My Wishlist 2009

Hey! So I stumbled across this community last year when it was just about over so I decided to join this year to hopefully fullfil some wishes and give my own wishlist.

1. Donate to the World Partnership Walk
It's something I'm personally involved with and I think it's an amazing cause.

2. My biggest personal wish: A Guitar.
My whole family is musical except me and I've wanted to learn how to play guitar for ages but I've never had enough money for one. At all of our family gatherings my uncles and aunts and cousins always play the guitar and have sing alongs- I've always wanted to be apart of that.

3. Books
Gift card to Chapters/Amazon Or
You can checkout my amazon wishlist Or
Unused or used books on:
Photography/design (mainly graphic design)/sustainable living/books on wisdom and happiness/ fictional/ non-fictional/recipes etc...

4. Mail:
Letters/postcards/christmas cards/holiday cards/artwork/photographs etc...I Love getting mail! I'd especially like a Penpal who wants to write paper letters! I've been wanting a penpal for ages now and I would love to have a penpal or 10! I love writing to people around the world. I can speak french as well!

5. Emails of Inspiration + Happiness
I go through periods of sadness and loneliness and what really makes me happy is recieving emails! Letters, stories, pictures, recipes, drawings, photographs, anything on your mind!

6. Your travels
This past summer I went backpacking across Europe and it was such an amazing experience! I would love to hear your travel stories/see your travel pictures or anything to do with your travels- postcards/souvenirs- anything!

7. My amazon wishlist:

8. Girly things!
I have been single for a year now and it's getting me down a bit so I want to feel extra girly and pretty lately. Anything like jewelry, makeup(sephora gift card), cute things, pretty things- anything!

9. Do something nice for a stranger and tell me about it
I would love to hear your compassion stories! I try to go out of my way a lot to make others feel happy and appreciated and I know it can make a big difference in their lives!

10. Surprise me! I am grateful for everything!

You can e-mail me at:
kerimullin (AT) hotmail (DOT) com


Keri Mullin
508 St. Jean Blvd. Apt. #1
Pointe Claire, Quebec
H9R 3J6

And one final note- when responding, you can leave me your addy if you want a card from me. :)
Nice things for strangers...
I'm taking 22 parcels of varying sizes to the post office today, if that counts?

I also used to give my lunch to a homeless guy who sat outside the hospital I worked at. He seemed to appreciate it, although one day he told me that I was too skinny and should eat my own lunch or make two. I used a cookie cutter to make a big bite shape out of my sandwich the next day...
Re: Nice things for strangers...
Definitely counts! Thanks for sharing- that is really nice of you! :D
I don't have a tale of kindness to a stranger at the moment, but kindness from one. Last year, I backed into someone's BMW in a parking lot and my insurance went through the roof because of it. Needless to say, I am now very anxious behind the wheel, especially in parking lots. Last month, while trying very carefully to back out of a spot next to an awkwardly parked car, I dinged the SUV on the other side of me. I pulled back in the spot, and I could have died while writing out my information to leave on the car to let them know that I hit them. As luck would have it, the driver, his wife and children came out of the nearby pizza joint as I was writing. He saw me, asked what happened,and came over to inspect the damage. He looked at my car and saw the three car seats lined up in the back seat (I have a three year old boy and twin infant girls). Hands shaking, I handed him my information and apologized profusely. He looked at me, looked at the kids in the back, and handed the paper back to me.

"You have more important things to worry about than paying for my car. It's just a scratch. Have a nice night."

I was barely able to whisper a "thank you" before he got in his car and left with his family. I got in my car and promptly burst into tears.

Now, I find myself looking for ways to be more patient and forgiving, both with my family and with strangers. You never know who's just this side of having the worst day ever and needs a little forgiveness.

I'd like to send you a card if I can get your address. My email address is or you can just send me a message on Livejournal.
I can do 4, 5 and 8 for you! ^_^

Can you please send me your address at saku-rose (AT) hotmail (DOT) com with a note of what I promised!
I'll send a card. Drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Card" in the subject and your addy in the body.
3. do you like harry potter? do you mind reading things online? if you dont, then i have a good series to send to you. just let me know.

4. drop me a pm with your addy and ill put you on my list.

5. sign up for daily emails from

6. when i go traveling, i post stuff on my journal. feel free to add me.

you said something about liking photos. check mine out at enjoy!
Thanks everyone! I think I've replied to everyone! I have one final note- leave me your address as well and I'll send you a card! :D