Happy Holiays to us all

I've made some wonderful pen pal and email pals here over the last few years. Thank you for that...

Here we go!

1. This is really important to me. PLEASE spread the news to help find Morgan Harrington. No matter how far away you are , someone may know something.
for flyers you can download.

2. Scrapbooking items or various bits of materials, papers, stationary- anything I can use as I begin my newbie adventure into this hobby.

3. I recently lost my father, and I go through a LOT of candles at his grave site. I know they are heavy to mail, but if you can spare any- that would be great. Jar candles if possible, since they'll be easier to keep lit out in the open.

4. Anything to do with faeries.

5. Any photos/clippings of Blue October. I have the cd's and dvd, thank you...but magazines with them would be great. They are a huge inspiration to me. (other fans welcome as friends/penpals too!)

6. The Vampire Diaries books. I love the show, and am curious to read the books.

7. If anyone has BY CHANCE, an old ipod they dont want anymore..mine is broken. I dont care if its scratched, or an old model or anything, i just would love something to load my music back on.

8, stuffed animal pig. my son loves pigs.

9. broken laptops...i'm practicing repairing them and sometimes need ones to snag pieces from.

10. surprise me


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Thank you and happy holidays!
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2. if you like to do things digitally, theres several online sites or computer programs that i can recommend.

3. i cant help you with the candles at this point in time, but i lost my father 4 years ago. if you want someone to talk to, feel free to add me as a friend on here or message me and ill help you out. having someone whose been there was helpful for me. *huggs* im sorry you had to loose your father.