Happy Holidays!

Hi! *waves* My name is Anj and I'm 28. I live in the UK - I recently had to move back in with my mother for a while due to illness and harassment. I'm currently studying to become a substance abuse counsellor.

This is my 2nd year participating in this community.

If you want to contact me regarding anything in my list you can do so by leaving a comment or sending my a private message through LJ with your contact details.

And now, onto my list:

1. Give to / help others.
I wished for similar last year - though that was for people to have a sort out and donate items to their local goodwill. I really don't mind what people do this year, so long as they give or help in some way. This could be: a monetary donation to charity, working at a soup kitchen for the homeless, giving blood, paying for a stranger's coffee, going through your belongings and donating unwanted items to charity, sending a shoebox of useful goodies to a soldier, helping a neighbour, buying a gift for one of the many elderly people who have no family and won't get a gift this holiday season, buy a copy of The Big Issue instead of walking past a vendor...the list is endless. Be creative.

And for any people who have little money and/or time, please use the following links once a day to support many worthy causes:

Free Rice

2. Buy and use reusable bags.
Take this opportunity to ditch your dependence on plastic carrier bags and buy reusable ones. Most places have a good selection of reusable bags for you to choose from, including foldable ones you can pop in your handbag. And if you are stuck for a stocking filler - buy your friends a reusable bag too. I - and Planet Earth - will thank you for it.

3. Spend some time thinking and educating yourself about disability.
I'm disabled and it saddens me to say that for every decent person in society I encounter, there is another that treats me like a two-headed alien and who is clueless about disability. I would love for people to take time to consider how they treat the disabled people in their community and address any prejudices they may have about disabled people - be it wheelchair users, people with learning difficulties, people with mental health problems, people with 'invisible' disabilities...

4. Music mixes.
I love music, pretty much all kinds except country music, 'worship' music or 'chart' clubber's music. I would love to get some mixes to listen to.

5. American snacks.
When I visited the United States last year, I developed an addiction to both Goldfish Crackers and Chips Ahoy! Chewy. So, if anyone is willing to send me any, I'd appreciate it.

6. Teddy bear graphics.
I love cute graphics, especially ones of teddy bears. Icons, banners, wallpapers. Any are appreciated.

As far as the next two items go, I request that you please keep any negativity to yourselves. Thanks.

7. Yankees stuff.
I'm a huge New York Yankees fan and would love anything Yankees related - be it icons, wallpapers, banners, drawings, fanfic or high-res pictures or paid-for items such as books or DVDs. My favourite players are Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, A.J. Burnett and Nick Swisher.

8. Derek Jeter baseball cards.
Derek Jeter has been my favourite baseball player since I was a kid - I think he's awesome. I have a small collection of baseball cards and have basically stuck to collecting ones just of him. If anyone has any they want to send my way, they'll be gratefully received. =)

9. Save a life this holiday...
I've seen a few people mention the seasonal favourite message about a dog being for life...I'm going to go with the other one...

A few years ago, I saw first-hand the 'present' a group of lads gave their families for Christmas - three funerals, a lengthy prison sentence, and the death of a single parent survived by two children.

I know most of you are intelligent, sensible folk but I implore you, if you go out to a party and there is going to be alcohol to leave the car at home and take public transport, a cab or have a designated driver sorted out. If you see someone leaving a party who is obviously too intoxicated to drive attempting to take their car home, take their keys off them and call a cab. Don't drink and drive. Don't let other people drink and drive.

Last but not least:

10. Enjoy yourself. Take time to be positive and to be thankful for what you do have, rather than worrying about what you don't.

Happy Holidays!!!
Have you heard of 8tracks.com? I used to crave music mixes all the time, and that site has provided me with more than enough mixes to satisfy :] It's fantastic for those times when you're itching to make mixes yourself, but have no one to share them to.
If you'd like, you can check out mixes I've put together here: http://8tracks.com/cat_dentures or just check out the thousands of other mixes available!
Sorry for the late reply - I've been ill for the past few weeks...

Thanks for the link. That's totally awesome and should keep me busy for a long while. =)
1. I work on the court side of things with substance abusers--thank you for what you will do with your life's work.

2. I do your first wish everyday :)

3. OMG your cookie monster icon is the best!

Happy Holidays!
1. Just starting my training really but I hope to make a real difference one day, whether through paid or voluntary employment.

2. Awesome stuff. =)

3. I adore it. Though alas, I didn't make it.
i see my paw printy up thar! i also put that in my list to add it to people's browser bar! i'm a habitual clicker and when i come into extra money i buy stuff from there; even just a little bit.

i proudly wear my rescue site uggs, have "my cat loves me" luggage tag on my purse, carry a kitty face wallet and adore my various anywhere fobs or pins or pullies with the paw on them.

<3 that thing. such little effort for so much that it does.
I love those sites - they are so little effort for such important causes. It makes me happy to hear that you think they're awesome too.

Thanks for your clicks every day. =)
I love wishes number one and three.

I click the animal rescue one everyday and I especially love that they email to remind me if I forgot.

Being disabled myself I love wish number three and I too wish others were not so ignorant about disability - particularly invisible disabilities.
Thanks. Glad that you click the Animal Rescue site every day.

Yeah, I have an invisible disability (and a visible one too) and I wish that people weren't so ignorant of them. If this makes just one person re-evaluate how they deal with disabled people, then it was worth the mention.
#1: I volunteer on a fundraising committee for my local SPCA. We just finished the second phase of our capital campaign, which will allow us to expand the shelter enough to serve four times as many dogs and cats as we currently do. I moved house last year and donated probably four garbage bags full of clothing and three cardboard boxes full of books to Goodwill; whenever I do "clean-outs" of unused items or clothes that don't fit me anymore, they always go to Goodwill. I also donate my old eyeglasses to the Rotary Club so they can provide glasses for people all over the world who need them (the frames are in great shape, but if I can't see out of them they're not doing me any good).

#3: Since I have a number of friends who have various disabilities including Friedrich's Ataxia, autism-spectrum disorders, sjorgen's syndrome, MS, and disabling mental illnesses (the "invisible disabilities"), I make it a point to educate myself and others about disabilities.
1. Wow, that's a whole lot of stuff you do for others less fortunate. I know I can't speak on behalf of anyone but I do want to say thanks for making our world a better place by being unselfish and by thinking of others first.

3. Awesome stuff. I really wish you didn't need to do this. But thanks for being an ally.
I am an avid user/collector of shopping bags. I will admit that I even use trick or treat/Halloween sacks for shopping. Last year, I gave reuseable totes as gifts and received a lot of thanks for them. :) Yes, I am a purse addict but I also like the bags for other uses. I must have a billion of these bags... and they're all in my car. :)

Happy holidays! :)
Absolutely awesome. This is the sort of stuff I love to hear about reusable bags. My mother is the same - she has about ten of the hemp and cloth shopping bags in her car, and she bought a load of foldable ones as gifts this holiday.

I'm glad you gave them as presents and that your friends were so receptive of them.

Thanks and Happy Holidays! =)
Thanks for posting #1. It's been ages since I've played Free Rice, and I'd all but forgotten about it. Have remembered how much I enjoy it and since beginning typing this (kinda got distracted...) have reached 330. :)

Also, #3 can be really important, and I know a lot of people find it harder to do than maybe it should be. I'll be keeping trying to make it easier where I can.

Best wishes for the holidays!
Glad that you got distracted by that - it's a good distraction.

I'm thankful for any help anyone gives when it comes to tackling negative attitudes towards disability.

I hope you have a good holiday season. =)
Ahem. E-mail me your address. Like now. Ok?

Silly girl....I can always keep you supplied with snacks from over here! And who knows what else might find its way into the box ;)
LOL! Send hun. Several times. *whistles*

Thanks hun. Can't wait to see what else might be in there...
Oh. My. Goddess. I love your icon! That's adorable!!!

I have a bag of bags in the front seat of my truck. I even remember to grab one most of the time. Even when I forget, I usually am not buying very many things at one time, so I usually just carry the items.
He's so cute. The minute I saw him posted, I had to have him.

YAY! \0/ Another person using reusable bags and even better, actively refusing an unneeded plastic one for a couple of items. I wish more people did that. Thanks. =)
If you could email me with a mailing address and a link to this post that would be wonderful. :)
I can email you some music. Send me an email at w.attwell [at] gmail.com, with the subject line 'holiday wishes - music'.
Happy holidays!
well, i do the charity shop thing anyway and also use reusable bags but you've inspired me to go look up those keyring turtle bags and add them to my 'presents for people' list :)
1. working on that

2. do that - am partial to the black bags from Safeway ;)

3. have done that - the "spoon" pdf about Lupus was very enlightening and everyone should read it. (http://www.butyoudontlooksick.com/navigation/BYDLS-TheSpoonTheory.pdf)

4. I'd send you some music, but what do you mean by "'chart' clubber's music"? Would that be something you'd likely hear on www.tormentedradio.com?

5. What's your postal mailing address? I can find some goldfish crackers to send you. Chips Ahoy are few and far between, but if I find any I'll grab some up for you, too.

Email me at: bianca dot slate at gmail dot com with your postal address.

Happy Holidaze!
1. Awesome.

2. YAY! What I like hearing.

3. Spoon Theory is a great way to explain disability - especially ones caused by 'invisible illness'. I agree - everyone should read it. Thanks for sharing the link.

4. Oh...I don't really know how to explain this one. I mean the corny dance music you find on the Top 40, etc. However I can tell you it isn't anything you'd hear on Tormented Radio, given the track list on there.

5. I have sent you my snail mail addy. Any snacks are greatly appreciated. I do wish they'd sell Goldfish in the UK...

I hope you have a Happy Holiday. =)
<3 I love free rice, so thanks for the re-reminder! And not enough people know about disabilities :S I've got physical, learning, and psychological ones!
You're welcome. I love that site too.

Definitely not. It's saddening. I just had someone I know send me a link to their post detailing some pretty shitty attitudes by their place of work towards the disabled. Just...*shakes head*