I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams....

Some important background this year:</b> My lead-up and in this year gets to exist for once. Hi. I may know you or not when you find this list, but the general background of my life this Christmas is that I am a girl from Texas, currently living in South Korea on a fourteen month contract teaching pre-schoolers English.

I'm on the opposite side of the world from my family and friends for Christmas this year, for the first time ever. Currently planless for all the days after Christmas Eve when I stop working, except for sitting in my little apartment waiting for school to start again in early January.

Christmas is a huge thing to me. Huge. I decorate my whole house. When I was little there were family Christmas's, when I was older I gathered all the friends who didn't have anyone in the city or etc for the Christmas Eve and Christmas and we did cookies and fun that night, and stockings and breakfast with presents in the morning. And here I am on the other side of the world, away from all of them and all my holiday patterns, traditions, shows, culture.

In a lot of ways, I'm already nervous about it. This holiday, for me, has so much to do with being surrounded by family and friends and giving thanks for them. And that is something that cannot come to me, the way I'm wishing for it then and now, at ten months, in either an e-mail, a post card or a box. But I can't see this as a reason to curl up an cry, so I’m for being proactive. I'm putting myself out there into the grace of other hands already and taking gratefully what the universe will send my way.

My Yuletide List

1. My family's most original tradition's during this time is the Christmas Mouse (who brings you new pjs and slippers on Christmas Eve) and a recipe for an amazing Cranberry Orange Bread. Pass down a tradition or recipe that is a hallmark in your family to me this year; either as making me apart of it or simply telling me about it.

2. I truly love getting Christmas cards in the every year. This more even more than most, and thus this would be a really lovely thing this year. I've grown to love mail time and I would love to hear from my loved ones and from anyone who happens to run across this. And I could toss them up all over my walls in my tiny apartment. Just some kind of warm, wishful thing. It could even be just a copied lines of quote or poetry or movie or a secret. Anything. I would truly, deeply love this.

3. Anything from my Amazon Wish list would be really cool. I'm still on the hunt for getting all 2-disc sets of Disney DVD's and can never have too many books. I'm especially in love with poetry and classics this year, but I would love any books that need a home. My best purchase this year was an Amazon Kindle (since I live in Seoul, but there are only two major English bookstores, and both would not fill one-fourth of a Barnes & Noble or Borders back home), and so I would even love e-books.

4. Tea! And tea, and more tea. I love tea. Love, love, love. I love black tea and green tea and white tea and red tea and loose tea and bagged tea and flowering tea. I love tea pots and tea cups and tea balls and tea related paraphernalia I haven't even found out yet. I would love to get tea, if you'd be willing to share a few packets of your favorite brand or a few packets of whatever you've got around that didn't work for you. I love trying all sorts of tea.

5. Something random that combines blue and silver. Or dragons. Or Unconditional Love. Or soft. Or scarves. Or fingerless gloves/mittens. Or rainbow colors all together. It can be combined with anything after that and be in any format. Feel free to do anything that comes to mind from online to solid objects. Go crazy and enjoy.

6. Comic shirts and crazy socks have been winners at the LJ Christmas lists before this one, as well. I'm still a big fan of comic shirts and crazy socks. I'm a size small frequently in the boy cut shirts but I love comics shirts in any size. I slept in the Death Shirt I was gifted two years back for ages before moving here and still end up wearing the socks I got last year.

7. Things with the Cullen Crest on them. Yes, the Twilight Cullen crest. Anything, everything. I own nothing with it on it and I really, really want things that have it (like Edward's bracer [which is my golden wish], or a scrabble tile pendant, or a bag, addnum etc) but somehow I always, always, always keep myself from actually doing it. And it's hugely relevant to my fannish pursuits while I'm a stalker/avoider of most of the related fandom.

8. Sugar free candy. Especially sugar free dark chocolates candy (but totally not limited to these too ever or at all). America has these everywhere, even its HEB's and dollars stores, and I used have bowls of them in my house. It was a good way to solve a sweet tooth without putting horrid amounts of things into my system. America has these and Korea doesn't even know why anyone would ever want anything in the world to be sugar free.

9. Earrings worked best last year and have all through this year on lists. They are still my random thing focus at the moment. I love common to bohemian to fancy, but I rarely spend more than three dollars on a pair of earrings. Ever. I really would like to have more of a collection of them though, especially dangly types because that is the kind I have the least of. Pendants also fall into this category. I have a simply silver chain I’d love to put charms or pendants on. If you're doing this one, feel free to even choose a set you might not be wearing as much anymore over buying a set. After all, they're new to me either way.

10. I love pretty much all things chakra and goddess worship related. I don't really have a huge assortment of these things, but I've been drawn to them forever. So I'm tossing this out there, and maybe someone somewhere will see this and find some inspiration in the simplicity of the listing.


E-mail address: Wanderlustlover (at) gmail (dot) com.
Elves to help you: sageness and neenie.

Amanda Tillman
Dongdaemun SLP
4th Fl. Samhyub BD.
107-8. JangAn-Dong.
Seoul, Korea 130-836

Also important to know is that all things that can be sent to me, have to be sent to and through my school. So if your card or package or whatnot is hinky, they'll hold it, prod it and poke it and maybe even open it before giving it to me. It also means that I'll stop being able to get mail for a while there in the middle when school stops running over Christmas vacation.
Wow. That's amazing. I've been staring at this for a little while now, smiling and blinking at it. I'll get to adding you now!
How about some tea and a pair of red fingerless mittens I made for myself a few years back but never got to wearing them? :)
Hmm, if I can find the mittens, that is! I thought I knew where they were but when I went to look for them, I couldn't find them :( If I can't locate them, I'll try to think of something else to send you instead.
I loved S Korea!

Funny that you ask for earrings, my mom told me that there are loads of places with cute, cheap earrings (tempted to ask you to send some over my way lol).

I'll see what I can do about the items on your list. :3
I would love to exchange christmas cards with you! if you are interested please email me with your mailing address and username (this keeps me organized) to beccasee@live.com :)
You're already on my card list, but here's two of the cookie recipes that I took over making a few years ago.

Sugar Cookie Recipe - my mom's delicious recipe

Tea Biscuits Recipe - another yummy type of cookie that uses a pastry filling

"America has these and Korea doesn't even know why anyone would ever want anything in the world to be sugar free."
Sorry, I'm with Korea on this! *laughs* Then again, it might be due to my complete and utter food allergies to all artificial sweeteners that prompts that mindset on my part.

Anyway, your card is already ready to go, I just have to get an international stamp for it. :)
drop me a pm with your addy and ill add you to my card list