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Hi, I'm Betsy (21), from Worcester, MA. I post a wish list on my journal every year, but this is the first time I've posted it in a community like this. My wish list is pretty small this year.

1. Anything off my Amazon wish list. Used is absolutely fine. Encouraged, even, when possible.

2. Livejournal related-items. A rename token is what I really want the most, but I'm also wishing for extra userpic space or more paid time.

3. Gift cards. Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon.

4. Holiday cards. As a college student who almost never gets mail, I love getting cards when the holidays roll around. (If you'd like to send me a card, please email me at xlucyinthesky@gmail.com and I'll give you my address.)
I'll send a card. Can you drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Card" in the Subject and your addy in the body?
Drop me an email at webmaster(at)giveneyestosee.com with your address and LJ name and I'll be happy to put you on my card list.

Have a beautiful holiday season!