It's that time again!!

Hello all! My name is Evie. I'm 30, married with a three year old boy and twin nine month old girls. This is my ... third year doing this, and it's always been fun! I loved the cards and recipes I got last year! (I don't remember who sent me the zucchini bread recipe, but it was delicious!) Our first year with twins and a toddler has been nothing short of exciting, even if it did leave us breathless and sleepless. I look forward to participating again this year, and I hope everyone sees a few wishes granted!! So, here we go!
  1. Cards!! I always ask for cards! I also love postcards from just about everywhere!! Tell me about what you like to do for holidays in the cards. If you would like, you can write to my son, Andrew. He loves getting mail!
  2. A recipe book. I need some place to put all my collected bits of paper and index cards. Ideally, something like a binder with plastic sleeves for either whole pages or index cards. I'd be touched if someone made me one with a green, leafy theme.
  3. Girls 9 month and 12 month clothes. Babies grow fast and we've got two! If you've got stuff in good shape you're looking to pass down, that's great. We are especially fond of footless sleepers/rompers, easy-wash knit dresses, leggings, and overalls.
  4. Anything from my wish list. Really, anything yarn or knitting/crochet-related.:)
  5. This book. My son just loves it, but I need to return it to the library (already renewed three times!!)
  6. Pre-K, learning to read, and kindergarten homeschool materials. We're thinking of starting our son on learning to read at home. Due to the kindergarten cutoff in our area, he won't start school until he's nearly six. We've even toyed with the idea of homeschooling all the kids from time to time. So, if you have a book or system that worked for your kid, and wouldn't mind passing it on, we'd love it.
  7. A test knitter or crocheter. I'm starting to get into pattern writing and could use some people willingto test pattens. I have both knitting and crochet patterns in the works, most of what I write will be either accesories (hats, gloves, socks) or baby/kid-related. This is most definitely a volunteer gig, but if things go well and I can start selling patterns, I could work something out as compensation for test knitters.
  8. LJ friends, especially other moms. I'd like to have more people online to talk to. It's hard to have a conversation with three little ones in the house, all wanting lap time with mommy, so really the only social contact I have is through online forums, such as this. So, if you don't mind the occasional whinging on about the house, or teh hubs, or the kids, add me. I 'm also making an effort this year to reach out to people personally and try to get to know people, so feel free even to email me or send a letter to get a conversation going.
  9. Scottish/Scotland-inspired artwork. My husband's family is Scottish and he's always commenting on how we lack artwork for the walls, so I thought I 'd ask. It can be a sketch, a photo, anything at all. You can send me a print, email me a file and I'll print it, I'm pretty flexible.
  10. Pay off my car. This is my big thing this year. Due to the arrival of twins, we are now in need of a minivan (the backseat of a Corolla just barely fits three car seats). We'd like to trade in my car, but we still owe some money on it, and the girls will be in bigger car seats (an even tighter fit) before it's paid off next September. Any amount would be appreciated, though I certainly don't expect strangers on the internet to make my car payments. It's a shot in the dark.
Well, I hope everyone here has a wonderful holiday, and I look forward to helping others with their wishes, as well!

PS - If anyone's interested, I can do some knitting and crochet for you, but anything I make may take awhile, as free time is in short supply around here.
I'm friending you in another window as I type
My daughter is almost four months old, and although at the moment I'm mostly talking about my husband's illness and providing cute pictures, I do intersperse other stuff in my journal if you care to read it :)

Anyway, the friending page is almost loaded so you can take a look and reciprocate if you like.

Also, feel free to PM me your address...
Added you back. I see you have a boy! Mine's three now, I can't yet imagine what five will be like!
I'll send your family a card! Drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Card" in the Subject and your addy in the body. If you remind me of your son's name, I'll send a card especially to him too :)
I'd love to send you something =)
Just email me [ sekacamamwishes AT gmail . com ]
& make sure to include your username
Mom of 10 yr. here and one of my wish happens to be a scarf. Adding you and you can get my contact information at I totally don't mind waiting for it. I understand having no time at all.
I enjoy sending holiday cards just as much as I do receiving them I would love to add you to my holiday card exchange list. If you are interested, email me with your username and mailing address!
HI! I just want to say I'm a knitter and crocheter and I would be happy to test-knit/crochet things for you! My email address is; just email me whenever you need something test-knit. :)
Great! Actually, I may have a part of a pattern I need to work out right now, I will email you the details a bit later (at work right now)
I'm not a Mom but feel free to add me on LJ if you wish! I'm always posting and I'm pretty reachable to talk :)
I'd love to send cards to both you and your little one. Shoot me an email at with Holiday Wishes in the subject, please! :)
1. pm me your addy and ill send you a card :)

2. i dont have a book to send you, but i have an email list building for those that are looking for recipes and if youd like, ill add you to the list

8. feel free to add me :)