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I love this idea! I did it last year and I got some wonderful things from people. So I thought I'd do it again! :-) Here's a little bit about me, I'm Sara and I'm 27 and live in Orange, NSW Australia. It's 4 hours West of Sydney and very hot right now, even though it's not even Spring it's painfully warm outside. :-/ I just got back from a holiday in America, visiting - or more surprising my dad so I'm jet lagged like crazy. I have a 3 year old autistic son called Andrew who also has extreme global developmental delays. I've been married for 5 years in January to my husband Daniel.

1. Holiday Cards/Postcards - I love receiving postcards and mail throughout the holidays so any postcards or a holiday card is great! :-)
2. More LJ Icons - I found when I had a paid account I didn't do much with it - so I just love the more icon thing, and it's less expensive... woo!
3. Clothes for my son - I find were always in need of new clothes for my son, specifically shorts and pants. We only have like three pairs that we rotate through and it's a pain. New or used but in good condition clothes size 4T. Any clothes 5T will be too big, but bigger clothes are great since he then grows into it... With other sizes, like Australian sizes, just remove the T and that's the size... :-P
4. Pac-Man or Totoro Things - I have a strong obsession with pac-man and totoro, especially the ghosts. I collect anything and everything pac-man/totoro, shirts, memorabilia, anything. So if you have something that you want to get rid of - I'm your person haha! :-P
5. My Amazon Wislist - Anything from my amazon wishlist would be lovely! I love board games if it's not obvious enough...
6. Souvenirs - I love collecting the really touristy type souvenirs, the key chains, the shot glasses, the postcards, the bells and spoons. You get the point. I love all of it - so if you want - feel free to send me something from your area. :-)
7. Paid Flickr Account - My paid flickr account is going away in December. I need a new one! :-( My name on there is sararingham and I love posting all my "good" photos.
8. A Picture You Drew Or Photo You Took - I love seeing other people's artwork, so feel free to send me something you drew or anything related to something made by you! I love it all! :-)
9. State Quarters - Since moving to Australia a few years ago, I couldn't collect the state quarters unless I'm up in the states. I just got back and didn't receive any of my missing ones! :-( So I'm missing North Dakota, Wyoming, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii. :-)
10. Surprise Me! - I always love receiving surprises in the mail, so hey, surprise me! :-)

My paypal email is sara.ringham@gmail.com

Sara Ringham
18 Kokoda Street
Orange, NSW 2800


Thanks so much everyone! Now I'm going to go through some of the other ones that have been posted! I love this time of year! :-)
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I finally sent that notebook a while back. Did you end up receiving it?

I'm going to send you a card as well. :)
oh yeah! sorry I totally forgot about sending you a message! :-) I absolutely loved how it turned out! thanks for helping! :-)
gorgeous photos on your deviantart! I've got it bookmarked so I can have a look later more in depth! :-)

enjoy. i should upload some new photos. maybe here soon. theres just a few up there to look at currently ;-)
I am sending you 2 state quarters (hate to ruin the surprise but just in case someone else was going to send some they can see which ones I sent)
Hi! I would love to send you a card (which also includes a photo I took!) but I know I will lose your address if I try and keep track of this post... would you mind if I ask you to email me with your address? My email is juliedmc @ gmail.com

Thanks so much!
$ - 5 boys clothes. I can swing that. My nephew had a ridiculous growth spurt, so pretty much bypassed all his size 4 stuff...I'll give my sister a call, and if you can wait until after Christmas, I can raid his wardrobe while we're up visiting...then given you're so close, I can hang onto them until you're next going to be in bathurst?
I forgot to ask if you had any colour preferences...or texture preferences. Maia still gets funny about colours and textures, so I figure it's always good to ask about that.
That'd be lovely! Anything you can do would be great - probably pants are most preferred, pants, shorts whatever... anything with little or no buttons (like fully button up shirts we usually don't use much)... but otherwise everything should be fine... thanks so much! I'm going to add you as a friend if you don't mind! :-) Great to have someone nearby! :-)
Will keep that in mind. My sister always buys way more clothes then she ends up using, so whatever I find will invariably be nearly new, but I'll leave the button up shirts for someone else :) As it is, I called her tonight, so she's hanging onto all of the outgrown stuff until I get up there.

Off to add you back!