Hello everyone! This is my third year participating. Had a great time last year sending people stuff, so I thought I'd come back :) Looking forward to granting some more wishes this year :D
Guess I should reintroduce myself: I'm Rime, recently turned 21. I'm in my last year of Early Childhood Education in Toronto, Canada. I think I've got the next two years figured out, but at the same time it's like, "Oh shit, what the hell am I going to do after this?!"

So... on to my wishlist!

1. Donate. Volunteer. Educate: National Ovarian Cancer Association, or a similar organization in your country. If not to conquer cancer soon, at least to make huge advances in research towards that goal. And this month is Movember, so support the guys who've been growing moustaches all month :)

2. Food banks and shelters - take some time this year, or even throughout the year, to volunteer some time or donate items. You can help so many people who use these places and their resources.

3. Postcards, holiday cards, whichever. I enjoy getting mail like everyone else. Someone recommended Postcrossing to me last year, but I've been pretty busy and that just kind of fell to the side. Anyway, any type of postcard or holiday card would be great! I like classic movie promocards. My sister loves mail but doesn't get a lot of it, so if you'd like to send her one through me - please let me know!

4. Poetry anthologies - Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, not-as-well-known writers, etc. Used books are awesome and I'd prefer that more, actually.

5. 35mm film - I can't seem to switch over to digital. I guess I just like waiting for film to be developed and be surprised at whatever turns out wrong.

6. Vinyl - records! Any and all that you might end up donating to Goodwill or Value Village (I scour those places for them). I will take 'em off your hands! I enjoy listening to most everything, and should probably use my Califone more.

7. Amazon.ca giftcards! I have a lot of books I'd love to buy and read. Lately I haven't had time to actually read for leisure :( Plus I'd like to buy some things I've had on my wishlist for ages xD

8. Send me something from your country! Candy, pictures of stuff, tea - anything :) I just want to explore the world for free.

9. Russian books! What I mean is I'd like to learn to read and write it. Any beginner language-learning books would be great :)

10. I guess I'll throw in my Urban Outfitters wishlist here. Consists of some tights, books, a screenprinting kit, label maker and picture windows (this one is great because I need to organize boxes of pictures!)

Thanks for reading!
You can contact me through an LJ message or email: endoplastic at gmail dot com for my address. Please put something like LJ Holiday Wishes so I know it's not junk, and if it lands in junk, so I'll know it's not junk.
Happy holidays! Be safe :)
Hi, I can send you a card.

Please PM me with your address and use the subject heading, Holiday Wishes: Card

Thank you! :)
I'll send a postcard! And to your sister, if she'd like one.
PM me your address, and I'll pop them in the post ASAP.
I can send a postcard! please email me with your username and mailing address (keeps me organized that way) at beccasee@live.com
Email me at farfetched47 at hotmail dot com with your address and I'll send you (and your sister!) postcards :)
Hi! I'm in Russia, lucky you are hehe :))) Write me a message and let's settle what kind of book you need. Be sure to get russian souvenirs also :)
Oh, look! I'm not the only one trying to learn Russian. :D Sadly, I have nothing to share as I'm looking for the same stuff.

I would like to send a postcard though, so there's an email on its way!