Yay for Holiday Wishes :)

Howdy! My name is Sarah and I'm a newlywed currently living in Florida. I joined holiday wishes way back in the day when it was on LJ spotlight--4 apartments and 2 states later I'm still here. I love the holiday spirit everyone has in this community and hope to make the season brighter for as many people as possible.

Here's my list:

1. Mail of any kind

2. Pearls of wisdom for raising and/or being a biracial/bi cultural child. Several of my friends (and myself) are in biracial marriages and one couple just found out they are pregnant. While we've all encountered the good, bad, and ignorant in our communities, I'd like to get the kid and parent perspective.

3. Please make an extra effort to keep in touch with friends and family this upcoming year. A short email or ten minute phone call can really impact a person.

My email is opalaggie@gmail.com. If you email me, please include your LJ name. Thank you for reading!
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Hi, I can send you a card.

Please PM me with your address and use the subject heading, Holiday Wishes: Card

Thank you! :)
I'm a biracial child and I have a biracial child. So I can give you both perspectives.

The biggest piece of advice is to be sure your child is able to embrace both sides of his heritage equally. I was bi-racial, but raised white, and I know it caused a lot of issues for me as I got older. It's not as much of a taboo as it used to be, but I can't stress how important it is that a child is taught to be PROUD of BOTH sides of his heritage.

The second piece of advice is lead by example. I encounter racism, but I figure my child is always watching so they learn from how I handle the situation. :)

Anything else you wanna know, just ask :)

(P.S. for mixed hair? I suggest the products at mixedchicks.net .. AMAZING stuff!!)
Thanks Dementia! I appreciate your advice and will be sure to pass it along to my preggers bff. She is going to be very happy to hear about the hair solution. I really like what you said about making sure that kids are taught to be proud of both sides of their family tree. My husband tends to downplay his heritage to "fit in", but I've always thought that would send a bad message to kids.

Happy holidays to you and yours!
Absolutely! And you're right. Kids should never be ashamed of any part of who they are. I was raised white to "fit in", and while it didn't cause any problems for me as a kid, it caused issues as I got older. Took me a while to come to grips with who I was. But now I consider myself very blessed.

My hair has always been the biggest problem, because I have that nappy hair, but I have white features... I only recently discovered mixedchicks.net and I am SOLD. It's $16 a bottle, but it's the only thing I have found that works.

Like I said, if you have ANY questions, feel free to ask :)
I'm all over #3 :)
Can't really help with 2, but I'm emailing you my mailing address so if you can reply with yours I can sort something out for #1 too :)
drop me your addy and ill add you to my list for holiday cards.

i have a couple cousins that were adopted from korea. one of the things that their parents are having them do is participate in activities to teach them about their heritage. they eat a lot of the food that they ate over there and they are learning korean together too. its just like mixing two families and traditions and schedules together, you just have to figure out whats right for you and raise your children to be strong, healthy and kind :) good luck.
Thank you for your advice and for adding me to your list :). I just sent you a message.

If you have a wishlist, please send me the link.

Happy holidays!
i dont have a list yet. im trying to decide if i want to post one or not.

thanks for the message. ill send you my addy back. i love postcards and cards and mail :)
I sought you out after your email, and realized (happily) that I can help you with #2.

I'm Asian/Caucasian and like was said above, being taught to be proud of both (or however many) heritages is incredibly important. When I was old enough to understand racism, my mom used to tell me stories about having to pretend to be Hawaiian or Native American to avoid hate crime and hate speech, and how her family didn't accept or acknowledge her marriage until my birth because it was so taboo for her to have married "out." It doesn't sound like your friend is going to have the familial issue, though. At least, I hope not!

Sometimes joint family gatherings are weird because of the culture clash, but I've found people are always eager to learn and appreciate whatever new culture they're being exposed to.

Being biracial totally has opportunities for identity issues, though. I myself never really had any issues with defining myself, but if you ask my Asian cousins what nationality my brother and I, they'll tell you "Chinese." Ask my Caucasian cousins the same and they'll say "Mixed." Learning to define yourself and to see how others define you is always an eye opening experience.

Hope this helps, some. Happy holidays!
Thanks for seeking me out and sharing your perspective. I think (hope) that we all got the family issues out of the way. I have heard that grandchildren tend to make people more open-minded, just like you said with your grandparents. I can see the same thing happening with our families and defining our kids.

Happy holidays to you and yours too! Thanks again.
I'd love to send something your way if you email me your address to apeystar@gmail.com!
Based on your user name, I know exactly what to send you!

I will need your details though...