Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone :D Happy holidays and all that.

I'm Kraig, and this is the second time I'm taking part 8D I took part last year and was amazed at how lovely and wonderful people were! So I'm taking part again this year and I hope I can grant more people's wishes than I could last year :D

First, a little about me. I'm an 18-year-old transgender boy living in the UK. I'm in my last year of college and I'm hoping to study Illustration next year in university. I'm pretty much hopelessly addicted to the internet and spend a lot of my time online talking to my friends XD

Also, if you're able to grant one of my wishes, please give me a link to your own wishlist so I can try and grant one of yours in return :) Or at least send you a holiday card.

1) Holiday cards. I LOVE anything sent to me in the mail that isn't something from school or the bank. It makes me smile seeing something addressed to Kraig instead of my legal name (as I have yet to change it). In fact, I still have the cards people sent last year for that very reason XD They were the first cards I got that were addressed to Kraig. Also I'd love to receive them in different languages. A couple intruiged me last year, one from Finland and one from the Netherlands, and I'd love to receive them from all over the world!

2) YuGiOh trading cards. These are actually really hard to find offline now, at least outside of specialist comic book stores. If you have some old ones lying around please send them my way. I love collecting them :D Even if they're a little battered or really common ones, I don't care. I'm not an avid fan and I just like having the cards :3

3) Torchwood/Doctor Who merchandise. I hope this doesn't count as two things X3 They're technically the same fandom since they crossover loads. But their merchandise it hard to come by in my city and I can't always afford to travel to the closest place and buy them. I particularly would love the figurines but even a keyring or postcard would do lovely!

4) Fineliners. Last year I asked for Sharpies and a wonderful girl sent me a pack of several coloured ones and I love her for it. This year my art style has changed slightly and it's easier to draw in thinner pens. 0.5 mm or 0.4 mm ones especially. I'm always running out of them so any would be loved :D

5) Skittles/Fruit Loops/Any rainbow coloured food. I have a strange liking for rainbow coloured food like Skittles XD Probably because they end up being fruit and I like fruity sweets. I know Fruit Loops aren't candy but we don't get them in England and I frigging love them <3

6) Coffee related things. Things with coffee bean patterns or mugs with amusing designs or even coffee itself, that sort of thing ^^ I drink an insane amount of coffee and its sort of an addiction (so much so that my friends just associate me with coffee XD my partner in crime bought me pj pants with coffee cups on them). Even coffee-related icons would be wonderful :D What I would really love is a USB Cup Warmer, since I put a lot of milk in my coffee and it goes cold quicker than I can drink it all.

7) Notebooks/Sketchbooks. Things I'm forever running out of because I draw and write a lot. My Mum usually buys them for me in bulk but the quality isn't always that brilliant. I love books with thick paper that won't crease when I erase things or make huge indents on the next page when I write.

8) Paid LJ account. My 'mummy' kindly bought me a paid account for my birthday but it runs out in January. I love having custom mood themes and extra icons but I can't afford the account myself because I pay for my deviantART account XP

9) YuGiOh: The Abridged Series t-shirts. Again, its the price and the shipping that stop me buying them myself. Everything I want is shipped from America! You lucky things >w< My 'sister' got me the 'Attention Duelists!' one from her recent trip to an animecon and it just made me want more XD

10) Anything from my J-List wishlist. Seriously! Everything is in America! Why can't the British get some nice anime/japanese things? XD

My address and email is:
Kraig Mitchell
4 The Turbary
Fulwood, Preston

*points to icon* I have a few coffee icons in my account, take a look and gank (with credit) if you'd like. I think i got them from alt_icons here on LJ.

I sent you a card last year, I think, and will send another!
If you did send me a card last year you didn't put your username on it but thank you all the same ^^

Can I have your address so I can send one back? :D
OMG. A fellow YGO Fan! :3 *squees*

I can send you my beginner's deck since it's just lying around in my closet and I haven't touched it because I have no one to play the game with ^^; it's still in a box and everything :)

oh, and I'll send a card too ^^
I would love to add you to my holiday card exchange list. If you are interested, email me your username and mailing address at beccasee@live.com
drop me a message with your addy and ill add you to my list of holiday cards :)
I don't know the first thing about sketchbooks, unfortunately. But I found one in my perusing today that I think will hopefully serve your purposes well enough. At least, I think it's pretty snazzy. And of course, being a lover of Skittles myself, I had to throw in a couple of packages. So expect something to come your way very soon!
Why thank you very much 8D Looking at my funds for the holidays I might not be able to return the love but please can you email me your address anyway so I can at least try XD
I'm out of holiday cards, but I'd like to send you a letter, if you'd like that.