or any non-digital, non-disposable camera that makes pretty pictures. It can be cheap, it can be crappy, it can be used. And possibly some film would be nice too.

7. A new drop spindle. For yarn-making! I have two, a top- and a bottom-whorl; both are about 1.7 ounces, and I would like one that is lighter, maybe around 1 ounce or so. Less is okay, a teensy bit more is fine, but not TOO much heavier than one ounce. Either top or bottom whorl is fine, and it doesn't have to be fancy.

8. BPAL. I've never really used perfumey things before, but I love nice-smelling things! I like most anything that's not vanilla.

9. LJ friends. If you think we might get along okay, please friend me. I'm pretty shy, don't talk much in real life, and even online it's hard for me to comment sometimes...but I'll try my best to be a good LJ friend.

10. Continuing happiness. I've had a lot of problems with mood-related things in the past, and for the past three months I've finally felt happy - real happy, not just hysterically cheerful and out of control. I wish that I will keep being happy for a long time, because I really like feeling like I can be a normal, functioning member of society.

My address:

Stacey Hsi
5032 Forbes Avenue
SMC #4119
Pittsburgh, PA 15289

And my email address just in case: pictureshift@gmail.com

Thank you! :)
I like the word tumultuous. It sounds dramatic and romantic and stormy, and I love that!
4. I can't pick a favourite, but I really enjoy the verb "appropriate." I use it a lot and I think I like it because a little change in pronunciation changes the whole word.

In proper nouns, I've always liked Tuscarora. It sounds so loud and evocative.

How do you like Pittsburgh? My brother went to Pitt for undergrad and now I'm a student in one of their distance programs, although neither of us will probably ever live there.
It's pretty nice! It's my first time living in a real like, city, so it's been...interesting, haha. But I think I like it.
Oh, dear. I'm going to do a number of these.

For inspirations, www.givesmehope.com is amazing - one of my friends called it "The exact opposite of www.fuckmylife.com" Also, www.picturesofwalls.com

Here's a link to one of my happy lists with links to even more there. I try to, every week, make a list on Thursdays of Things I Love to inspire little bits of positivity in my life - the idea was gracefully borrowed from Gala Darling

"Vehement(ly)" and "Debauchery" are my favorite words. I feel like they describe me and my life very well. ;]

And Darling, if it isn't too much, I'm adding you as a friend.
Your wishlist fills me to the brim with love. I am putting a little something in the mail for you today. In the letter, I meant to include a link to my Mission 101 list but I forgot, so I will just link you to it here:


Happy Holidays!
my #2 are a couple of quotes, i find them incredibly inspiring, i hope you like them :)

"the first question i ask myself when something doesn't seem to be beautiful is why do i think it's not beautiful. and very shortly you discover that there is no reason."
~ john cage.
"it’s just lovely finding the most ordinary of things, because i think within ordinariness there is beauty. things don’t need to be extraordinary to be beautiful, there is a deep beauty within ordinariness and plainness and a lack of desire for rich and sparkliness."
~ billy connolly.
Before I knew what it was/meant, I thought Clamydia was the most awesome word. I wanted to name my daughter that... Ahem. Yeahhhh.

In any case, I like the word soliloquy. Reminds me of my time in theatre and also... a pretty word for talking to ones own self.

And I had a list before I was about to comment, then my fiancee whined in pain... Now I've forgotten it. Sorry. I'll try to think of it again. xD
Haha, yeah, it sounds pretty but... XD And I like the word soliloquy too.
#3 - I have a list of "Things I Want to Do Before I Die" in my userinfo, if you would like to read through it.
#9 - I'm going to add you to my LJ friends. :]
And I'm wish you the best of luck with #10!
I like your list. It's much more interesting than all the people who say stuff like "SAVE LIVES" or "BECOME THE PRESIDENT."

And I added you back. :)
I love words, too. ♥ One of my favorites is psithurism - the sound of wind whispering through the trees.
!!!! Thank you so much! I'd never heard of that site, but I've a feeling I'm going to love it. :) I made an account and added you.
I've been participating in mission101, which is an ongoing mission to do 101 Things in 1,001 Days. You'll find a lot of really interesting lists there. I like it because you get to learn a lot of things about people from their lists. :)

My own list can be found here.

I really wish you continuing happiness! :)
I made one of those lists once, but then I realized I'm not really the type to do concrete long-term planning, so I gave up on my list. I so admire people who actually can achieve the things on their 101 Things lists though! :)
Hm ... I see at least one of these I can do ... but it will have to be a surprise. :)

For the record, I don't buy/send/give anything holiday-related until after Thanksgiving. But expect something ... at some point after that. :)
I really have always had a fondness for the word tangible since I was in fifth grade and I thought I made it up, but then I found out it was real! I also like juxtaposition, for its meaning and spelling, and susurrus, for its sound. I am going to work on one of your other wishes also, to see what I can do.