My turn ^_^

Wow, I can't believe that it's come around to this time of the year again! I've been trying to put Christmas off a bit, because it seems to have come round too soon. But I think it's definitely time now :D

So, this is me. My name's Becky, I'm 24 and I live in York in the UK. I work for a Christian theatre company that's also a charity. As pretty much anyone who works for a charity knows, you don't get paid a whole lot, as that's rather part of the deal! With that in mind, I probably can't grant a whole lot of wishes, but I'm off to play fairy and do what I can when I'm done with this post! Well, here we go...

1: More readers for my blog!
Away from LJ, where I'm much more of a reader than a writer, I write a health blog about my life with Type One Diabetes. I was diagnosed just six months ago, and I find blogging really helpful. I'm taking part in NaBloPoMo this month, and would really love more readers - especially those that comment! It's called Instructions Not Included, and you can find it here:

2: Starbucks sugar-free syrup
Sugar-free syrup is a strange idea in my opinion, but I used to really love making my own hot chocolate with syrups I bought from Starbucks. Sadly now, they're a bit out of the question. I drink a heck of a lot less hot-chocolate than I used to as well. But in the UK you can't get the sugar-free ones, and I'd love to try them. Caramel would be awesome.

3: Give blood
Please, if you're able, take the time to donate. Even if it's just once this year, it will make a difference to someone. And you never know when you or someone you love will be in need.

4: Donate to something
I don't mind what it is - just think about making a donation - no matter how small - to something positive. If you want to tell me what it is, that would be great too ^_^

5: A new handbag
I carry an awful lot of junk around with me, and a lot of it HAS to be with me at all times. My current handbag is getting a bit of a bashing. It doesn't have to be 'new' either, but a new-to-me handbag that I can sling firmly over my shoulder, and fit the world in.

6: Anything off my Amazon Wishlist
Used is welcomed just has happily as new ^_^

7: A new (funky) diabetes kit bag
This one is a GORGEOUS example. I really hate the naff nylon one that holds my meter, and I still end up with glucose tabs, insulin pens and sharps pots floating around my handbag anyway!

8: Changeable bracelets for my medical id bracelet
I have a medical ID bracelet that you can change the actual bracelet to, whilst keeping the bar with the details on it. See here. I'd really love some other bracelets so I can change it to go with my outfit. Do you have any, or are you really crafty? I'd particularly love hand made ones!

9: Surprise me!
I love seeing what other people's imaginations can come up with. A card, a badge, an ornament - it can be anything.

10: Take a moment
And tell those you love that you care. You'll feel better for it, and they definitely will. A hug, a kiss, a word can make someone's day.

So thank you if you've even taken the time to read this. You're already amazing in my book ^_^. My email is rethomson[AT]gmail[dot]com

Have a brilliant and peaceful Christmas!

My address (it's my work one)
Becky Thomson, Friargate Theatre, Lower Friargate, York, YO1 9SL, UK
I donate blood all the time and also wish more people did it. I am A so Bonfils is always calling me!
I donate every 2 months, and because I'm an AB, I get called all the time, too. Where I live, AB is always constantly in low supply. I also clear out my closet twice a year and donate to Good Will and Salvation Army. I also purchase a lot of my costuming clothing from them, too. On top of all that, I'm an animal rescuer. My two turtles, tortoises and my dragon are rescues. Now, so I don't sound like I'm patting myself on my back. Please email me at with the size of your wrist and your favorite colors, so I can proceed to make you a bracelet.
No, that totally doesn't sound like you're patting yourself on the back. It's great! An email is coming your way shortly. Also, your icon totally rocks!
i may be able to wrangle you a handbag.
can you do leather?

and i do donate blood. specifically platelets.... multiple times a year. i post about it sometimes on either this blog or my other one thorninthefoot
That would be amazing! Leather is totally ok. That's brilliant that you donate ^_^

I've just put on your wishlist that a card is coming your way, so you know.

My address if you need it is:
Becky Thomson,
Friargate Theatre
Lower Friargate
United Kingdom
Every Wednesday I make a donation to the United way through the program my metro system runs. I also donated to the Berkshire Theater Festival, it's a charity I do every year and they provide such amazing shows.
I took care of 3, 4 and 10 today!

Donated blood this morning (I do every 8 weeks), Donated to TWLOHA (again), anddd I gave my daddy a hug and a kiss and told him I loved him :)
Being a fellow diabetic, I totally know what you mean about delicious sweet drinks! I think I can pick up some sugar-free flavorings for you (they may not be specifically Starbucks, I don't know what my local ones have, but I do know of some other flavorings that are pretty good too).

Swiss Miss also makes a darn good sugar-free hot cocoa mix, which I'd be glad to pick up for you as well!

Just shoot an e-mail with your address to tabbiewolf at gmail dot com and I'll see what other sugar-free goodies I can scrounge up...I know there's quite a few good ones out there!
Really?! That's unbelievably kind of you! Email coming your way now. Love the icon, btw. I find mine says that a lot too!
I can grant 1, 3 and 4.

I donate blood every other month and I donate all I don't want every year to charities. I give to toys for tots and I am also donating to My father in Jan of this year passed away of PC so I am donating a bit to this charity. I this okay?

as for # 10 I do that everyday. Even more so now I never forget to tell my mother how much I love her.
That is more than ok ^_^. I think it's brilliant of you to do these things, and they'll all be very much appreciated!
As a fellow diabetic I LOVE wish number 7 ! I never knew such a thing existed!!!! Wow.

Also - your medic alert bracelet is way cooler then mine!

And I have also subscribed to your blog in my RSS reader. I dont comment much generally but please know I will be reading because I am genuinely interested !
3, 4 & 6
I donate blood and today I gave money for local animal charity!

Also, I could send you something from your wishlist: DVD of Once, how about it?

Re: 3, 4 & 6
That's great!

Also the DVD would be brilliant ^_^. If you want to get it through my wishlist, the link is in my post, or my address is:
Becky Thomson
Friargate Theatre
Lower Friargate
United Kingdom (so, it would be a Region 2 DVD!)

Thanks ^_^
I make bracelets and could easily make something adaptable to your medical i.d. :)
3 & 4
I can't give blood because of medical considerations, however I do have an NBS sticker on the back of my wheelchair and I promote giving blood wherever possible because I think it's really important that more people do so.

As to donating, I donated £20 to Children In Need tonight, which I feel is a totally awesome cause.
Re: 3 & 4
That's great - spreading the word is just as important IMO!

And I'm really glad that you donated money as well ^_^
I will donate blood in the next month. I used to donate regularly, but not in a long time because I didn't think my health was quite up to it. I think I'm up to donating now. :)

I would love to send a surprise to you. Happy Holidays! :)
I'm glad you're feeling better, and it's great that you still want to donate ^_^

And a surprise would be brilliant as well! Thank you!
Donating blood is something I love to do :D Thank you for caring so much. I just wish they hadn't turned me away due to my low iron the last time! :S (I've managed to donate 1.5 times before that. Yes, .5 times because I only managed to squeeze out HALF of what is considered a normal donation)
Holiday Wishes!!
I'll try for #9.. I'd do the donate blood thing, but they wont let me.. :(
I have trouble donating blood because of low iron level, so I usually donate plasma, and I did two weeks ago :)

Also, I can make you a bracelet! Any preference about colours and materials?

Will you send me an email at enui(dot)iune(at)gmail(dot)com with a link to this wishlist so that I remember to actually make it?