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Hello! My name is Stacy and this is my third year participating in Holiday Wishes :) I've had a lot of fun in the years past and look forward to helping others in the community fulfill their wishes!

A little about me: I'm 27-years-old and live in Metro Detroit, Michigan. I am finishing up a master's degree in social work and plan to be a school social worker. I intern in a high school right now and for work, do ABA therapy with autistic kids. I love working with kids of all ages, but especially those with special needs including any kind of learning or cognitive disability, emotional impairment/disorder, or ASD. In my free time, I LOVE music and going to concerts (and follow a certain band around the country, see my list haha), reading anything and everything, socializing, camping and spending time outdoors, and playing with my dog, Roxie (6-year-old smooth-coated Border Collie).

My list:

1. Spend quality time with anyone under the age of 18. As a social worker, I see on a daily basis the kinds of terrible things so many kids have to endure. Most of these kids just want someone to sit with them, listen, and care.

2. Anything related to the Dave Matthews Band. As mentioned above, I have seen DMB shows all over the country. I've seen them 20 times and counting, in 8 different states. I would love anything you have related to this old sticker, an article or pic from a magazine, a cool picture of the band/members, old t-shirts...anything!

3. Used children's books. Collecting children's books is kind of a hobby but I plan to work with children for the rest of my career so having children's books lying around is never a bad idea! I'll take anything and everything, the more used the better.

4. Anything related to Autism/ASD/Asperger's. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about Autism, as it is one of the most pervasive childhood disorders that a school social worker will come across in the near future. I would love any books you might have, book recommendations, ASD Awareness materials, teaching materials/supplies, or even stories about what has helped your child, or a child you know.

5. Any "hippie" clothing or accessories, especially handmade by YOU! I would love any patchwork, batik, or tiedyed clothing and accessories, hemp jewelry, tapestries, headbands...anything!

6. Any t-shirts or hoodies with the name of your college on them. Used is just fine, of course! I went to the University of Michigan so I have plenty of those shirts, and I probably wouldn't wear an Ohio State shirt if you paid me ;) ANY college or university is just great! I am likely a size medium or large.

7. Stuff for my dog, Roxie. I mentioned her above but she is a 6-year-old smooth-coated Border Collie. I adopted her from a shelter when she was about a year old. She is wonderful but has anxiety and takes medication for it. She has her quirks but is, for the most part, just a regular dog that enjoys regular dog things. Her favorite things are squeaky toys, esp fuzzy ones she can rip the innards out of, and Dingo brand bones. She loves all treats!

8. Any big jewelry. I love big, gaudy necklaces, bracelets and rings. My favorite brands for jewelry are Lucky Brand and Juicy Couture, if that gives you any indication of what I like.

9. Any copies of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I especially love the original artwork that came with the old Alice books, but I just love the story in general and would love any copies of Alice (or Through the Looking Glass, also by Carroll).

10. Grant the wishes of others!. So many people are struggling right now (I know this all too well) and could use a little happiness this holiday...spreading good karma gets you karma right back!

My email is ...Peace, Holiday Wishes! :)
I would like to send you a child's book, could you please email me your username, your address and what wish I will grant to my email at
1.) About a month ago, I contact Big Brother/Big Sister and interviewed with them so that I could become a volunteer. I haven't heard from them in a while, so tomorrow I'm going to call them and ask about the status of my application (last time I checked, they were waiting on a reference, but I know they received it). :)

2.) While I don't have any books that I can part with, I do have a book recommendation: Three Silly Billies. It's an adorable re-make of the Billy Goats Gruff story and I HIGHLY recommend it.
good luck with BBBS! it's a great organization and i'm sure you'll get a great kid.

and thanks so much for the recommendation!! i think we may have read that in a class i was in, but i will check on it.
I spent a year as a VISTA volunteer at an after-school program that served mostly kids between the ages of 10 and 18. The program was based around playing non-electronic games and volunteer community service. Of all the things I've done in my life, taking the plunge and quitting a well-paying job to serve as a VISTA (with a poverty-level income) for the sake of doing what's right is at the top of the list. I also served on the Board of Directors of that organization for several years after I finished my VISTA year.

As for books about autism, have you read any of Temple Grandin's books? I find her work really inspirational, not only because she works with animals and helps people understand them better, but because it's her autism that allowed her to understand life from the perspective of an animal. I recommend Animals in Translation and Animals Make Us Human; I think she's also written an autobiography. Her life also serves as an example of how people with autism--even relatively severe autism like hers--aren't doomed to a life of non-functionality.
i have heard so much about Temple Grandin but haven't checked out her books, so i will definitely do that. and your work with VISTA sounds awesome!
I have in the past, and still do from time to time, run youth theatre sessions for 11-19 year old children. And I'm also in the process of setting up a new youth theatre for inner city children in Bradford ^_^
Do you want a Carleton University t-shirt from Canada so you can say "No, not Carleton College!"? :P

Send me your address. My email is
In regards to autism, etc, you might want to check out some books by Torey Hayden. She deals with young kids with mental illnesses etc (although selective mutism is her specialty) and I think in a couple of the books she talks of kids with autism. Even if not, they are fantastic books for anyone considering working with children with disorders.
Regarding #1, I'm kind of an unofficially adopted mom to a lot of kids (and many adults as well) who are gang members or affiliated with gangs. I've spent a lot of time talking with, listening to, and caring for some of these kids. They're among the most misunderstood and vilified of people in our country, and so most people don't find them worth dedicating any time or energy to. If only those people could understand and appreciate the love and friendship these kids have to give.

These kids and not quite kids have enriched my life above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. What time I've spent with them has proven to be at least as valuable to me as it is to them. They're my kids just as surely as my own biological children.

Thank you for caring enough to help the kids you can. I totally admire all of you who dedicate their lives to helping make the lives of children better.
I have books I can send (I have two boys that adore books) and I can send Roxie some goodies. :)

If you would help me out and send me an email at with the subject of 'Holidays Wishes - Children's Books and Dingo Dog Treats' along with your address I'd appreciate it. It helps me keep up with what I'm sending. ;)