Howdy everybody!

I'm Stacey, a 20 year old clerk in Australian suburbia, and this is my...3rd year? Second posting, at least, but I think I lurked earlier. I'm treating this as half holiday_wishes and half Freecycle - lots of stuff I just don't need or want anymore and if someone else wants a gently-used DVD or nail polishes I have, all the better. And there's a pile of cards sitting in front of me just waiting for stamps.

My list!
1) Gold, party balloon shaped stickers. My twenty-first birthday is in February, and my invitations have gold balloons on them. I really want to pretty up the envelope with gold balloon seals or stickers, but man are they hard to find. I've got different coloured balloons, I've got silver 21s, but the only lead on gold balloons was an Ebay auction that never got back to me about postage. I think I'll need about forty.

2) Toast wallet from Archie McPhee. It's awesome. Apparently it needs an American address, so I'd be happy to reimburse you every cost in return for you receiving it then sending it on to me.

3) A couple of clicks on my MiniCity. Just a click. Thanks!

4) Comfortable pens. You know the ones you always seem to amass, advertising some restaurant or something? But they're awesome to use? Those type of pens. They always seem to be the best when jotting down messages and such.

5) Icons! I got myself a spiffy permanent account when they went on sale, and am very very slowly collecting icons for all occasions. This post has all the pics I want to eventually have as icons, but having no talent in that department I rely on the kindness of strangers. I don't care what's done with it, whether the colours get tweaked or effects added, anything is grand.

6) Advice and recommendations. I'm planning on going to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in April next year by myself. I've done some searching online re: hotels and that, but would love some personal recs. I don't need or really want anything over the top, as long as it's got a bed, a toilet and a locking door. I've heard I should book in the centre of town, you think this sounds like good advice?

7) Black cord necklaces. My last one broke months ago and I bought another - to find the clasp was too big for my pendant to fit over. So the smaller, the better.

8) More LJ friends into indy pro wrestling. Kinda self-explanatory. If you know what Chikara is, I will love you forever. If you've ever heard of TNA or Ring of Honor, welcome! Add me and I'll add you back.

9) Large shoes, black flats. I am usually an Australian/US/Canada size 11, UK size 9, Euro size 43, have ridiculously tall and fat feet, and I can't find comfortable shoes anywhere. If you can point me in the direction of a reliable website that sells black flats for work and stuff, I'd be forever grateful.

10) Lastly, but not leastly, holiday cards! I welcome all cards, had some pretty ones last year.

My address:
Stacey Newman
PO Box 42
Everton Park Queensland 4053

Thanks for getting to this point, and for reading this wonderful comm.
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I am a huge wrestling fan!! I like TNA (ABYSS!!) but havent ever kept up to it as much as I have WWE.
Your icon is WIN btw :)

Also, I have clicked the mini city ^^
If you would like to exchange holiday cards I would love to send you one. If your interested, could you please email me at with your username so I know who you are :)
OMG what a awesome wallet!!! Infact that whole site is awesome! Thanks for sharing the link!!!! Sorry I can not grant any more of your wishes but I did click your city.
I'm going to school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, right in center city! :) Definitely find a place in center city or the suburbs! There are a few train & subway stations!

I think I'll be relying on public transport and such, but I've got to swing by south side pretty regularly...have to get myself a detailed map.
I noticed you didn't have an icon of this pic, so Happy Holidays! I hope you like it! ♥

While I don't live in Philly, I have spent a good chunk of time there. I don't have any hotel recs for you, but I can recommend some other things.

You should check out South Street at least once. It's got quite the collection of stores and nightlife.

Go to Pat's and Geno's once. I prefer Pats, and think Geno's is for tourists, but you'll only know which you like if you try both!

If you enjoy any sports, I recommend going to a Phillies game if they're in town the same time as you are. There's nothing quite like a sporting event in Philadelphia.
Holiday Wishes!!
um.. where am I supposed to click?? I'm not familiar weiwth this site, so let me know, and I will click..

there's also a card that will be on it's way :)
Re: Holiday Wishes!!
Just on the word 'click' in my post. It tallies up visitors to my page and automatically adds to my city.