Merry Christmahanakwanzikule!

Okay, so this is my first year here - you can thank stringdancegirl for pointing me over this-a-way. :) Y'all seem pretty nice and I hope everyone gets their share of warm fuzzies. I'm gonna get my lemming on and do a little intro now. 28 & living in south central Massachusetts with my dog Charlie and a roommate. I'm an overnight supervisor at a youth residential program and when I'm not catching up on sleep I'm plugged into the internet or a DVD. (I need to get out more - lol!)

Let me show you my wishes, my wishes, let me show you them...

1) Cards/Postcards/Letters I ♥ getting snail mail that I can tuck into my memory box! (plus anything that isn't a bill is always awesomesauce!)

2) Anything from My Amazon Wishlist - used is cool!

3) Fanart I wrote an adult rated dark!fic in the Harry Potter fandom and there is one scene that I would love to see drawn out. PM or email me for more info.

4) Music I love discovering new music! Check out my profile for ideas if you like. MP3 cd, "regular" cd or just a list of artists/songs. :)

5) A Bento Box I need to start bringing my lunch to work! I'm not looking for anything huge or expensive and I would prefer something that isn't covered with hello kitty or millions of flowers but I do need chopsticks. example

6) Donations My local animal rescue of choice is PittieLove Rescue (I couldn't get their website to load so I went with their FB page. You can donate to them through the program!) Charlie heartily endorses these guys! I am also a fan of The ASPCA The Human Rights Campaign Amnesty International and Earthshare. And of course there is Wayside Youth & Family Support Network - not that I work there or anything...

7) Pay it Forward Do something nice for someone. Ask them to do something nice for someone else. Repeat.

8) Thank a Soldier I request this as a granddaughter of a sailor and the sister of an soldier. I'm not asking you to thank them for fighting a war you might night agree with; I'm asking you to thank them for being willing to defend your life and rights with their lives. And hey - nobody is making you do this. ;)

9) Zoë Wannamaker, Mary McDonnell, Marg Helgenberger, Alan Rickman or Patrick Stewart. Hey, a girl can dream can't she??

10) Surprise me! :D

Oh yeah - my email would be helpful, huh? tattooedsappho @ gmail dot com
I need your address :) MissSims82 AT gmail DOT com

Please put your username in the subject
Ack! I just noticed I forgot to include that lil bit of information! ::facepalm::
tattooedsappho @ gmail dot com
Email me with your address & LJ username so I can send you something =)

sekacamamwishes AT gmail DOT com
Please email/PM me your snail mail address!

littlewitch34 at hotmail dot com. Put "Holiday Wishes" in the subject line or something like that! I have a filter so those won't go in my junk mail!
If you'll drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com, I'll send a card. Put "Holiday Wishes: Card" in the Subject and your addy in the body, if you would!
Will send a card

Please send me an PM (message) with Holiday Wishes in the subject line and please also put in the email what I promised you.

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1. drop me a pm and ill add you to the list :)

3. im not good at fanart, but if you want a good harry potter fan fic to read, let me know and ill get you a link.

5. im not in a position to send you a bento box, but one that you could buy, thats a plain one, and affordable, is a lock-n-lock box. it locks on all 4 sides and is leak proof. i found them at jcpennys and sometimes at target. they are able to go in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer. they also come in various sizes.

If you like Rob Zombie and NIN, you'll probably like what I'm sending you via email.

Have a joyous holiday season!
I can send you a card! Emailing you now.

And I am not the greatest artist in the world, but I can occasionally put something together. Send me a link to the fic and what you want illustrated when you send me your address and I'll give it a shot. ;D