I've sent out my first two batches of wishlist packages, so I'm going to finally sit down and write mine out too. I actually typed it out on my lj last night, but I rearranged it to make sense, given that I tend to ramble, particularly when medicated.

My name is Dee, and I've been living in (mostly) sunny Florida for the past 10 years, previously from West Virginia. I'm married, with a stepson who just turned 13, which makes me feel older than I'll ever admit to actually being. Like everyone in these economic times, life has begun to be a struggle for us. But I know I'm blessed to be employed and loved by my huge extended families (by huge, I mean my biological family, work family and online families). I participated in a wishlist comm last year and it was a lot of fun to see how many wishes I could fill. This year I'm also using it an a way to excise the guilt of projects unfinished and/or unstarted. I tend to collect hobbies and supplies for hobbies that stay in boxes in my closets and mock me. Other people could put these supplies to better use, so I'm having fun shipping out my guilt packages!

I was sent several cards and packages, and while I intend to send out some thank-you cards, I also wanted to express my gratitude in my original post.   Unfortunately, while I was recovering from surgery my organized notes on who-sent-what disappeared.  

1. Prayers, good thoughts, positive vibes, whatever your convictions will let you do...I'm going to be having surgery soon and it terrifies me. I had a breast tumor removed in 06, and it took me forever to recover, physically and mentally. Now I must have uterine tumors removed. I dread the recovery. In 2006 I ended up gaining a massive amount of weight which I finally manged to finish losing this year. Now the meds I'm on are putting some of it back on, and I'm getting depressed again. (And apparently whiny, sorry!)     I ended up having surgery on Dec 22nd.  Instead of the simple outpatient procedure, I had a total hysterectomy.   I'm on the mend now, but behind in sending out my thank yous and a couple of packages.

2. The same kind of thoughts/prayers for my brother and his wife. They are struggling with infertility. If any two people were made for raising kids, it's these two. I hope they are blessed soon. They've been trying for 3 years, and I think it's getting harder to cope with the situation as my cousins keep reproducing in record numbers.

3. Rubber Duckies. My mom has developed a love of these little critters, and I can't seem to find any unique ones for her. I did manage to find 6 paint-it-yourself ducks which will be painted by her great-nieces and great-nephews for her stocking, but if anyone has any spare duckies, or duckie accessories, I'd love to give them a good home. She's really looking for the super-cheap ones that are themed. I think they are about 2/$1 at craft stores, and about 2 inches tall? She has the pirate ducks, the beach ducks, the wedding ducks, but I've only found one Christmas/Holiday duck so far.  My mom loved the pink duckie that was sent, it was "her" ornament on our minimally decorated tree. 

4. I've begun making jewelry, and I'd love to get some unusual beads. (I tend to find/buy the same colors and shapes over and over again for some reason?) We actually have a lot of beaders on here, so if anyone knows of a bead exchange, point me in the right direction please.  Thank you to those who sent me beads! 

5. Help with fusing glass pendants. (or creating resin pendants) I've discovered that I love making jewelry, but much of the supplies I can get my hands on looks very generic. I'm getting my mom's old countertop kiln at Thanksgiving, but after that, I'm lost. Point me in the right direction, please?   My mom ended up buying me a microwave kiln instead, I haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet though. 

6. I love found/repurposed art. I'm planning projects that involve plastic Rx bottles, the small amber/clear kind. If you have some to send me, I'd love to recycle them for you. Also the Blue Bunny plastic ice cream tubs, the oval ones, I have a great idea for those too. Along the same lines, I love making cardboard tube bracelets, but I really despise trying to find the art. Do you have a fanish art collection that would look good on your wrist? Send me a link, I'll make you one. I'll also try to put up some pictures of my found art projects if anyone wants to see what the heck I'm making with this stuff.   Thank you to those who sent me bottles! 

7. Fandom related stuffs. Icons, digital art, random scribbles on paper napkins, (some talent of my own?). New lj friends in my fandoms. Recs for new fandoms, etc. I'm only using 1/2 my icon space, so anyone who makes icons is my hero. (See the lame snowflake icon? That's my big foray into icon-making.)    I was given several lovely icons (the ugly wombat is my own creation).   Thank you to all who made me an icon or let my rummage through their icon files.   I've tried to respond to all the comments and e-mails, but I know some slipped through while I was dealing with real life issues.

8. Anyone who does polymer clay? I'd love to have any unbaked/unused polymer canes that you've created. I just started doing canes, and my aren't great yet. I really admire those who can do this work, so if you want to share any tips, I'd appreciate it.

9. Tolerance, patience, good spirits, understanding and compassion. Sometimes those virtues seem to be lacking during this hectic season. No matter what holiday you celebrate, of how you celebrate it, be nice to others.     My faith in humanity has been restored, in a large part due to this comm, but also some "real life" angels that banded together today to help out a family member who lost their home in a fire.  Strangers have gathered enough supplies for my cousin's family of 6 to start getting back on their feet.  I can't imagine having 4 children (age 2 months - 7 years) and losing everything.  

10. I don't really have another wish. (okay, I'm lying, but seriously who is going to pay off my student loans?) How about anyone with the old Trixie Belden series loaning me the last 4 books? Or selling me the last 4 books? I've never managed to get my hands on them.

My email is fictional.dixid (@) gmail (.) com if you need to contact me, or if you want to send me containers/cards, etc, you can send them to:

Dee Q
909 E Cervantes St
Pensacola, FL 32501, US
I like your list and I can def. send some prayers your way. I am working on my wishlist packages now but not sure when to send them. My husband thinks I am a little nuts sending all of this stuff to strangers but it just feels good.
Thanks! I know what you mean about trying to explain this to someone else. My co-workers think I'm crazy, but I'm having fun with it.
Prayers sent for your recovery.

I also have an abundance of beads that I'm happy to share. Can you drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes: Beads" in the Subject and your addy in the body? (I know your addy is here, but I track my wishes in my email.)
Thanks! I had tried to create a spreadsheet to keep track of my outgoing wishes, but I got sidetracked and now I have a stack of post-its instead.
Thanks, I'll check that out. We used to get their catalog here at work, but I haven't seen one lately.
Good luck with your surgery. I'm not sure if "Good luck" is exactly the right thing to say, but I want you to know you and your family are in my prayers.

Also, Bath and Body Works has had really great seasonal rubber duckies in the past! I'm going to stop in there and see if they're selling them this year and, if so, I'll definitely send you one/some! :)
I'll definitely be praying for both you and your family. I think I've already hit my financial limit for physical wishes this year, but prayer is free and there's always room on my list for it. If it's alright, I'll also share with my prayer group and add about another 20 people.

If I can get my graphics software up and running, I'll see what I can do about some icons as well. Just pick from your tags list, or do you have some specific things you'd like icons for.
I've been thinking about the icons and I really would just like some pretty ones and/or ones that say things. For example one that says: "This is my new canon" or something along those lines that I can use when someone writes something that perfectly meshes while how I see that fandom.
Oh thank you! These are so perfect. RL has been crazy and I didn't see them until just now. Lovely, they completely made my day.
I'll definitely keep you and your family in my prayers and hope that your recovery goes well.

Do you have any specific pictures you want an icon made from? I can try and make a few for you.
Thanks! I'm not too picky about icons, I'd like some for hoildays/seasons.
Sending good thoughts your way, and I can also write some fic for you for 7, if you give me some idea what you like.
Thanks! I love fic that has happy endings, or at least fic that doesn't kill off anyone.
Well I can definitely send some good thoughts your way.

And I'm so jealous that you're inheriting your mom's countertop kiln! :) That's actually my pipe dream wish on my list this year. *chuckles* I too make jewelry and I would SO love to fuse glass and work with PMC.

I find a lot of unique things on etsy.com as far as bead supplies. And for more typical things, I like that artbeads.com is always free shipping. (Helpful when you only want one or two items and don't want to pay $3-5 on shipping for it!) I think it's terribly common to gravitate towards the same stuff because it's what YOU like. I do it too. I try to always remember to move into colors and combos that aren't just MY taste so I can have a broader appeal. (I've been running a jewelry business online for about six years now.)

Anyway, best of luck and have a beautiful holiday season!
ETA: As far as icons go, here are a ton of holiday ones and here are over 600 ones I've made of various themes for people over the years. By all means, help yourself to any you'd like!
Thanks! I've snagged several of your icons and credited. I didn't realize that artbeads had free shipping, I'll be placing an order soon probably.

Now, I've got a nosy question, why do you consider your 2006 Solstice Ornaments as failed? I thought they were very pretty.
I can send you some beads. We've got a local bead shop around here. :)

You and your family will be in my thoughts. I'm sending good vibes to all of you.
I posted it on my lj page yesterday, if you click on my user name, it should be the top link. I'll try to find a way to keep it at the top of the page, but I'm usually a lj-idjit.
Which last 4 trixie beldens do you need? I LOVE her and have some, I can certainly check on the titles if you let me know :)