Hi, I'm Robin. I'm a mom to one boy, and lots of animals! My email is if you need to get my address. Here's my list.

1. Donate to a no kill or GOOD animal shelter (ours here sucks). This is ALWAYS, ALWAYS my number one wish. Too many animals get killed every year simply because the shelters have no where to house them, feed them, etc. Some suggestions are...

North Shore Animal League:

Site with shelters by state you can donate to:

2. Cat or Hamster/Gerbil toys, treats, food. My babies love getting things in the mail. Especially the cats with their catnip. LOL

3. Anything off my Amazon list. Used is TOTALLY FINE. I believe the link to my list is

4. Anything True Blood. Or Eric.

5. Bath and body stuff.

6. Incense. I love good incense.

7. A house. Of my own that I own and do not pay rent on. Yeah, not holding my breath on that one.
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