My Wishlist

Hi everyone! This is my first time in this community. I'm really looking forward to this because it looks fun. My name is Chachic, I'm 24 years old and I live in the Philippines. I've been unemployed for most of the year but I'm about to start on a new job. Thankfully, I can now look forward to the holidays knowing that I'm going to have an income again. :) Here's my list:

1. Postcards! - They don't even have to be holiday cards. I just love getting stuff in the mail. I tell all my friends who go out of the country to send me postcards whenever they can. I even send myself postcards when I go out of the country (which isn't very often). :) Side note: If you want to receive a postcard from the Philippines, just leave a comment and let me know.

2. Books ♥ - I love to read. My favorite genre is fantasy, mostly young adult. I actually have a wishlist over at Shelfari but I'll be happy to read anything that comes highly recommended. I also have a favorites list over there, just to give you an idea of what my favorite books are. I don't mind used books or even e-books. Sometimes, I have a hard time getting books that I want because they aren't available here.

3. Camera: Canon PowerShot SD780 IS Digital ELPH (also known as Ixus 100) - I know this is too much to ask but I just wanted to throw it out there. I like to take pictures and I don't have a digital camera because my last one was broken. I've always liked Canon point and shoot cameras and this one is pretty sleek. Plus it has my favorite Canon feature, which is the Color Accent.

4. Films! - As mentioned earlier, I like taking pictures. I have Lomography cameras, namely a Holga, Fisheye2 and a Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim and I can always use some film. It doesn't matter what kind - whether it's 120mm or 135mm, negative or slide film, fresh or expired... I'll still put it to good use. :P

5. Photo - I not only like taking pictures, I also like looking at great pictures. Send me a nice photo with a caption of what's it about.

6. Starbucks city tumblers - Starbucks has designed tumblers for the cities where they are located. If you go in a Starbucks near you, they have tumblers with the name of the city you're in. I'd love to have tumblers from other countries. It doesn't even have to be a tumbler with a city name on it because usually tumbler designs vary from one place to another.

7. Accessories - Necklaces, bracelets, earrings. I like wearing all of those things.

8. Go visit the Philippines! - It's a wonderful country to visit with beautiful beaches and warm and friendly people.

9. Hug your dad - My father had lung cancer and he passed away in 2007. We were really close and I miss him everyday. It just seems like a good idea to show some appreciation for all the other dads out there.

10. Surprise Me! - Surprises are fun :)

If you want to send me anything, please email me at chachic15 [at] yahoo [dot] com and please put "Holiday Wishes 09" in the subject so I can send you my address.

Happy Holidays! :)
I'm going to dinner with my dad on Saturday and I'll hug him extra long for you. I only know what it's like to *almost* lose him, I can't imagine it actually happening!
Thanks in advance for hugging your dad! I hope you enjoy your dinner with him.

It really is hard to lose a parent, it feels like there's always a part of you that's missing.
I'll send a postcard! Drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Postcard" in the subject and your addy in the body. I'd love one from you too.

I lost my dad in 2005, and there are days I'd give anything to hug him.
I'd love to exchange postcards with you!

I'll email you my address and you can email me yours at

Just put Holiday Wishes - Postcard in the subject line and I'll send one to you. :)
1. pm me your information and ill send you a postcard

2. do you like harry potter and if so, do you like fanfiction? if so, i have a long one thats really well written that i can link you to.

5. mine are at: enjoy

9. i lost my dad to lung cancer in 2005. its been 4 long years without him. if you ever want to talk, feel free to message me and/or add me back on here. i know what its like. i miss him every day and i was super close to him. *huggs*
What's your email address so I can send my address? I love Harry Potter but I've never actually tried fan fiction. I can check out your recommendation though. :)

Thanks for the link to your deviantart, your pictures look great. I just added you to my friends list!
I'd love to send you a postcard, e-mailing as we speak.

Hey! My mom is from the Philippines :) i went there when i was a baby but i don't remember it. i will most definately hug my father when I go home at Christmas :) could you send me an email with your address and your username to the email :)