Lord knows I'm dreaming of a White Christmas! ;)

Hello all! My name is Elizabeth, though most people on here call me Mina. I'm 27 years old and currently living in Orlando, FL. This will be the first Christmas my husband and I have ever spent without seeing anyone from our families so it's shaping up to be an interesting Christmas season! But we are doing the best we can with what we've got, and looking forward to starting our own holiday traditions! :D

I hope you all don't mind, but I have stuff on this list for me, my husband and my kitties!

1. Anything from my Amazon.com Wishlist - You can find the wishlist here, I am trying to update it since it has stuff for me, my husband Dave and our 2 kitties.

2. Scrapbooking supplies! - Scrapbooking is my absolute favorite hobby but unfortunately it's also an expensive hobby! If you have any extra scrapbooking supplies or things you don't use anymore I would love to give them a new home!

3. Gift cards! - Any gift cards to Walmart, Scrapbook.com or Michaels!

4. Kitty toys - A random box of kitty toys or treats, our kitties love them all. I can't spoil them right now myself, but they do love to be spoiled!

5. Tickets to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - My husband and I live right outside the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, and we can see the Christmas fireworks. But unfortunately the tickets cost a little too much for us to afford right now! You can purchase tickets here and any date that falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday would be wonderful!

6. Holiday treats! - Cookies, candy, assorted holiday treats you can only buy in your area... I love Christmas candy and I know that it's different all over the world!

7. Cookbooks! - I have been in a real big cooking and baking mood lately! I would love any cookbooks, especially baking cookbooks, to help me to cook and bake more than I ever did before!

8. Lofthouse cookies - Oh My God I live for these fluffy sugar cookies! I know it seems silly to ask for cookies you could buy at Walmart but I can't find them around here and with a weekly budget of $40.00 for Groceries for the two of us, I can't really spare the extra expense.

9. A New Office Desk Chair - Mine is falling apart! I work at home from my computer now, and my chair is on it's last leg, and hurts my back. I would love to get a nice swivel chair without arms for Christmas!

10. A copy of Windows XP Professional - For my job I need Windows XP, and all I have on my desktop is Windows Vista. :( I used to have Windows XP, but I can't find the disks, or the code for them anywhere. I'd love to actually be able to do my job on the Desktop I have and not have to use the really old laptop I have. :/

Please go ahead and let me know if you would like our address and full name by PMing me, or dropping me an e-mail at eabbott @ bgsu . edu! :)

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Oh man, I LOVE MVMCP! I went a few years ago and it's just so much fun. It's out of my budget this year as well but I do hope you get to go. Nothing like "snow" on Main Street, hot cocoa and cookies to make for a great holiday evening! :)

(I'm a Florida resident seasonal passholder so I speak Disney fluently!)
We love sitting on Main Street, watching the parade go past with the snow on a particularly cool night, sipping hot chocolate and eating a hot dog from Casey's. :D

I love watching the fireworks from my porch, but it's just not the same you know?
Me too! I'm dying to go as well. I HOPE HOPE HOPE someone fulfills your wish, because it's ILLEGAL to love as close as we do and NOT go!!
Thank you! :) I hope so too... my husband said that from what he's heard backstage that it's absolutely awesome this year... and I really wanna see that new Tomorrowland Christmas show! He didn't win any of the BackStage Magic tickets unfortunately so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Man now I got Once Upon a Christmas Time stuck in my head! ;)
i dont have any extra cookbooks, but if you would like a copy of the recipe email that im putting together, i can add ya to that. just drop me a message and ill add ya to it :)
I am in LOVE with Lofthouse cookies. When I was pregnant with my first son, I craved them constantly, lol. So, I will definitely be sending some of those your way. :)

Could you please send an email to tangles@livejournal.com with the subject as 'Holiday Wishes - Lofthouse cookies' and send me your address? Thanks!

(Sorry to edit it, but I gave you the wrong email! :X)

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