'Tis the Season to Be Jolly and Joyous

Hello, all! The name's Kia, and I'm a graduating university senior at Pepperdine - I'll be getting out of here and into the real world in May of next year and I'm nervous about it. This is my last college holiday, so I'm making the most of it with my roommates. It's also my third year participating in this community, and I'd love to be able to grant some wishes for all of you. In the meantime, here's my list:

1. Internship/Job help/recommendations/advice. I'm a graduating senior - I'll be getting my BA in Writing and Rhetoric in April - and I'm trying to find an internship in the LA/Santa Monica area for this coming semester and a job, preferably something pertaining to my degree (writing...somewhere), in California once I graduate. If you know of any places that are hiring, or if you can give me some advice on netting an internship or a job in this job market, I'd be incredibly grateful.

2. Gift cards: Ralph's because groceries are expensive in my neck of the woods, iTunes because I am a total music addict, and/or for Amazon.com because my lack of transportation means I don't get off campus a lot and therefore do a lot of my shopping online. Even a couple of bucks either way would help.

3. One of these! Timepieces+necklaces+shiny things make me a happy camper. I'd love style A.

4. Paid LJ time. Mine runs out the day after Christmas. Self-explanatory, I think.

5. A rename token. I'm a bit tired of the long, unwieldly pseudo-Japanese name - it's a phase in my life I'd rather leave behind (read: high school).

6. Games for my Nintendo DS. I have one game - Elite Beat Agents - and while I love it to death, I think I need to branch out a bit. If you have any games you don't play anymore, I'd love it if you could send them my way.

7. Salt and pepper shakers. Any color, style, and shape - I collect them. They are awesome.

8. Along those same lines, the Rubik's Cube salt mill at ThinkGeek.com. It is cute and geeky and fantastic and I'd love to have it on my table for next semester.

9. Donate to or volunteer at Camp Laurel. I'm a Gamma Phi Beta, and Camp Laurel is our local philanthropy. It's an organization that allows kids who have or are affected by HIV/AIDS to have a normal summer camp experience. We do our best to support them, but they need all the help they can get. If you're in the area and can volunteer for either their summer or winter session, that would be fantastic. If not, any way you can help and anything you can give would make a huge difference.

10. Grant someone else's wish. If you can't grant one of mine, find someone whose wish you can grant and do it.

By all means, please link me to your wish list in the comments. If you want to get ahold of me, my email is fixingthefrog [at] gmail. Thanks for keeping the season fantastic, all! ♥
Camp Laurel sounds amazing! It's pretty far from where I live so I don't know how plausible this is, but I would love to volunteer there as a counselor this summer. Also, it seems like the winter camp might be during my reading week, so I'll check that out. Thanks so much for the link!
Oh goodness that would be fantastic. They're always looking for new volunteers, so having the extra help will be great. Thank you so much!
I actually found a camp for HIV positive children closer to where I live (I live in Toronto, Canada....well, currently in Ottawa for school). Camp Laurel would be pretty hard for me to do, but there's another camp called "Camp Dreamcatcher" in Pennsylvania that I'm seriously looking into. Thanks so much for the suggestion!
I can honestly say I was not expecting that. |D

Thank you so much! I will make very good use of it, promise. Merry Christmas to you too!

Your happy squid is so cute *A*