It's startin to feel a lot like Christmas . . .


I absolutely adore this community! I must confess, that I have not been as active the past two years as I was the two years before that . . . but things are gonna be different in 2009. I got my stash of Christmas cards out yesterday, I've been making ornaments for friends, and as soon as I get the puzzle that I just finished off of my dining room table (gluing it and framing it to hang on the bedroom wall), the decorating shall begin! I'm 26, living in Altamonte Springs, Florida (just outside of Orlando), work in retail (since I was 15) and no, it has not changed my holiday spirit. Christmas is my absolute favorite day of the year! I love giving to others (which is why I volunteer and donate year round but that's another story for another day). And with that, here's my list!

1. Christmas cards and/or post cards from your hometown or favorite place! I love snail mail as much as the next person. I love to travel but don't have the money for it, so post cards allow me to see the world with just a short walk to the mailbox. And who doesn't love Christmas cards?!

2. Foreign currency. This goes back to the lack of funds for traveling. I ask for this every year and love it! Money makes people greedy, but money itself is a beautiful thing. Being able to see the different styles, designs, and colors of currency of countries aside from the United States . . . it's just amazing.

3. Be there for a friend! A friend of mine committed suicide this year. He was always the one to make others smile and laugh. Always there for others when they were down. Always the jokester. Always happy...or so we thought. The thought of him being in so much pain, and not feeling that he could call on anybody to help him through whatever it was he was going through. . . that hurts. So make sure your friends know that you are there for them no matter what. (Likewise, if YOU are the one in that kind of pain, SEEK HELP! Please do not burden your loved ones with the feeling that they were helpless. Call a friend, call a hotline, email me-I'll listen!)

4. Thank a Veteran. They do so much and sacrifice so much for the rest of us, and they don't hear that simple thank you nearly often enough! They risk their health, families, and LIVES to cover us with a sweet blanket of freedom, the least all of us can do is thank them.

5. Christmas ornaments. I have a fair amount of ornaments at the moment, but would love to fill my tree with ornaments from other people, and pass on the ones that I have now that I made. Bonus points if you or your child made the ornament! (I'm a sucker for hand made anything. Knowing that someone took their time and energy to make something by hand for me, that just gets me every time!)

6. Music! I'm a music junkie! Suggest your favorite artist/band, make me a mixed cd, send me an audio file, just give me new-to-me music! I will give ANYTHING a try, but seeing as how I prefer to be able to understand a minimum of every 3rd word of a song, I'm really not that big on hardcore rap or metal. And I am very much a supporter of local music!!!

7. Hug your mom (or someone who is like a mom to you). My mom is my best friend in the world. We both call Florida home, but she and my step dad work out of state. I see her twice, maybe three times a year if we're lucky. I miss her like crazy. We talk on the phone daily, send multiple emails daily, but it's not the same. I love her more than life if you have the chance, HUG YOUR MAMA! (Yes, my name is Melissa, and I'm a great big grown up Mama's girl!)

8. Start a food drive. Millions of people go hungry every day. This is occuring world wide, including in YOUR BACK YARD. It doesn't matter if one person or a hundred people participate...just start a food drive. If every person in the world that was able to, donated one can of food tomorrow, imagine what a difference it would make. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes just one person to feed that child.

9. I just recently found out about this sanctuary from a friend. I have a natural and undying love for big cats, particularly white tigers. This place is about an hour and a half from where I live. I would love to visit and take a tour and hope to one day be able to sponsor a tiger.

10. The chance to fulfill your wish. If you are able to grant any of my wishes, please please please, link me to your wishlist so I can at least try to return the act of kindness!

I hope everyone has a safe, happy, fun filled holiday season. Be kind and courteous to others!

Comment or email me MissSims82 AT gmail DOT com for my address.
I'd be happy to send you a card and a mix CD. I also have a few coins left over from a trip to London if you'd be interested in those as well. Just send your address and a reminder of what I promised to auralily2000 at

Also, since you asked my wishlist is here
I donate to that rescue all the time... they are WONDERFUL.. I will do so again this season :)

I also just sent you an e-mail ;)
6. FOZZY! Yes, They ARE metal, but it's actually audible metal. If you're familiar with WWE at all (or even the one-season-wonder Celebrity Duets) Chris Jericho fronts the band. Here's a link to the first single off their new album, Chasing The Grail.
Metal itself is fantastic! It's the hardcore metal that I can't understand.

:) Thanks for the link!
I might be able to handle some of these. :-D

Although... I'm not sure you want anymore of my musical suggestions. LoL.
Please message me a postal address for you. I have some coins from Vanautu and New Caledonia, Australia and maybe even Japan I could send you. (remind me in the message what I offered to send - Im fluttering around granting a few holiday wishes and don't want to get muddled up and send the wrong thing to the wrong person!)

I have not written my wish list yet
Please send me your address to! Oh and include your username!!
And a link to your wishlist again!!

My list is tagged under usernames starting with "f"!
I'll totally send you a card. And once I get my music in order I can send you a zip file of some music.

I always do 3 and 7! ^_^

Can you email me your address as saku-rose (AT) hotmail (DOT) com with a note of what I promised.
3,4, & 7 I do as often as possible, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving and seeing my mom again.. Mom's are the best and you can't hug them enough!
I'll send a card. Drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Postcard" in the Subject and your addy in the body.
For music, I have two suggestions. One is my all time favorite band, Freezepop. Depending on if you play guitar hero or rock band, you may have heard their music. If not, they are a synthpop group out of Boston.

Number two would be a local band from St. Paul/Minneapolis MN. They are known as A Whisper in the Noise. I own their first album and have had a hell of a time finding their next two, but they are amazing. All the stringed instruments you hear in the background are really played. Last time I checked they had something like 16 members.

You can find them both on, myspace I believe, and possibly a few other places.
I would love to send you a holiday card! If you would like to exchange, email me at :)

4 and 7 I can grant easily. I hug and kiss my Mom all the time :)
I'd be happy to exchange cards with you! I love postcards for the same reason that you mentioned. Also, I can send you Philippine pesos if you don't have that. Please email me your address at chachic15 [at] yahoo [dot] com with the subject "Holiday Wishes 09" :)

Also, since you asked, here's my list.