Hi! :3

My name is Kayla, I'm 19 and I live in Maryland. I've been here for some years.. I guess since the community was first featured on LJ spotlights, lol. I must've been 16.

1. Art. I have a lot of characters that I would love to see drawn.. But I can never find any artist who draws humans on the sites that I go to. I'm not looking for anything complex. Digital art, hand-drawn, an icon just for meee, anything. It doesn't even have to be of my characters haha.. Art me whatever you want :D

2. Books. any books. I love to read. Specifically, the Thoroughbred series, and this is kind of a long shot but I'm looking for books from the Enchanted World series released by Time Life in the 80s. My mom had some of these when I was growing up and I would love to get them again. Also I would like a dictionary.. I don't have one lol.

3. Dreamcatchers. I collect them :3

4. Candles and incense.

5. N64 and SNES games, if you happen to have any lying around. With Winter-een-mas following the traditional holidays, I'll be playing as many video games as I can. ;)

6. Fire pokemon merch, lol. Also, Eeveelutions.

7. Things for my pets. I have a cat, a dog, a snake, and a horse. Toys, treats, halters, lead ropes..

8. Hand-made cards. :3 they make me happy.

9. To see my boyfriend who lives in Brazil.

10. In honor of Kiota, whos LJ is long gone now, make a donation to any children/women's shelter/charity.

Send me an email at KTeays@gmail.com :3
I could draw your characters, e-mailing you for more info!

i love thoroughbred books. i havent read them in ages. do you like reading harry potter stories? do you like reading things online? if you do, i have a really good story for you.

drop me a pm with your addy and ill send you a card