Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree! :)

Hello, everyone! This is my second year doing holiday_wishes and I'm glad to be back! I'm hoping I can grant a lot more wishes this year, especially since I'm starting earlier than I did in 2008. :)

To (re)introduce myself: My name is Trisha and I am a recent college graduate from the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor's degree in History. I've recently relocated back to New Jersey and am trying to get on my feet. I'm currently working Part-Time at Wal Mart and am working on getting my teacher's certification. :)

And now, my Wish List:

1.) This year has been a rough one for my family. We've experienced some turmoil caused by betrayal and mistakes within the family, and it has really torn us apart. It's been really difficult on ALL of us, especially since I've been trying to remain neutral. Therefore, my biggest wish are prayers and good vibes directed towards my family. I really would like them to be reunited, especially this time of year.

2.) Gift Cards: Starbucks, iTunes, and Wal Mart.

3.) A Paid Account on Live Journal.

4.) Christmas cards. It always makes me so happy to display all the Christmas cards my friends send me! :) I am Catholic, so I don't mind receiving religious-based cards, but appreciate secular cards as well!

5.) Season Tickets to the Philadelphia Phillies. Baseball is my absolutely FAVORITE sport, and I am a HUGE supporter of the Phillies! Unfortunately, this year I was only able to attend one game (I spent the majority of Baseball season in San Francisco) and am unable to afford tickets for the entire 2010 season. I know it's unlikely that anyone else could afford them either, but it would be so exciting to go to every game! =D

6.) Hats. I LOVE hats, especially knit ones.

7.) Jewelery from I LOVE everything here, but unfortunately can rarely justify spending money on anything from this website when I have so many bills to pay. :(

8.) New Live Journal friends! I've recently gotten back into the swing of updating my Live Journal, and would love new people to share their comments/opinions with. If you think we'd have something in common, please feel free to add me!

9.) A Full-Time Job. It's extremely disappointing to have graduated from college and be working at Wal Mart. I would love to start teaching, and am in the process of getting my Teacher's Certification, but it's going to take a while before I can obtain a job. D: If you know of any jobs in the Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia area, I'd love to hear about them. I have ample experience in all types of fields: I've worked in retail, as a Secretary/Desk Clerk, Camp Counselor, Library Assistant.

10.) Knitting Supplies. I've recently decided to teach myself to knit, so any extra supplies that you may have would really come in handy! :)

If you feel like you can grant any of these wishes, thank you so much! My Addy is:

478 East Sherman Avenue
Vineland, NJ 08360

Thanks so much to everyone! I hope you all have a VERY happy holiday season!
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I'd LOVE to be LJ friends! I've been looking for the same also. Looks like we have quite a bit in common as well! I love knowing new people!
May I add? :)
6, 9 & 10
I myself am an avid knitter, and I would love to send you a hat! Do you have a favorite color(s), or should I just surprise you?

Also, in regards to both knitting and jobs:

I got my current job as a library page by volunteering at another library, which, get this, I got into because I attended a knitting group there! Lots of libraries have knitting groups, and volunteering is a great way to keep your hand in, learn new skills, and show prospective employers that you're a hard worker. School libraries, church youth groups, boys and girls groups, they almost always could use more help, and you might just luck into a job!
Re: 6, 9 & 10
Ah, thanks so much! I wear a lot of darker colors. Green would be nice. ^.^

Thanks for the advice. I spend a lot of time in my local libraries, so the next time I'll in there, I'll inquire about knitting and other groups. I would LOVE to work as a Library Assistant, especially since I've done it before, so I've always got my eyes peeled.

P.S. Do you have your list up yet? If yet, could you link me to it? I'd love to try and grant one of your wishes. :)

Re: 6, 9 & 10
Working at libraries is great - mmm, books! And yes, my list is up here.

I'll get started on your hat right away!
drop me a pm with your addy and ill add you to my list

feel free to add me if youd like another friend
Thanks so much! I'm happy to report that my family seems to be mending a bit. Things are still a little tense when we're all together, but for the most part we're all talking again. :)
While I can't help with the season tickets (and believe me, I know how you feel!) I do have an EXTENSIVE collection of Phillies icons/graphics, and am always making more.

Feel free to browse my icons and snag whatever you'd like. Credit is nice, but I don't require it, or if you'd like me to make you something I'd be more than willing. I especially enjoy making wallpapers. Just let me know your operating system, and the resolution of your screen, and if you'd like a specific player or not! :D
Oh, thanks SO much! I've been wanting Phillies icons, so I'll check yours out (and I'll definitely give you credit).

Also, if you could make me a Cliff Lee wallpaper, I would LOVE you forever! LOL. My screen resolution is 1280 x 800. I use Windows Vista, but will be upgrading to Windows 7 very soon.

Could you put something like UNBELEEVABLE, with the "LEE" portion in blue, and the rest in red?

Thanks so much! Cliff Lee is my absolute FAVORITE player! ♥ How about you? It's so nice to find other Phillies phans! :P
I'll get on it as soon as I finish sorting through my facebook!

My all time favorite Phil will always be Mike Lieberthal. Even after he went to the enemy and then retired.

For the current team, I can't pick just one. I love them all. <3