Hi, My name is Ariella, and i absolutely love this idea. I am a 27 year old artist living in Washington, DC. Well, Here goes.

1)Donations of cash or otherwise to www.greendoor.org . These people have changed my life. I would not be who I am without them.

2) Boxes of funky flavored tea. I don't mind what kind, I don't have any allergies.

3) Yarn. These don't have to be new balls, they can be odd balls from leftover projects.

4) Bath products- BBW, Lush, Bodyshop...whatever brand.

5) Target gift cards.

6) Good rollerball pens in various colors. I like the sparkly gel ones.

7) Scented oils. I don't care what brands they are, I like them all. Have a scent you don't dig anymore? I'll take it.

8) 2 oz bottles of metallic acrylic craft paint.

9) Candles

Thank you!
I just made a donation to greendoor.org. I'm more than willing to make a donation to an organization whose job it is to support people with mental illnesses, particularly since I have bipolar disorder myself. :-)
If you drop me a line at dakotawitch @ gmail dot com, I can send you a card and some odds and ends of yarn. Please put "Holiday Wishes: Card and Odd Yarn Bits" in the Subject and your addy in the body!
If you like the bar soaps, I've got some from B&BW (used to work there, heard they were going to discontinue them for good last year and bought well more than I will ever need :-D). Send me an address, and I'll make sure you get some. :)