Here I am, a bit late to the party.

My name is Tracey and this is my fourth year participating in this community. This year has not been the best, I'm afraid. The biggest pitfall was the dissolution of my ten-month engagement over the summer. I am hoping that this comm will provide a little merriment in my life as the rest of this holiday season will be a bit of a downer. Sadly, because I spent so much of my funds (and non-funds, a.k.a. credit cards) on the farce, um, wedding, Christmas is going to be very slim this year. I'm perusing everyone's lists and I'll do what I can, but I don't think it will be my usual list of 100+ names.

So here goes. Just going for my usual this year.

1) Holiday Cards. I won't be doing my traditional Wall of Cards as last year's Wall kind of destroyed my rented living room wall. Who knew Scotch tape could do that much damage? I will have to find other means to display them, but I love receiving mail other than bills and I don't get non-sucky mail very often.

2) Donate money or time to your favorite charity or drop some change in the ol' Salvation Army bucket. This is something that I'm still doing this year, despite my personal economic crisis. My charities of choice, besides the Salvation Army, are Children International, North Shore Animal League America and Help Hospitalized Veterans (they donate craft kits to hospitalized veterans during holidays throughout the year and they have a special winter craft kit drive).

Slight edit to add in my e-mail addy. It's Happy Holidays!
Fancy meeting you here! ;)

Yeah I have some scotch tape damage myself on my walls. Oh well. It's still worth it. :)

Drop me an email at webmaster(at) (or comment on the entry in my LJ asking for addresses) with your addy and I'll be sure to get you on my card list. I'm sure I have it somewhere but the odds of finding it are slim. *chuckles*
Hello, Tracey. :o)

I'm still deciding whether I am going to participate in this years' holiday wishes (trying to muster up some holiday spirit, but it is slow going), but I spotted your entry and I would be happy to send you a card. I have tons left over from previous years.
I'd be happy to send you a card. Just send your address and a reminder of what I promised to auralily2000 at
I'd love to send a card =)
Just email me with your username somewhere included -- sekacamamwishes AT gmail . com
Not a wish you asked for
but I have become incredibly proficient at producing nice-looking gifts for little or no money, so if you care to drop me a PM and tell me the people you're looking to give gifts to I'll try and make suggestions if you want?

I'm sorry about your engagement.
I'll send you a card too! I'll email you for the address right now :)