Happy Holidays!

Hello, everyone :)

I am a 16-year-old girl who lives in Eastern Australia, this is my second year participating in holiday_wishes, and I am very excited. This community rather brings back the wonder I felt as a little kid on Christmas Eve, haha. Cookies and milk, anyone? ;P

Any who, I just want to wish a Happy Holidays to you all, and, without further ado, here be me list:

1. Secondhand or new drawing tablet – especially so that I can try my hand at creating a webcomic. I have wanted to do this ever since I first read Questionable Content.

2. Any secondhand fiction novels you may want to get rid of. I am always in need of something to read, so it would be nice to have some there at the ready. It does not bother me what genre, since I would love to broaden my reading horizons. Although, here is a link to a list of novels I want to read just in case someone may want something more specific (the novel titles with strikes through them are what I have already read).

3. A pen pal – I would prefer to communicate through letter rather than e-mail just because I feel that it is more personal, since there is more character in a letter, if that makes any sense.

4. 60-Day Pre-Paid Game Card for World of Warcraft – I have not been able to play this game for nearly a year now because we have been short on money for a while, so it would make me super happy to be able to play it again. =)

5. Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors – I was meant to get this for my birthday this year but, yet again, my mum did not have the money so I did not get it, unfortunately. I love Jhonen Vasquez. I am a big fan of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and I really want to read more of his stuff.

6. Anything Japanese – It would be awesome to have a little collection of things that are Japanese because I am in love with Japan. Therefore, when I mean anything, I truly mean anything. It could be candy, small toys, jewelry, anything kawaii, a recipe book, et cetera.

7. Knick-knacks from other countries – I want to travel the world someday but I am not sure when that dream will become a reality, so I guess interesting items from other cultures will temporarily quench my desire somewhat until I actually can travel the world.

8. A link to your favourite webcomic – Out of the ones I have read, which are not many, I have liked Questionable Content, Girls with Slingshots, and DAR. It would be nice to have more reading material when I get bored. ;] -- (Thanks

rubbished_chico , didu , munanna , artemishi , dakotawitch , st_aurafina , and dpadoftao)

9. For the transition process from high school to college (college is year’s 11 and 12, since where I live high school only goes up to year 10) to go well next year.

10. Surprise me! I am not sure if these wishes ever are granted but I will take my chances. x] You may want to send a compilation CD of your favourite music, a picture of an interesting place in your hometown, or anything really. It is up to you. =)

Feel free to contact me on here, or at tragic.kingdom.xx@hotmail.com, if you would like to receive my address or even if you would like to chat.

Thank you for reading my wish list, and now I am off to read others to see if I can spread the cheer and grant some wishes. ^___^

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Ah, yes, I have read a couple of strips of Cyanide and Happiness before and thought they were hilarious. I kind of forgot about it, though, so thanks for bringing this to my attention again. :D

Happy Holidays!
Please message me your postal address, I will help grant wish number 6. I went to Japan earlier this year, it was awesome, I too am in love with Japan. Happy to share the love.
Re: #8
Haha, those are some really great comics, I am especially enjoying Friendly Hostility.

Thank you and Happy Holidays. :D
For number 8:

Check out beatonna's journal - she makes the funniest comics ever! Happy Holidays! ♥
Man, those comics are hilarious! I love her type of humour. xD

Thanks for that, I appreciate the link, and Happy Holidays to you too! :)
Wowzer! Thank you for all those links. I have read some of them and they look good. I do not think I will be running out of reading material anytime soon, which is great. x]

Thanks again, and Happy Holidays. ^__^
Webcomics! These are two I love:

Freak Angels is awesome post-apocalyptic steampunk drama by Warren Ellis. Fairly dark, but the art (by Paul Duffield) is gorgeous.

Digger by Ursula Vernon is the story of a dimensionally misplaced wombat. It's beautiful, mythological storytelling. With vampire squash.
From the little bit of Freak Angles I have read so far, I can tell it is indeed going to be awesome. I love steampunk and post-apocalyptic stories, so I am already hooked. :D

Digger looks like it will be a cool but crazy read, so I am looking forward to reading that too.

Thank you very much for those two webcomic links. Happy Holidays! ^__^
Hmm... I may have some novels you might like... What do you think of Twilight and Isaac Asimov?
I have wanted to read Twilight for a while now to find out why it is so popular, and I have never heard of Isaac Asimov, so I would be extremely interested to read something unknown to me.

In short, I would be interested in reading works from both of those authors. :)
I'd like to send you a letter if you email your address to apeystar@gmail.com :D
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received your letter yesterday. =) Thank you! I started writing my reply today and I hopefully will finish it tomorrow, so you should recieve a letter from me some time soon.
I have an old drawing tablet you can havem but I haven't any software for it (and it's not big like the new ones, it's a few years old but I used it like ... twice?).

My only request is if you don't like it/it's too small, pass it onto someone else in need!

Email me your address if you want it glassesofjustice@gmail.com and include a link to your wishlist so I remember :P
I just wanted to double check that I had sent a reply to this comment via e-mail. If not, I apologize, and will send one A.S.A.P.
Hey. I don't think you did. Or if you did it went to my spam folder.

Ah, just checked and yeh it went into my spam, sorry!!

It's a Wacom CTE-430 and it's been used like, twice, so I'll post it out to you tomorrow. Oh, I have NO idea where the drivers disc is, but they shouldn't be too hard to find online.

Glad it;s going to a good home, I always feel guilty having it and not using it lol