Yay for Holiday Wishes!!

I'm so very excited that the community is once again in full swing. I first participated a few years ago after being introduced by a dear friend. Last year I was unable to participate due to a crummy life situation that involved me relocating back to Canada and ending my short-lived marriage.
I've been pretty down in the dumps this past year, but this community is the perfect pick me up. Recently I've made some big life changes and am on the path to make a few more. I'm losing weight, becoming much healthier and so very much happier with the state of things going on in my world. Being part of this community and sharing and spreading around some cheer does wonders for the soul.
I was lucky enough to be able to grant a couple of big wishes for people in the past, and I hope to run across someone else I might be able to spread some joy to.

So, here's my wishlist I guess..

-Flower seed packets - Nothing brings me more joy than a delicate splash of colour from a beautiful flower. To know that I helped it to grow into the plant that it is makes it even more special. I love gardens and flowers and plants and growing. Any flower, any colour... The world needs a little more sunshine and flowers these days.

-chopsticks - I collect these, and had a wonderful collection at one point but alas, no more. My most favourite pair that I had, I received from a previous wish two years ago from a gracious merrymaker in Hawaii (thanks again mypetconcubine)- they were metal, and so very awesome. Cases, or the little holders to put on my placemats are welcome as well.... anything to help me flush out a collection again.

-TimTams - TimTams are LOVE. I was introduced to them a number of years ago by a good friend, and I'm so in love with these wonderful biscuits. Being in Canada though - makes them hard to come by. I know of one store I can sometimes find the original ones at...and I buy them out if they're ever there, but it's the awesome DoubleCoat or different flavoured 'LovePotion' ones I crave. I was in Australia last fall and that's pretty much all I returned home with were all the different varieties I could find. :) Thank you Aussies for making the best cookie EVER.

-Crafty bits - Fabric, Beads, jewelery findings, notions, yarn, wool, scrapbooking materials, sewing patterns.
I'm a crafty girl through and through and love making my own jewelry, accessories, costumes, clothing and whatnot. I have a work room that's beginning to see some production and I'd love new-to-me things to spark some inspiration.

-My outlandish wish -- Special Edition Beatles Rockband for the 360 (with the instruments)-- I love love LOVE all the music genre games that are out now, and I've been wishing for this since I first heard of its production.
Used/Loved xbox360 games to beef up my catalogue would be cool though. The 'Lips' karaoke games...or older used games like Fable or Fable2, CivRevolutions, Any Lord of the Rings games, Oblivion... I'm a big strategy/RTS or sim type game fan. Also a good RPG will always win a few hours of my daytime. Or how about xbox live friends -- maggycheeks is my gamertag. Let's play some Rockband together!

-Christmas Ornaments - I have a beautiful pre-lit faux tree that has yet to see the light of day. This year, I'm finally in a place where I can enjoy decorating and having a nice (but small) joyous christmas hopefully with family. After losing my box of childhood ornaments during a move, I'd like to start rebuilding that collection. Any ornament at all is welcome, beit handmade (they're the greatest), hand-me-down or otherwise. I don't have a theme or colour preference and if there's a story behind a specific ornament, all the better.

-Tai Chi instructional dvd - I'm on a life-changing journey this year with pretty big health goals. Tai chi is one of the activities I'd really like to become quite serious about. I have hopes of joining the Taoist Tai Chi Society and taking classes with them, but until then, I'd love to be able to do this in the comfort of my home. Tai Chi is a wonderful stress reliever, a great way to sort out a troubled mind, and gets those muscles moving.

-Television on DVD - Project Runway, The Big Bang Theory, The Tudors, Veronica Mars, Smallville (though not Season2), HouseMD, Trailer Park Boys, The Venture Bros, Weeds, Coupling (UK), The Office (UK)... I don't generally watch television while it's airing, and much prefer the commercial-less-ness of dvds. These are a few of the titles that I missed out on during our 'splitting of assets'... that, and I'd love to own these one day.

-Gordon Ramsay's cookbooks, dvds, recipes.. anything by this man. It's a bit of a dream of mine to eat at one of his restaurants one day.. I'd give just about anything to have him tell me I make a terrible risotto in his oh-so-special way. :)

-Pirate-y/Nautical stuff... I like pirates. 'nuf said. :) I kinda wanna be one.. maybe this is the career change I need...

If you're able to grant any of these wishes, my gratitude and appreciation explodes in your direction.
I'll be keeping an eye on the lists over the upcoming weeks and hope to be granting as many as I'm capable of.

My email address is - lyn.sigurdson@gmail.com
Leave me a comment with a contact email and I'll send you my address.

Happy Holidays everyone, and don't forget to smile at someone everyday.
Making the world a friendlier place - one smile at a time.
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Hi there!

I live in China, so chopsticks are in high supply. Drop me an email, and I'll try and get some sent to you.

(chianarose at gmail dot com)
Hello! I would like to send you something, if you don't mind giving your shipping info.

[fine.lights at Gmail]
Can we be Rockband friends? :D

My xbox is on loan to my brother (his died, and I'm being the good sister) but as soon as I get it back I'll add you! I'm Panda Check!