Hyperfocused on the Holidays

(Crossposted to my LJ and Wish_List). Will cross out wishes as they are granted, should I be so lucky. You guys were great last year.

My list, in no particular order.

1. Art for my fic, be it fic covers, icons, etc. Shared creativity, especially if I've inspired it makes me incredibly happy. Relatedly, a Kodachrome Fan Mix (using some or all of the songs I've quoted as the chapter openers), or even a vid set to Kodachrome the song would thrill me to pieces. I could also use some help putting together fanmixes to go with fic I'm writing/contemplating.

2. Plus sized clothes. If you've got something (in decent, still wearable shape) you don't want to wear anymore, drop me a line and perhaps I can give it a new home. . Size wise, I'm somewhere around a 26-28 to 30-32, I think. Maybe a little smaller on top, but I'm definitely, shall we say, ample on the bottom, and tend to go for a-lines and loose, flowing skirts. FYI, I'm allergic to wool and feathers.

3. Books. Fandom related (Smallville, Doctor Who, X-files, Star Trek, SGA. whatever. Slashy novels. Heck, if you've got any kind of good (and/or fun) read lying around the house collecting dust, I'd likely be interested. Also, printed fic. Sometimes it's nice to be able to read it away from a monitor.

4. Something girly: Jewelry, pretty things for long hair, fragrance related things (I especially like clean, crisp scents), nail polish or makeup (I'm pale with black hair and brown eyes, a winter). My ears are no longer pierced.

5. Gift certificates/cards. Amazon.com is always good (and you can look at my wishlist here http://amzn.com/w/1GQ9YWZ2PWRVX), Heck, any kind of GC is good. I so rarely get the opportunity to splurge. Of course I'm very happy to get used/downloaded versions of anything on my list. Again,any kind are wonderful, but practical places like Kroger,or Walgreens would be especially helpful.

6. MyCokeRewards codes. You know, the numbers/letters on the inside of Coca Cola caps, and in the packages that cans come in. If you aren't saving them, I could use the numbers. You don't have to actually mail me the physical things (unless you want to), I just need the codes.

7. Paypal/postage. I'm really trying to get off my ass and submit some of my pro-writing for more publication. I'd also like to be able to pay off my library fines so I can check books out again. There's a bookmobile I could probably use, since I can't easily get to the library, but I won't be able to until I'm paid up. (::Waits for the librarians reading this to smack me ::I suck, I know. My ADD hits me where I live. I promise I'll do better.)...

8. Software for my Palm Lifedrive. Anything from games to ways to read fic I used to use Avantgo before it stopped being supported on it. It's the closest thing I'll probably ever get to a Kindle, and I'd like to get better use out of it. I;m especially looking for something to allow me to listen to music/play video on it. My version of P-tunes is apparently corrupt.

9. Craft supplies and ideas. I'd love some quiet projects to do with my hands. I don't know how to knit or crochet, but am open to other possibilities. I do like to make art out of paint chips, so those are always welcome.

10. My dream big ticket wish, but one that would be a huge help to my health and welfare: A netbook (or help towards getting one. Used or new, as long as it works. . My creative output has really suffered because I've been in too much pain to write using my regular PC. I'm disabled, and need to keep my feet up most of the time, so work from bed. Relatedly, I have permanently damaged eyesight, and am getting headaches, neck aches and back pain from straining to see the monitor. The 2001 Sony Vaio my brother passed down isn't working at getting me online, and is too heavy to really hold on my lap

Needless to say, the Fraser part of this icon is the relevant one, here.

I can be PMed on LJ, or emailed at Hyperfocused at aol.com
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I think you just granted a wish I didn't even know I had by using that icon for your post! I LOVE IT! :D
Thank you! I got it for a DS/SGA crossover I've been working on, but it comes in handy all the time.

I like your Rodney, too
7 & 9
I don't know how things work in your library system, but I work at a library, and I know that for patrons with large fines (large being anything over 5 dollars) we will work with them on a payment plan, where they pay like five dollars a month until the fine is paid off, and in the meantime they are allowed to check out items as long as they continue paying and don't accure anymore fines. And don't feel too terrible about having fines; my *boss* has some too.

As for small projects, well, I knit, but I know a woman who does drop-spindle yarn spinning...you know, like the girl in Rumplestiltskin did, only with a hand-held spindle. Of course, then you have to buy the wool or other fiber... But I suggest origami! Fairly cheap as hobbies go, and you can make unique Christmas ornaments for people! Or you could make your own clip earrings out of buttons. They have such cute buttons for clothes these days at fabric and craft stores, and they are often sold in sets of two! Just those, some clip earring backs (also at those stores) and some hot glue or superglue, and you are in business!
Re: 7 & 9
That's a good idea, to see if there might be a payment plan. And it's kind of relief to know Librarians have the occasional late fee as well.

Thanks for the craft ideas, as well. I used to enjoy origami, and the button earrinngs aound cool, too.
Re: 7 & 9
Librarians are people too; we can be just as forgetful as anyone. :) And I used to enjoy making knotted friendship bracelets out of emboirdery floss. It comes in hundreds of colors, is cheap (35 cents a thing), and there are books and websites about different bracelet patterns.
Are there any particular X-Files books you were after? I have 4 that could use a new home, plus the official guide that covers the first 3 seasons.

No, I don't have any in mind, and it's been many years since I read any. i would love whatever you wanted to send.
They are all yours! I will probably have to space them out, though, otherwise postage will get a bit expensive :).

Sending you an email now.
what kind of crafts do you like to do. pm me or comment back and we will talk. i know a lot of things.
9.) Do you know what temari are? Not many people make them, but that's the sort of crafting I do, and my hands are always at work! There's one in my icon, behind the cranes, and this site can get you started, if you'd like. They're easy to start out with, and you can make really beautiful things with just a bit of work!
Unfortunately the coke codes we have here wouldn't work for you.. I'm in Toronto On Canada.. & our codes work for icoke.ca the Canadian equal to MyCokeRewards otherwise I'd share..
How many characters are your codes anyways?
Re: MyCokeRewards/icoke
Sorry for the late reply, LJ keeps eating comments. I'm not sure whether icoke.ca codes would work or not, but I suspect you're right. Our codes have 12 characters.