My first year here

Hi, My name is Mon and I am 25, from Australia. This is my first year participating. I look forward to granting as many wishes as are within my means to!

Usually I boycott the holiday season because it is a time of great sadness for me and I tend to suffer worse then usual from my major Depressive Disorder symptoms during this time. This year,I have decided to try to take a different approach - since I cant run from it, I cant hide from it - I'm going to embrace it and try to grant the wishes of others that are within my power to do so. I've been trawling for wishes I have the ability to grant and seen this meme in fabricdragon's livejournal post and thought I would try here too. While I will probably still bawl my eyes out on christmas day, this should make the lead up to it a little easier - instead of focusing on my pain - I will try to focus on the joys of others. I don't really expect any of my wishes to be granted though, they are all in the too big category.


1. Things for Luigi - Luigi my medical alert and response service dog is the light of my life, the centre of my existence, gifts for him would make me so happy as I often wish I could provide more for him then I do. I like to see him spoiled and pampered with all he could ever want. He does so much for me, I feel nothing I can do will ever come close to making that up for him. I collect Martingale or limited slip or presentation check chain collars for him. We have quite a collection. I wish I could get him some interactive dog toys like the intelibone or hide a squirrel   Thank you to [info]gocart_romance  for the hide-a-squirrel!   [info]splendory for some stuffed toys! Luigi loves his new sheepie. I am already starting to save up so I can buy him more body suits for next winter.

2. A portable air-conditioner - That I can use to cool even just one small room. I live in rental so I can not install a proper one, I keep putting off buying one because other more important things come up and I end up kicking myself when we have extreme heat that knocks my diabetes around and makes me collapse. But its on my list of things I will buy when I finally have some spare money.

3. A proper corset - Steel boned and suitable for tightlacing. I dream one day of having both an underbust one like this for everyday underwear as now I am finally loosing weight, Im starting to jiggle and sag. And a beautiful overbust outer wear one. A girl can dream right?

4. Software/website subscriptions - due to the limitations of my disability I spend a lot of time at home/online at my computer. I wish I could afford to pay to use more fully featured sites I use the most - I would love flickr or photobucket so I could have unlimited storage of my photos or I would like picnik for editing/correcting my photos, or more paid livejoural time. I useto have a paid account but it expired in September and I can't justify spending the money right now. Thank you to [info]y2jdingo for granting my LJ time wish !!

5. A scholarship to do this dog training course - Dogs, training dogs, animal behaviour etc is my passion in life. I know I am very good at what I do when it comes to training and handling dogs, but I have nothing to prove it. If I could do this course it would give me an official government reconised qualification in the industry and I could use that as a stepping stone to getting into a line of work that I love, and that would be able to work around my disability.  - EDIT - Im part the way there!!! Ive got granted $1500 for it - total cost is just over $3000 - so any donations to my pay pal would be SO helpful to raise the last little bit!!!

6. A new tattoo - on my forearm, to cover the many scars from years of self harm as a result of my mental illness. I have a beautiful design worked out, its a tribute to Luigi and even includes his actual paw print in it. but again it is on the list of things I would love to do when I have a spare few hundred dollars laying around.

7. Jewellery from Made with Molecules- I would love to have the charm bracelet or the serotonin or dopamine or creativity necklace or even just the Dopamine, Seratonin and GABA charms that I can then have put on a necklace or earrings or something. I think the jewellery is pretty and symbolic to remind me that Im not crazy/lazy/useless etc - that there is something wrong with the chemicals in my brain and if we can get that sorted my mental illness will improve 100 fold.

8. To have my dental issues taken care of - Something I have put off and put off and put off. Partly becuase of the cost, but mostly out of fear. Outright fear about going to the dentist and having needles in my mouth. I need to find a dentist who will use anaesthetic gas on me so i dont have a full on panic attack.

9. Disney or other childrens movies - I love kids movies. I want to eventually collect the entire Disney and Disney Pixar collection on DVD. I mostly love the animated movies but also the acted and family movies too. I don't care if the DVD is used or old as long as it plays :) Thank you to [info]emthefrootloop for Brother Bear and Leroy & Stitch DvD's !!!

10. Gym Membership at my gym - right now I go casually when I can afford it. I really enjoy it and it has helped my health in so many ways. I wish I could afford a proper membership so I could go more often

Please link me to your wishlist too. I really want to try and grant as many wishes as I can.


My address is:
Monique & Luigi
PO Box 435
Noble Park
VIC 3174

But I can't get the dratted cut to work.
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So first off: I don't know if I can help you with the things on your list. I'm kind of broke. But it caught my eye because of Luigi. I have an assistance dog, as well, and it's so rare that I meet others that have one.

Would you mind if I friended you?
No I would not mind at all!

I know all my wishes are big and huge, I don't expect them to get granted, but I would like to grant the wises of others if I can. Can you link me to your wish list?
Not exactly,
but I vaguely remember seeing a how-to guide on making corsets. If I can find it again, would you be interested in having it?

I also checked a local shop that had dog coats today for you, but they only have ones for the really tiny dogs and I don't think it would be long enough.
Re: Not exactly,
Awww thank you! If you can find that guide I would love to have a look and see if its within my capabilities. I can do basic sewing, Im not sure how complicated a corset would be. They look complicated, but maybe broken down into a step by step guide I could do it.

I know its hard to find coats for Luigi, he is a funny size/shape combination that normal doggy coats never quite fit him right, thats why I am saving up for more custom made ones - but luckily its coming into summer here so he doesn't need them for about 6 months. Thank you so much for having a look though. :)
Re: Not exactly,
Thank you so very much :) I have bookmarked them for a better look when I am more awake (its nearly 2am here!)
Thank you so much :) You have a small suprise (wish 10) coming your way from us. Its not much but I hope it makes you smile. I promise to share photos of Luigi when he gets his present - I know he will just love it!
Yay!!! Im glad the post card arrived and made you smile :) He makes me smile. As yet it has not arrived, but from experience it does take at least 10 days for things to arrive from the USA, possibly longer around this time of year.
Its here!!!! Yay!!! THANK YOU!!!
Its here !!!!!!!!! He love love love loves it!!! THANK YOU!!! I am so going to have to get him more of these interactive toys... he LOVES his new Hide-a-squirrel !!!!

Clickable thumbnails;




Again, thank you a million times, you have no idea how happy it makes me to see Luigi happy. Thank you for granting the wish of a little dog. ;-)
Re: Its here!!!! Yay!!! THANK YOU!!!
Once I have done some house work I will take a video of him playing with it and show you :) It cracks me up seeing how much fun he has with it. Seriously he is running around right now with a squirrel squeeking it non-stop!
Holiday Wishes!!
Liek I said on my LJ, I can send you a card back.. I'll check my DVD's see if I have anything I think you'd like.. I don't guarantee anything tho.. My Disney stuff is pretty much on vhs..
Re: Holiday Wishes!!
I like all kinds of kids movies :) It doesn't have to be Disney.

Your coins are packaged up and will go out in the mail today - you will get them probably in 7-10 days. :)
Kid type movies, huh.
I'll go through our stash and see what I can find for you! I know we have one that you might like that's kind of a magical fantasy with time travelling in it, that also has Billy Connolly in it?

I'll see what else I can find though.
Billy Connelly is hilarious!!! I love all sorts of kids movies. But I would be thrilled to bits with any new movies ! Its been ages since I got a new DVD.... last Christmas actually... I got the Little Mermaid :) No hassles if you can't find any though. Im happy to have a new LJ friend!
Awwwww thank you!!! the little guy would LOVE that ! He loves stuffed toys so much.... mostly because he likes to de-stuff them! Lol. He looks so happy when is is triumphantly removing the stuffing and spreading it all over the lounge room that I can never be mad at him for making a mess!
Thank you!!!! I got mail today for Luigi and it was from you!!! *happy dances* He is so thrilled !!! He has been cuddling the sheepie this afternoon ! I'll try and get a pic, its so cute!