My second year here, yay :)

Hi guys! I really enjoyed doing this last year although I probably sent out way more than I really should have! A bit about me - My name is Nicola, I'm 21, British, and in my final year of university studying English combined with Early Childhood Studies. I'm currently uber stressed applying for various masters degrees and graduate schemes, so hopefully this community will be able to take my mind away from all of that for a while!

1. Make up! I'd particuarly love some nail varnish in any colour because I'm trying to encourage myself to grow my nails out and failing miserably! I don't have any colour preferences - I love bright colours, but the normal colours are fine by me as well. With the exception of concealer I don't wear any make up and I'd really like to start getting into it a bit more, so any eyeshadows or anything else you have but don't like would be very welcomed as well, etc etc!

2. Tacky jewelry! Words cannot describe how much I love tacky jewelry. Cake earrings? Penguin necklace? You can bet that I love it. I mostly wear earrings but I'm trying to branch out into necklaces a bit more as well as I think I own a grand total of three at the moment, and they're all falling apart! Anything but bracelets (my wrists are disturbingly skeletal) would be really appreciated.

3. Chocolates/Baked goods! I'm pretty set in my ways with the four brands I'm obsessed with, but I really want to try something new. So if there's a specific type of chocolate you love whether it's a regular brand or not, I'd love to try some :) As for the baked goods, oooh I can't resist a bit of home cooking and would love to try whatever you can make!

4. San-X items! I have a crazy amount of love for Mamegoma, which completely cannot be justified. I am a mad collecter of anything to do with that! I also love Kerori, Nyan Nyan Nyanko, Mikanbouya, Wanroom and basically anything along those lines - please note that when it comes to Japanese items it's really only San-X I'm borderline obsessed with - I actually hate anime! Stickers, papers, keyrings, jewelry, ANYTHING to do with it would be adored a crazy amount!

5. Anything on my amazon wish list! This is probably the cheapest option! Nearly everything on there is under £5 and I would pretty much love you forever.

6. Anything from Firebox! I absolutely love buying that site, it's just full of stuff that I would love but can't justify buying for myself, haha! But if someone else were to buy it for me, I totally wouldn't complain.

7. Bath/Soap Sets I'm probably the only person in the world who actually likes getting bath sets, but there you go!

8. Christmas cards/letters Self explanatory really! My friends are lame and don't believe in doing them, so if you do then feel free to cancel out their lameness!

EDIT: Please don't think I'm being rude if I'm not replying to your comments! I'm currently disgustingly ill and can't get out of bed for more than about five minutes a day, haha :S Everything is really appreciated and I will make sure to tell so to everyone as soon as I'm able to get out of bed a bit!
I can definitely send you some post! It'll be winging its way to you shortly ^_^
Sorry for not replying, I've been too ill to go near the computer - but thank you so much and I love your icon!
Sorry for not replying, I've been too ill to go near the computer - but thank you, I can't wait for it to arrive :D
Sorry for not replying sooner, I've been ill and didn't want to contaminate the computer, haha! That's so exciting haha, thank you very much :D
Sorry for not replying, I've been ill and didn't want to contaminate the computer! Thank you very much, I can't wait :D
drop me a message with your contact information and ill get you added to the list.

hope you feel better fast! fluids and rest.
I'm studying Early Childhood Education :) It's my last year, too! I'm taking the year off next year instead of going straight into graduate school, but after that I'm hoping to apply for my Masters in Information (Library Science). Just thought I'd share my story. Good luck with the the apps!

I'm going to be mailing you a card :)